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Candy Color Paradox Episode 6: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Candy Color Paradox Episode 6 trailer
Candy Color Paradox Episode 6: Release Date,

The release date for Candy Color Paradox Episode 6 is available. If viewers are interested in learning more about the program and forthcoming episodes, such as how to live stream Candy Color Paradox Episode 6, they must continue reading. In mid-December  2022, the show’s first episode aired, and five more have since followed.

Therefore, we’ve compiled all the details you need about the most current episode below. Here is a recap of episode 5 before we all get into the specifics. Young researcher Satoshi Ono works for the weekly publication “Dash! who seems well-liked and respected.

The publication is seeing phenomenal sales due to its attraction to younger readers and buyers. It frequently contains enticing information about the latest celebrity scandals. The “stakeout teams,” or teams of journalists and cameras who follow superstars to snag them in trouble, are what the organization is most well-known for.

The paper’s executive management decided to replace Satoshi Twice per Day with photographer Motoharu Kaburagi and move the cop’s search parties. Satoshi Ono genuinely despises and sees as a competitor Motoharu Kaburagi.

Candy Color Paradox Episode 6 trailer

Candy Color Paradox Episode 5’s main cast.

In addition, Satoshi Ono is quite proud of his writing skills and differs from Motoharu Kaburagi’s sense of ethics. The photographer performs his duties casually and disrespectfully—the two bicker and complaint about the necessity of working together as they begin their collective responsibilities.

However, while they fight to obtain the most recent rumors and inside information, they accidentally fall for one another. Watch the upcoming episode of the drama series when it airs to find out what will happen next in the plot.

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A quick recap of Candy Color Paradox Episode 5

In Candy Color Paradox Episode 5, Ono, a writer for the weekly magazine Dash!, is paired with Kaburagi and transferred to the section looking into renowned rumors. The two are in charge of watching Yumi Asaoka, an actress known for her numerous commercial performances, as a police raid squad.

Candy Color Paradox Episode 6 trailer

Candy Color Paradox Episode 5’s main cast.

Ono finds it annoying that Kaburagi ignores him and behaves differently with other individuals, but he also realizes how dedicated Kaburagi is to his line of work. Asaoka is photographed by Kaburagi, who has many speculating that she’s actually with yakuza chief Ksei Mono.

This, in her opinion, implies that he is too responsible for her notoriety. Episode 5 includes a scene where Kaburagi explores the neighborhood, searching for more Asaoka & Mano-related evidence.

Via Asaka, Kaburagi learns that Asaoka is seeing Mano in exchange for a difficult task: finding her Alzheimer’s-afflicted mother. Ono, in contrast, hand, is imprisoned and requires Kaburagi’s bail as he is keeping a close eye on Mano.

The two succeed in their mission and get a photo of Asaoka kissing Mano. In the end, Kaburagi turns to Onoe for comfort after feeling terrible over ruining Asaoka’s future. The two eventually accept that they have feelings for each other.

A quick cast list for Candy Color Paradox’s sixth episode

Satoshi, Kabooragi Motoharu (performed by Yamanaka Jyutaro), Miyazawa Saas Kori (performed by Izuka Kenta), Mayan (played by Kashiyo Atsuki), Haroota Yui (performed by Yoshida Rineas), & Soomida Jiro (performed by Ichikawa Tomoheer) are only a few of the people depicted.

Candy Color Paradox Episode 6: Release Date

On January 27, 2023, Candy Color Paradox Episode 6 will air. The wide audience should confirm the air date of the upcoming episode in each time zone. Therefore, when Episode 6 of Candy Color Paradox premieres on the streaming service, watch it.

Candy Color Paradox Episode 6: Where to watch

The sixth episode of Candy Color Paradox will air on January 27, 2022. It will be accessible via MBS. 
Viewers from all over the world can enjoy the show on Viki. Additionally, the program will debut on the well-known streaming service GagaOOLala. 

English subtitles are available on Viki and GagaOOLala for viewers outside of Japan. If you purchase the Viki Pass, you may get admission to all of Viki’s episodes. The seven-day sample edition of Viki is available first. 

The monthly cost could be between $4.99 and USD 5.99. After purchasing the VIP subscription, you can watch every episode of Candy Color Paradox that has yet to be aired. Happy streaming!

Candy Color Paradox: A Quick Episode Schedule

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