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Best 4th Gen Female Dancers In K-pop Right Now

beBest 4th gen female dancers

4th Gen of K-pop is overflowing with talent, and we K-pop fans are truly living our best lives. Here we will discuss the best 4th gen female dancers. Girl groups of the 4th gen have some of the best talents in the industry. The groups are so talented that we can be assured that K-pop music is in safe hands. New groups keep launching almost every month, so it is tough to choose anyone. Hence, here we will give our top 5 choices for the best 4th gen female dancers.

K-pop girl groups have genuinely come a long way from the early 2010s. The girl groups were expected to perform in a certain way, which mostly included the cute acting type. Many people say that girls acting cute grabs their attention, but the 4th gen female idols are setting some new standards of bad-assery. This totally gets reflected in their choreography, and they are such a delight to watch. With initiatives like Artist of the Month, many idols are getting to showcase their talents individually. We can’t help but have favorites, and here we are with the top 5 best 4th gen female dancers. These names are in no particular order, by the way.

Best 4th Gen female Dancers in K-pop

Lee Chaeyeon (former IZ*ONE member)

IZ*ONE might have disbanded, but Chaeyeon continues to hold on to her title as one of the best 4th gen female dancers in K-pop. She appeared on the popular reality show Street Woman Fighter and amazed many with her dancing skills. Her freestyle dancing is very well-received. Because of this, she is considered one of the best female dancers in the 4th gen of K-pop. Not just this, she has even been praised by professional dancers, so she definitely is the best out there. Fans can’t wait to see more of her.

Best 4th gen female dancers


Yeji (ITZY)

Yeti definitely comes into our minds collectively as we think about the best 4th gen female dancers in K-pop. Yeji’s energy and unique dancing style have a lot to do with it. Yeji never fails to give her 100% when she’s on the stage. That’s what probably makes her one of the strongest picks for best 4th gen female dancers. She has gained attention right from her debut with Dalla Dalla. Further, when she was announced as the performer for MIX & MAX with fellow member Ryujin, fans couldn’t have been anymore happier. Her Artist of the Month performance remains iconic and will so in the coming time even.

Best 4th gen female dancers in K-pop

Yeji of ITZY

Karina (ÆSPA)

Aespa is the monster rookie group everyone is talking about all the time. Karina, the leader of the group, is also the visual and dancer in the group. Aespa’s choreography is cited to be pretty tough, as they are very fast and require control of limbs. But Karina aces at all of them. She never flinches, even during the hardest parts, and she’s an absolute delight to watch. Her out-of-this-world visuals are a cherry on top. Karina is truly deserving to be one of the best 4th gen female dancers.

4th gen female dancers in K-pop

Karina from Aespa

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Yves (LOONA)

LOONA are another amazing 4th gen girl group out there. You really need to stan the girls if you aren’t already, ’cause those girls are truly powerhouse of talent. The girls were pretty underrated for a while. But shortly before their appearance in the reality survival show Queendom, the girls had started gaining their much-deserved popularity. Though all the members of LOONA are great dancers, as evident from their dance covers, Yves stands out the most. Her energy is truly off the charts, and you really need to watch her dancing videos to truly appreciate her.

Best 4th gen female dancers

Yves from LOONA


Everglow is one of the 4th gen female groups that are known for their strong choreography all in all. But Mia is the one taking the spotlight for dancing in the group. Mia’s passion for dancing goes way back. In fact, she has said this passion of hers was what eventually motivated her to become an idol. Her passion truly transcends us through her dances, and no wonder she is the main dancer in Everglow. Mia truly is one of the best 4th gen female dancers in K-pop. We all can collectively agree we have watched Dun Dun’s music video so many times for Mia’s iconic solo part.

4th gen female dancers in K-pop

Mia of Everglow

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