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Richest Player of Stanley Cup: Which NHL Legend Is The Highest Paid Player In 2022?

richest player of Stanley Cup
Richest Player of the Stanley Cup 2022: Who is the Highest Paid NHL Player Right Now?

According to multiple sources, Connor McDavid is the richest player in The Stanley Cup. More than the richest player, McDavid is an NHL champion. National Hockey League is a prestigious sports event and takes place in a grand way. More than an event, it’s a culture in America and Canada. Since it’s such a big deal, the players are paid a good deal for their participation. The NHL players, at one point, pulled a $117 million dollars salary. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the salaries are much lesser now.

Connor’s journey has been long and consistent. He started playing for the NHL team Edmonton Oilers in 2015 and thus began his superlative career. Today, his salary is a whopping $16 million! But he has been the best player for the Oilers consistently and deserves every penny of it. His father was the one who pushed him toward this sport. McDavid has played ice hockey since he was a kid, and playing for NHL was a dream come true. Now, not only does he play for them, but he also is one of the best players ever.

Why Is Connor McDavid The Richest Player of Stanley Cup?

Connor McDavid is born in Ontario, Canada. It was after his father coached him as a kid he developed an interest in this field. Although he is the highest-paid player now, his career started with baby steps. His first official game was with Ontario Minor Hockey Association. Later on, he not only joined the Greater Toronto Hockey League but also became the player of the year.

richest player of Stanley Cup

Connor McDavid the highest-paid NHL Player

This is followed by Ontario Hockey League and Canadian Hockey League. After performing amazingly in both the major leagues, he won big competitions like the Under 18 and Junior Ice Hockey Championships. Connor’s gradual growth from playing minor leagues to being in NHL is remarkable. At the age of 18, his junior hockey journey ended, and he became a part of the NHL family. Moreover, he also created history by being the youngest ever captain of the NHL.

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How Much Does McDavid Earn?

Forbes 2021-22 delayers Connor McDavid as the richest player of the Stanley Cup. Apart from taking $15 million dollars per match, all the players get a signing amount of $12.4 million dollars. And he also gets around $4 million dollars for brand endorsements, appearances, and other off-the-rink involvements. Connor is attached to many high-end brands like Addidas, CIBC, and Rogers Communications. And if that’s not enough, he is also an equity investor for smaller companies like Bio-Steel (a startup for sports nutrition) and a streaming app, Buzzer.

richest player of Stanley Cup

Connor McDavid on the GQ Magazine Cover

Although the players right now are getting a good amount, there has been a 17.5% decline ever since the pandemic. The pandemic affected finances all over the world. And in NHL, the players were also getting less salary from both on and off the rink. Along with the games, the brand deals also reduced that team. Even though the pandemic is now under control, the players are charging moderately. That’s because there are chances that the decline rises up to just 6%. So, that way, the players can compensate for their losses in the future.

Other Highly Paid NHL Players

The 25-year-old Oilers’ captain is definitely the highest-paid player now. But many other exceptional players are right behind him. Austin Matthews is a solid player for Toronto Mapel Leaf. But funnily enough, he is not Canadian. He is a Mexican American and one of the biggest Canadian players right now. His diversity not only enhances the NHL but also opens brand deal opportunities. So, not only is he an amazing player but he is also associated with brands like Nike. And he has been on many sports covers as well.

Erik Karlsson is number third on Forbes’s highest-paid NHL players 21-22 list. He is a player as well as a defenceman for the San Jose Sharks. And not only is he one of the highest-paid players but also the highest-paid defenceman in the history of the NHL. Another legit player who has won the Norris Trophy for NHL’s top defenceman. His total earnings, including on and off the ice, is $12.1 million dollars!

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