The Bachelor Season 27 Finale Review: Did The True Love Win?

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The Bachelor Season 27 12
Zach and Katie (CC: ABC)

The Bachelor Season 27 Finale Review is here. This is Zach Shallcross this season if you’re reading here in the future. We are going to start with the positives of this finale and the season. Congratulations to me for actually getting my first prediction right for the season, for Katie to win this season.

Congratulations to Zach and Katie on their engagement. We do love “love” on this site, and we do hope that it works out for them. I did predict and this is the first time one of us has gotten it right as to who won the season.

They already announced Bachelorette which is coming back in June. The season is already filming, it’s earlier than I thought. It’s gonna be that nice summer double header Mondays. So that’s what we’re gonna have to deal with.

And it looks like Charity’s brother will go undercover with the guys coming in as fake contestants. I hate that and love that at the same time. I hate that because it can turn into something very cringy and stupid. But if the production pulled it off nicely, then it could be interesting to watch.

The Bachelor Season 27 Finale Review

Gabi joins the live show after we see that she was dumped and she immediately gets emotional, understandably. She says watching the scene back is worse. She said it was actually worse watching the scene back. Jesse asked Gabi about Fantasy suite week. She says it’s extremely violating that the entire nation knows everything. 

Zach arrives, then they hug. Gabi tells Zach she has a lot of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. She’s sad and hurting. Gabi says she felt so protected by Zach until he disclosed their sex. She said Zach told her that this is just between us and she felt blindsided. 

The Bachelor Season 27
Zach and Gabi (CC: ABC)

That was probably the wildest moment of the whole show, where Gabi eloquently says “He walked up behind me and said, this is just between us”. Yeah, what point did he think it was a good idea? It’s one thing if you’re in the fantasy suite and, like, you allude to the idea, like maybe things got busy. But it’s another to come out to their stories.

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Gabi said she didn’t know that Zach told everyone till she watched on TV. Says it was beyond a TV show for me, and she says that she felt ashamed. That’s where we people were saying, “how did she not know? She knew what the Rose ceremony was?”

Well, maybe she thought that Zach was going to privately tell Katie. Maybe she didn’t know Zach was going to tell Katie on live air. This he could have waited till the fantasy suite. She then says “I wish you just sent me home and saved me all the pain”. 

This was probably one of the longest monologues we’ve ever heard on the show. Yes, Gabi talking was probably the longest monologue without any interjection I think we’ve ever heard. Zach says the way he handled things was completely wrong, and that’s the end of that.

Gabi Is Not Happy With Zach

Gabi didn’t make a good point, which they didn’t obviously highlight. It’s like he went ahead and told everyone that he had sex with her. But like, he didn’t tell her that he was going to tell everybody and that was jacked up and messed up for sure. I thought it was really funny that Jesse’s like “Uh, you know it’s live TV. We need to keep it moving”. You’re rushing off the stage like you have a knife behind your throat.

And this is why they need to do it the opposite way because inevitably they make this girl cry, they have to sit her through all her trauma, make her rewatch it in front of a live studio audience and then make sure she gets off by like 30 after the hour because his fiancee’s in the back and he’s actually happy.

The Bachelor Season 27 Finale
Gabi is not happy with Zach (CC: ABC)

I talked about this back in one of the early seasons. When a girl in the finale is like, “yeah, I know I’m terrible” and then the Main Bachelor guy is like “Well, just get the Girl off the stage so I can get to my happiness”. That’s all they care about. They tried it in the Clayton season, they try to do it in Katy season, then they try to do it in the Matt season. They are so desperately trying to get through the trauma of people. I wouldn’t even go to the reunion if I were Runner up.

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Katie Meets Zack’s Family And Last Date

The next day Katie meets Zach’s family and she ends up having a conversation with Zach’s mother and gets emotional as she is hopeful that she and Zach can end up together. Katie connects with Zach’s dad as well as Zach’s sisters. And after meeting the family, Katie tells Zach that she is so in love with him and that she is very happy. They end up kissing as they both believe that after everything they’ve been through with this entire journey, they have grown stronger together. 

But despite both women meeting Zach’s family, each woman has one more date before proposal day. Katie is the first for the last date, and she greets Zach in a National Park where Zach says that they are going to go on a hike. But someone needed to talk Katie that she should have brought athletic shoes instead of her sandals. 

During the day they end up swimming near a waterfall and then end up cuddling on a rock where they discuss the difficult situation that Zach has to make. And really, Zach is torn with his final two women, but Katie is still hopeful that all of this will be worth it in the end as Zach says he is figuring this out still. 

The Bachelor Season 27 Finale
Zach takes Katie (CC: ABC)

Everyone Knew Zach Was Going To Pick Katie

It’s just like Zach goes out as a punching bag and just like “I’m so sorry”. It’s just the same and he definitely has a script that they read. I wish he would just be like “I’m not sorry”. Like, be edgy and something different. He should have been like “yeah, I had sex. I’m sorry. I thought it was working out, but it didn’t”

Gabi just knew that Zach was not going to pick her. I mean, we all kind of knew. I mean I’ve been saying for weeks that Gabi knew that Katie was gonna win. Zach and Katie live in the same town, they literally don’t have to move. At least there’s that and if they don’t work, what couple is gonna work? He’s not gonna go cheat on her. She’s not leaving to go for any kind of influence or crap. She’s a nurse and Zach is like a sales tech guy.

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Zach Was The Real Problem

I worry that if Zach and Katie are successful, they’re gonna start casting more guys like Zach and that’s not what we want. I mean, the next season, I’m interested to see some different type of a guy. I must be honest, if you go back and read my The Bachelor Season 27 articles of the first few episodes, I actually was very positive about Zach. I have never really been anti-him per se. I just thought that his decision started getting perpetually worse from an entertainment standpoint.

The Bachelor Season 27 Finale
Zach holding the final rose (CC: ABC)

Zach eliminated all the people that would have been fun, literally in weeks like 2,3, and 4. And production was like “oh, what do we do? Where are gonna all the drama from?” And for the last six weeks, we like an Autopilot. He didn’t let any conflict hang around, which sucks. Usually, at least Clayton left it around for like one or two episodes so you can kind of like speculate where’s he going to go? But for Zach, it wasn’t it at all.

Zach’s biggest complaint against him was that he didn’t want to be involved in anything related to drama. And this thing didn’t make the show engaging, from a viewership standpoint. He was probably the most straightforward kind of a guy. Even when there were all these controversies in earlier in the season, Zach was like “This person’s here for the wrong reasons”. And I was like “oh God.”

The Bachelor Season 27 Finale Overall Review

I am happy that this Season is over. It was kind of a boring season, folks. Look, we love this franchise, but we have been getting a few Clunkers in a row here. We’ve built up an entire season just to get to a guy being upset that he had sex with someone. And this happens when you get through all the cringe interviews they make us see for a 3-hour finale.

Our Rating: ⭐️ 3.1/5

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