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World Trigger Chapter 232: Release Date, Recap, Time & Where To Read

World Trigger
World Trigger Credit: Viz Media

A portal opens in the bustling Mikado City, which houses a whopping population of 280,000. A gate to a world unlike ours is a bad omen! A harbinger of evil entities, it is a gateway for dangerous monsters called ‘Neighbours.’

The human race seems to have fallen into the clutches of these beasts when suddenly, a mysterious organization named ‘Borders’ culminates. The goal of this organization is the eradication of the ‘Neighbours.’ They introduce a revolutionary technology that equips humans with their internal energy, replacing the user’s body with a more potent and resistant battle body made of Trion.

Four years have gone since, and an everyday brawl with ‘Neighbours’ is a common sight. The organization ‘Borders’ has gained popularity and is gallantly fighting them. Yuma Kuga, a white-haired humanoid Neighbour, is imbued with the power to generate a powerful shield called the “Black Trigger.” He comes to Earth and transfers into Mikado City’s Border Academy.

The Border Academy is where potential Border agents get trained to fight against notorious Neighbours. Yuma Kuga soon strikes a friendship with a Border agent named Osamu Mikumo. Mikamo is ridiculed and thought to be the weakest link in the class.

Being Neighbour, Yuma and Osamu have their reasons to fight against monsters and to protect the world. Together Yuma, Osamu, and other agents like Chika Amatori of the Tamakoma go on dangerous missions to fight off demons and different enemies.

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World Trigger Chapter 231- The Story So Far

Chapter 232, titled “The Away Mission,” commences with Suwa’s Squad 7 defeating Murakami’s Squad 10. Following their victory, the winning team has a profound discussion on their teamwork tactics being more efficient than Murakami’s Squad 10. They think their tactics are a class apart and have a league of their own, and it is theorized that Suwa developed a Killer Strategy.

However, it is short-lived as the apparent mastermind behind the victory comes to light- Mikumo. The teens engrossed in the Simulation room address the issue at hand, that is, to unravel their unique strategy. The whip then decided to move forward and fight with their pre-planned strategy instead of devising a new one.

World Trigger

World Trigger Official Poster (Credits: Viz Media)

It is time for Match Number 4. Kodera’s Squad 6 is next in line to fight the victors of the last round, Suwa’s Squad 7; however, the rounds are short-lived, and Suwa’s Squad 7 emerges triumphant yet again. That’s two in a row, with a massive six-unit difference between the two teams. This is a significant win!

With all the exciting battles in the Simulation Room, the Chapter offers a fun, gamified experience. Ninomiya’s Squad 8 is the last to go, and the Chapter concludes on that note foreshadowing the premise of the next nail-biting match.

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World Trigger Chapter 232- When To Expect The Next Chapter? 

World Trigger Chapter 232 will be released on Monday, April 3, 2023. The timing of the release is as follows:-

  • Pacific Daylight Time: April 3, 2023, Monday at 3:30 AM PDT/PST
  • Central Daylight Time: April 3, 2023, Monday at 5:30 AM CDT/CST
  • Eastern Daylight Time: April 3, 2023, Monday at 6:30 AM EDT/EST
  • British Summer Time: April 3, 2023, Monday at 12:30 PM BST
  • Central European Daylight Time: April 3, 2023, Monday at 12:30 PM CEDT
  • Indian Standard Time: April 3, 2023, Monday at 5:00 PM IST
  • Singapore Standard Time: April 3, 2023, Monday at 7:30 PM SGT
  • Philippine Time: April 3, 2023, Monday at 7:30 PM PHT
  • Japanese Standard Time: April 3, 2023, Monday at 8:30 PM JST
  • Korean Standard Time: April 3, 2023, Monday at 8:30 PM KST
  • Australia Central Daylight Time: April 3, 2023, Monday at 10:00 PM ACDT

World Trigger Chapter 232- Where To Read The Manga? 

World Trigger Chapter 232 will be available on several platforms like Viz Media and Manga Plus. The previous Chapters of World Trigger can also be read on the same platforms. However, on Manga Plus, readers are only allowed to read the first three and the most recent three Chapters for free. For access to the other Chapters, readers would need a subscription. Viz follows the same policy.

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