Why Did Alex Whalen Leave the Voice?

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Alex Whalen left The Voice because of Covid
Alex Whalen left The Voice show because of Covid

In disappointing news for fans of the popular singing competition, The Voice, country singer Alex Whalen has officially withdrawn from the show just before his highly anticipated Battle Round performance with Neil Salsich. Leaving many people wondering, Why did Alex Whalen leave the voice?

The highly anticipated 23rd season of The Voice kicked off on Monday, March 6, 2023, introducing viewers to a new crop of talented contestants. Among them was London-born country artist Alex Whalen, who left a lasting impression with his soulful rendition of “Help Me Make It Through the Night” by Sammi Smith.

Whalen’s impressive performance caught the attention of the show’s coaches, especially Blake Shelton, who has a well-known affinity for country music. Both Shelton and Chance the Rapper expressed their desire to have Whalen on their team, but ultimately, the rising star chose to join Shelton’s.

During the audition, Shelton also took a moment to comment on Whalen’s unique look, noting his well-braided beard and overall appearance. “I’ve never had a chance to work with a country singer from London,” Shelton told Whalen. “And you’ve braided your beard nicely for television.

Alex Whalen
Alex Whalen in The Voice

I mean, you look. Listen, man. I’m going to go ahead and say it. This is my last season as a coach on this show, and I want you on my last team.” Shelton’s announcement surprised many fans who have been following his journey on The Voice since 2013. Despite the news, the country singer seemed determined to make the most of his remaining time on the show and build a winning team with Whalen.

Why Did Alex Whalen Leave the Voice?

On the latest episode of The Voice, fans were surprised to learn that contestant Alex Whalen had exited the competition. The reason for his departure was initially unknown, but it was later revealed that Whalen had tested positive for COVID-19.

During the April 4, 2023, episode, host Carson Daley informed the audience that Whalen would not be performing that night. Coach Blake Shelton also briefly touched on Whalen’s absence, stating that he had personal reasons for bowing out of the competition.

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Despite the disappointment of seeing a talented artist leave the competition, Shelton remained optimistic and praised Whalen’s former coach, Neil, for his charisma and impressive performance during the episode. Fans of The Voice are undoubtedly disappointed to see Whalen leave the competition but are hopeful that he will make a speedy recovery and continue to pursue his passion for music in the future.

A YouTube video was posted by Whalen on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, shedding light on his sudden departure from The Voice. In the video, Whalen reveals that he has tested positive for COVID-19, forcing him to exit Season 23 of the popular singing competition show.

The Voice Judges
The Voice Judges (Credit: NBC)

Despite feeling fine and being asymptomatic, Whalen expresses disappointment at the turn of events, stating, “It’s unfortunate, but it is life.” However, he remains optimistic and pledges to make every effort to return to The Voice as soon as possible.

Whalen’s announcement has left fans of The Voice concerned and wondering how his departure will affect the remainder of the season. The show’s producers have yet to comment on the situation, but they will likely make an official statement in the coming days.

In a series of unexpected departures, several contestants have left popular singing competitions in 2023, leaving fans and judges alike shocked. The latest casualty was Whalen, who exited a singing show prematurely, adding to the list of dropouts this season.

Neil Salsich team blake coach
Neil Salsich team Blake’s coach

Before Whalen’s departure, Kayla Stewart, a competitor on American Idol, abruptly left the show on April 3, 2023, just before her scheduled duet performance with fellow contestant Fire Wilmore. According to reports, Stewart cited her ongoing health issues as the reason for her departure, along with her decision to quit the show altogether to focus on her recovery.

The day before Stewart’s departure, another contestant, Sara Beth Liebe, also quit the show early to attend to her responsibilities as a mother to three young children. These sudden exits have undoubtedly left the producers of these shows scrambling to fill the gaps, leaving many fans curious about who will be the next to drop out. The Voice can be watched on NBC on Mondays at 8 p.m. and Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

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