50 Best Anime Where The Characters Are Fairy

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50 best animes where the characters are fairy
50 best animes where the characters are fairy

What could be better than an anime with cute little fairies or some really (cough) beautiful waifu materials (cough)? Tiny and cute, as fairies are, they form an essential part of many animes. Some anime revolve around concepts that make fairies an essential part of the story, while others have a few side characters as fairies, from wish-granting fairies to cute fairies who guide the heroes on their path to defeat evil.

We are so in love with those tiny cuties and can’t get enough of them. Anime has extracted the concept of fairies from European folklore. Fairies are generally supernatural beings with some powers, originally seen as demoted angels. Over time with stories absorbing the concept of fairies, they have been depicted as wish-granting spiritual beings, and with the advent of animes and mangas, they have become a race of the fantasy land.  

In their anime adaptations, they mostly feature tiny and adorable characters that make them so appealing. They are so popular and beloved that it’d be worthwhile to check out some of the best anime featuring fairies. So here I have compiled an extensive list of the best anime with fairy characters. 

List of 50 Best anime with fairies:

1) Amagi Brilliant Park

Amagi Brilliant Park is the home to many mystical beings from Maple Land. They work as employees in the park and get nourishment from the energy generated by people while having fun. This includes the cute and funny Moffle – the mascot of Amagi Brilliant Park and the fairy of sweets, and the three beautiful fairies, Sylphy, Salama, and Muse, who represent wind, fire, and water elements.

Amagi Brilliant Park

The series begins with Seiya Kanie being forcefully recruited as the manager of the park. He must meet a target of 500,000 guests within three months to save the park from shutting down. A greedy real-estate company is keen to redevelop the land, while all Maple Landers risk losing their precious park. 

2) Pokémon

We often forget to notice that our favorite childhood show has some of the cutest and most adorable fairies. Although the fantastic series is already full of cute Pokemon, with cute fairy-type Pokemon like Jigglypuff and Togepi, the game is on another level.


Pokemon is a fantastic series with a giant fanbase. The protagonist sets out on a journey to find new types of Pokemon, train them and form great memories with them. It is a fantastic series about adventure and friendship. And you’ll find a load of fairy-type Pokemon. Cute, quirky, and strong the pokemons are very adorable.

3) Fairy Tail  

This is one of the most popular animes. In fact, it is one of the “BIG FIVE” animes. It is set in a beautiful fantasy land where we follow the adventures of an oddball wizard’s guild Fairy Tail. We begin the story from Lucy Heartfilia’s perspective as she meets the helplessly comic Natsu Dragoneel and Happy.

Fairy Tail  

This is a world of spirits, dragons, mages, and dragonslayers like Natsu. Natsu is the son of the Fire Dragon Igneel. His partner, Happy is an excess, that’s loosely a Fairy Tail version of fairies. Along with a lot of comedy and a hell lot of legendary battles.

Across many arcs, the anime very beautifully holds very great character development, and the comradery and friendship amongst the guild have become a very important part of the childhood of our generation.

4) Seven Deadly Sins

Now I know it’s exactly the cute little fairy you imagined, but this is The Seven Deadly Sins we are talking about. This is one of the big names in the anime industry, with a massive fanbase. King is a cute lazy Bum and adorable in every way.

Seven Deadly Sins

He is a member of The Seven Deadly Sins and the king of The Fairy Realm. Although he is often mistaken for a child, he is very strong. The Seven Deadly Sins are the deadliest order of Holy Knights. The order consists of seven dangerous criminals, headed by Meliodas, The Dragon’s Sin of Wrath. Our cute fairy boy is the Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth.

5) Berserk 

Berserk is cut differently from the rest animes. Widely accepted as one of the most artistically built storylines. It follows Guts, a swordsman who is later joined by the cheerful elf Puck. The reason why Berserk makes it on this list is because of Puck, an elf of the Pisky race. There are also other fairies in the series.


And here I want to put a caution that Berserk is anything but a happy-go-lucky cute story. It is a gory and violent story with some of the nastiest scenes in the history of anime. But it is so widely appreciated and loved by its fans and also has possibly the most organic and engaging storyline that even ranking it so low is a shame. 

6) Sword Art Online

Yui is a very adorable sentinel artificial intelligence in the game “Sword Art Online,” the world’s first ultra-realistic virtual reality game which stimulates all five senses. After its launch, the creator announces that all the 10,000 players are trapped in the game for as long as they don’t kill the final boss on the 100th floor. 

sword art online
Sword Art Online

Originally, she was a part of a mental health counseling program for the players; however, the program was later scrapped. Kirito and Asuna, the main characters, find her and adopt her as their virtual daughter.  She can transform into her full-sized human form, but she maintains her fairy form most of the time as she finds it more comfortable.  

7) Earl and Fairy

You’ll find many fairies in this anime, although Nico will always remain our favorite. He accompanies Lydia Carlton, who is a fairy doctor. Nico is a fairy who takes the form of a cat, but he absolutely hates to be treated like a cat.

earl and fairy
Earl and Fairy

He tries his best to do gentlemanly things. The sight of Nico getting angry upon being a pet is pure bliss. Edgar wants to be recognized as the Blue Knight Earl by the Queen of England, for which he needs to find Merrow’s Sword. In his quest for the sword, he captures Lydia, as he believes her to be the key to the sword. 

8) Mirmo! Zibang  

If you chance upon the miraculous wish-granting statue and Mirmo is assigned as your fairy to fulfill your wish, then you’re in big trouble. Rika, a 6th-grade girl, wishes for her crush Kazumi to fall in love with her. And Mirmo is sent from Mukokan, the world of fairies, to fulfill her wish.

Mirmo! Zibang  

But Mirmo is very lazy, clumsy, and irresponsible in his job. Rika finally decides to help Mirmo in his job. The duo now embarks on this hilarious mission to make Kazumi fall in love with Rika. This is a great romantic comedy with cute fairies and magical adventures.  

9) That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime 

This is one of the newer animes. It originally began as a light novel, and following its positive response, it saw a manga and anime adaptation. The anime follows Satoru Mikami, a middle-aged salaryman who is murdered by a criminal. He then finds himself reincarnated into a fantasy land and, to his misfortune, as slime.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

The only catch is that as a slime, he is capable of eating anything, and he gains the power of whatever he eats. With this OP skill, he goes on to become the absolute ruler. Watch as he befriends a great Dragon, the general demon elf, and many other mystic creatures. 

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10) Doraemon 

We often fail to notice our favorite everyday anime. The world of Doraemon is so vast and imaginative that it has every fantasy species in the book. In multiple films, we find Doraemon and the group set off on adventures where they meet fairies. Doraemon is a sentinel robotic cat of the 22nd century. He is tasked to travel back in time to help Nobita Nobi, a clumsy young boy.

doraemon great adventure in the south seas

The usual storyline revolves around Nobita’s friend circle, which includes Nobita’s crush and friend Shizuka, a bossy friend named Gian, and Suneo, a rich classmate. The usual story explores the struggles of the lazy and irresponsible Nobita, who tries to jump over hardships using Doraemon’s futuristic gadgets. However, he often ends up worsening his situation. 

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11) In Another World with My Smartphone  

This anime is based on a very interesting concept. The protagonist, a 15-year-old high school student named Touya, is killed by a lightning bolt. Turns out that God killed him by mistake. As an apology, god offers to reincarnate him into a fantasy world.

in another world with my smartphone
In Another World with My Smartphone  

God offers him one wish, and he asks for his smartphone. This hi-tech gadget in a scientifically backward world is no less than a magic artifact. Also, the smartphone’s capabilities are buffed by God. A running joke in the film is that Touya’s smartphone has God’s number in it.  The series then morphs into an adventurous journey with a lot of waifus and a fantasy world full of elves, dwarves, and fairies.

12) Rosario + Vampire 

What could be more adventurous than accidentally attending a Yokai academy meant for monsters, where you must hide your identity in fear of being eaten alive? That is the story of Tsukune Aono, a regular weak human who ends up in a Yokai boarding school.

Rosario + vampire
Rosario + Vampire 

Lucky for him, he befriends a cute vampire girl and a succubus from his class. That earns him the envy of all the boys in his class, worsening his situation. The series has two seasons, and it follows Tsukune’s journey, which is full of adventure and comedy. Throughout the series, we meet fairies like Lilith, the artifact spirit, and Mizore Shirayuki, a snow fairy who studies in the same class.  

13) Monster Ranch

Monster Ranch is very similar to Pokémon, although it would be demeaning to limit it to that. We see a young boy Genki Sakura, an avid fan of the ‘Monster Ranch’ Video game. After winning an e-sports tournament, the creators of the game gift him a special CD to unlock a new monster. But the mysterious CD transports him into the game. 

Monster Rancher
Monster Rancher

Here we follow him on his adventure in the world of monsters. Along with a girl Holly and her monster friend Suezo, they set out to find a stone disk that contains the legendary monster, Phoenix. Similar to Pokémon here, we see Fairy-type monsters. The most notable is Pixie, a very cute and evil monster who acts as one of the main antagonists. 

14) Re-Zero

Walking back from the convenience store, the last thing you expect is to end up in some fantasy world. Unluckily for Subaru Natsuki, he not only ends up in a foreign world but also dies shortly after arriving there. Subaru meets Emilia, a half-elf, and her elf friend Puck. He joins them as they search for her insignia, and they end up dying in the loot house.


Subaru, however, finds himself back in the marketplace. Turns out that Subaru has the ability to reset time whenever he dies. With this ability, he decides to help Emilia, who is the princess and needs to find the insignia to qualify as a candidate for the election of the monarch.

15) The Ancient Magus’ Bride 

This anime is set in a world where science and magic co-exist. With Its slow pace, it explores complex themes and relationships beautifully. We see Chise, a girl who is sold at an auction, as her family abandons her. She is bought by Elias, a mighty sorcerer, due to her rare gift of being able to interact with magical creatures.

the ancient magus' bride
The Ancient Magus’ Bride 

He plans to teach her about her powers, and he takes her as his to-be bride. She is also mentored by Titania, the fairy queen. The series mainly focuses on their journey in the supernatural world as they navigate the magical world and grow as individuals.

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16) Shaman King 

This is the story of Yoh, a laid-back teen who is convinced by his spirit partner to participate in the competition to become the Shaman King. The story is set in a fantasy world where shamans are able to communicate with spirits.

Shaman King

These shamans participate in a Shaman Fight every five hundred years to select the new Shaman King. Every shaman has a spirit partner. Spirit partners can range from fire dragons to cute fairies. Yoh’s spirit partner is Amidamaru, a samurai ghost. Yoh and Amidamaru set out on an adventure full of action and camaraderie to win the Shaman Fight along with their allies.

17) Pretty Cure 

Along with a lot of cute fairies and other mythical creatures, Pretty cure has lots of action. This is the story of two chosen girls, Nagisa and Honoka. They meet a fairy, Mippuru, who tells them that they have been chosen as Pretty Cure, the magic warriors. However, the two are just ordinary schoolgirls.

pretty cure
Pretty Cure 

They must now balance their school life along with their secret magical duties to defeat the evil Zakenna and their Dark King. The anime follows their adventures along with their fairies, Mipple and Mepple. They must now find the Prism stones and the Rainbow sword to defeat the evil Dark King.  Along with a lot of cute fairies and other mythical creatures, Pretty cure has lots of action. 

18) A Little Snow Fairy Sugar 

This is another anime where the world-building is largely set on the themes of fairies. We follow the story of a junior high school girl, Saga. She realizes that she has the ability to communicate with fairies. What’s more, she has been chosen as the guardian of a snow fairy named Sugar.

A.Little.Snow.Fairy Sugar
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Sugar is the fairy who creates snow in our world. For this, she needs a substance called fairy dust. Now Saga sets out on an adventure with Sugar to help her collect fairy dust, and on the way, they encounter many different fairies.

19) Shugo Chara! 

In this anime, people have “Shugo Charas,” which are small fairy-like creatures that represent our innermost desires. The protagonist Amu Hinamori discovers that she has the ability to see and communicate with Shugo Charas.

Shugo Chara
Shugo Chara

She is also chosen as a guardian to the Ran, Miki, and Su, three Shugo Charas. Throughout the series, Amu grows from her fears and insecurities, and we get to see other guardians and their Shugo Charas. There is no complex story development, and the whole anime is light-hearted and jovial. 

20) Yumeiro Patissiere 

This is a great culinary adventure, obviously with fantasy elements like fairies. The anime follows a 14-year girl, Ichigo Amane, and how she goes on to discover her culinary skills and becomes a pâtissière. A pâtissier is a person who makes or sells cakes or other sweets.

yume ire pattiserse
Yumeiro Patissiere 

She meets Henri Lucas, a pastry chef who recognizes her potential and wishes to teach her the art of patisserie. She then enrolls in St. Marie Academy, an elite culinary school. Also, we see the adorable fairy “Vanilla,” who helps Ichigo in her journey and mentors her in the world of patisserie. 

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21) Bottle Fairies 

This is another anime where fairies occupy a central place in the story. We meet four cute little fairies Chiriri, Sarara, Hororo, and Kururu.  They live together in a magical forest. Their main task is to search for magical bottles that contain the essence of the forest.

bottle fairy
Bottle Fairies 

This is a slice-of-life adventure comedy. All through the series, we clumsy and curious fairies explore the fantasy forest. They discover new things and learn new magic spells. We often find our mischievous four playing with animals and collecting different types of essence bottles. 

22) Ojamajo Doremi 

This anime follows the story of Doremi Harukaze. This young third-grade elementary school girl stumbles upon a magic shop called MAHODO, and she finds out the identity of a witch named Rika. However, any witch who has her identity revealed to humans is cursed to turn into a witch frog.

Ojamajo Doremi 
Ojamajo Doremi

In an attempt to save herself, Rika urges Doremi to become her witch apprentice. This begins the adventure where Doremi must pass the nine witch trials, all the while keeping her identity hidden from humans. Her major rival, Onpu Sengawa, is a fairy, and they share a rival-friend relationship.

Similarly, the anime is divided into four seasons “Ojamajo Doremi,” “Ojamajo Doremi #,” “Ojamajo Doremi Sharp,” and “Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!”. In season we see Doremi and her friends as they grow through different levels of witch apprenticeship with many challenges on the way.   

23) Humanity Has Declined

This anime is set in a post-apocalyptic world. As humanity has declined, we see the remaining people living in small groups and villages. And the reason this anime ranks it so high on the list is that fairies are a central element of its world.

humanity has declined
Humanity Has Declined

As humanity has been sidelined, fairies have become the dominant race, also described as “The New Humanity.” Fairies are cute, tiny, and intelligent creatures. One thing that stands out is their love for sweets and surprises. 

Our protagonist Mai Nakahara, lovingly called “Ms. Sweets,” is a cute girl who acts as the mediator between humans and fairies. Despite their technological advancement, the fairies are unable to make sweets, and hence they adore Mai as she can provide them with sweets.

24) Cardcaptor Sakura 

Sakura Inomata is a naïve 10-year-old girl who mistakenly releases Clow Cards from a magical book. These Clow Cards are magical cards that were made by the great sorcerer Clow Reed and their release causes a lot of problems. The magical cards’ guardian fairy Cerberus a.k.a. Kero, appears and explains that only people who possess magic can open the book.

Cardcaptor Sakura 

He then urges her to help him retrieve the magical cards. They go on an adventure to collect the magic cards that are scattered everywhere. The cards have unique magical personifications and need to be defeated to seal them away. She is joined in her adventure by Syaoran Li, a descendant of Clow Reed. 

25) Fairy Gone 

This anime follows Marlya Noel, who is a member of Fairy Soldiers. In the anime world, a War of Unification ends up unifying all the nations on the continent of Eastland. The war saw the rise of special soldiers who were implanted with the organs of fairies.

fairy gone
Fairy Gone 

These soldiers were named Fairy Soldiers. However, after the war, some of the soldiers have gone rogue, and the government set up “Dorothea.” Marlya Noel is a recruit in Dorothea, and she seeks to find her childhood friend Veronica. 

26) WorldEnd: What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us? 

The anime is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The human race has almost gone extinct due to dangerous “Beasts.” Some young girls have the capability to wield ancient weapons which can fend off the beasts.

WorldEnd: What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us? 

Wilem Kmetsch is the only surviving member of his village. He meets a high-ranking fairy soldier who informs him that the world is in danger. He has been chosen to protect fairies. He must now take up the challenge. 

27) GATE 

This anime builds on the usual theme of a mysterious portal opening in Tokyo. Medieval-styled warrior sand monsters spawned out of the portal. In an attempt to establish a forward operating base on the other side of the gate, the government formed Japan Self-Defense Forces.


The story mainly focuses on Yōji Itami, a reserve JSDF officer. He is sent to the other side to collect information. He meets many fantasy races, one of them being a fairy named Tuka Luna Marceau, who later acts as a translator for JSDF.

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28) Kaze no Stigma 

Kaze no Stigma is set in a fantasy world of super-powered clans and martial artists and mythical creatures like pixies. The story follows Kazuma Kannagi, who is incapable of using the Blaze Technique “En-jutsu.” He is defeated by his younger cousin Ayano and exiled from the clan.

Kaze no Stigma 

Despite his inability, he is urged by his father to participate in the competition to wild the traditional “Enraiha,” a sword wielded by the heir of the clan. He returns after learning Wind Technique “Fū-jutsu” to confront his father and fight the strongest Blaze Technique user. 

29) Isekai Cheat Magician

The anime follows two high school students who end up in a magical world with monsters and monsters due to a mysterious magic circle appearing beneath their feet. Taichi Nishimura and Rin Azuma realize that they can use very powerful magic, earning them the tag of “Cheat Magicians.”

isekai cheat magician
Isekai Cheat Magician

They realize that the world has an evil Demon Lord, and they join a group of adventurers in their quest to defeat the Demon Lord. They are joined on this journey by a very cute fairy named Aerial.

30) Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside  

The story is set in a fantasy world where human beings have supernatural abilities. Our protagonist Gideon Ragnason was a member of his sister’s group, the Hero’s Party. One day in the absence of his sister, the second-in-command asks him to leave the group.

 Banished from the Hero's Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside 
Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside

As Gideon’s divine blessing is “Guide,” i.e., an ability that provides basic survival knowledge. Gideon then decides to settle for an easy life in the countryside. Let’s just say it doesn’t go as planned. 

31) Beast Tamer 

The story follows Rein, a member of the hero’s party. He is expelled from the party as his powers are considered weak due to him being a beast tamer. He saves Kanade from the cat tribe, eventually leading him to form a contract with her.

beast tamer
Beast Tamer 

After the contract, his powers increase greatly, and similarly, he continues to gather new teammates like Dryad Luna. Their party eventually becomes stronger than the Hero’s party, earning their jealousy. 

32) Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 

We follow the story of a mermaid princess Lucia Nanami who falls in love with a human boy. He is a surfer she saved during a tsunami, and she entrusted him with an important pear. However, the boy doesn’t recognize her in her human form, and she tries to convince him to figure out her identity as she can’t disclose her identity upfront. This rom-com features the fairy Alala as the main antagonist. 

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

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33) Leviathan ~The Last Defense 

This anime is the adaptation of a popular video game of the same name. The story is set in a fantasy land where three protagonists, Leviathan, Bahamut, and Jörmungandr, along with the fairy Syrup, battle against the forces of evil. Their world, Aquafall, is threatened by evil forces. The Aqua fall Defense Force is assembled by the fairy to combat the danger, and the three heroes are a part of it. 

Leviathan ~ The Last Defence
Leviathan ~ The Last Defence

34) Fairy Ranmaru: Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu

The anime follows the lives of everyday high school boys who are anything but normal. They are five selected fairies from another world who are sent on a mission to collect attachments from Earth. They disguise themselves as normal schoolboys, and they offer to help their female clientele at Bar F. In exchange for overcoming the problems of these ladies, they steal their hearts and collect attachments.  

Fairy Ranmaru Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu
Fairy Ranmaru: Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu

35) Restaurant to Another World

This is a normal restaurant in a regular corner of the Tokyo shopping district. It looks normal from the outside, with a lot of the hustle and bustle of customers during work hours. It stays closed on all holidays. However, on Saturdays, it stays open secretly. And every Saturday, it opens a doorway to a different world where mythical creatures like dragons, elves, and fairies live.

Restaurant to Another World


36) Yuki Yuna is a Hero

The story revolves around a middle school girl Yuna Yuki. She and her friends form the Hero Club in her school, where they together try to help their community. They are suddenly transported to a different dimension where Yuki is chosen as the Hero to fight against the evil beings called Vertex. Yuki and the heroes are allotted fairies which support the heroes by granting them powers and weapons. 


yuki yuna is a hero
Yuki Yuna is a Hero

37) Magical Girl Specs Ops Asuka 

The story is set in a world where evil creatures called Metaphysicals or “Desas” have attacked the world. And a secret organization called the “Magical Five” is fighting against them by recruiting magical girls.

Magical Girl Specs Ops Asuka 
Magical Girl Specs Ops Asuka

Asuya Tsuchimiya, a high school girl, is recruited into the organization. Magical girls are able to contract fairies from the same world as Metaphysicals. The fairies grant the girls training, information, and magic powers. 

38) Hangyakusei Million Arthur 

This anime is based on the mobile game of the same name. Just as the good-old story goes. There is a great sword, Excalibur, and Arthur, who pulls out the sword, goes on to become a powerful leader and rules the country with the help of the Knights of Round table.

Hangyakusei Million Arthur 

But many more such Arthurs rise, causing a lot of conflicts. A girl named Arturia Pendragon is one of the many Arthurs, and along with six other Arthurs, she tries to save the world from evil Arthurs. 

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39) Sailor Moon 

The anime follows Naoko Takeuchi, a teenage girl who discovers that she is the reincarnation of the “Sailor Moon.” Sailor Moon is an ancient warrior, and now, along with the reincarnated Sailor Scouts, she must protect Earth from various threats from the Dark Kingdom. In the world of Sailor Moon, we see different beings with monstrous forms, some of which are fairies like Perte from Sailor Moon SuperS. 

sailor moon
Sailor Moon 

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40) Magic knight Rayearth 

Three high school girls from Japan, Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hououji, are transported to a fantasy world, Cephiro, during a field trip. Cephiro is in danger from Zagato, an evil being who has taken Princess Emeraude, the ruler of Cephiro, captive.  The girls are chosen as Magic Knights to Cephiro from evil. Mokono, the legendary creature, grants them weapons and special abilities to aid them in their fight. 

magic knight rayearth
Magic knight Rayearth 

41) Chain Chronicle 

This is another anime adaptation of a game by the same name. The story is set in Yggdra. The land is threatened by the evil Black King. But the people of Yggdra were able to fend off the Black King and his army with a magical book called the ” Chain Chronicle. ” Yuri is a young soldier tasked with protecting the Chain Chronicle. On his journey, he meets Phoena, a fairy-like creature, and other friends who help him on his journey.

chain chronicle
Chain Chronicle 

42) Sugar Apple Fairy Tale 

The anime is set in a world where fairies are treated as slaves. The protagonist, Ann, is a resident of Highland. After her mother passes away, she decides to become a Silver Sugar Master like her mother. On her route, she saves a fairy from being killed by a hunter. She then purchases a warrior fairy, and together they set off on an adventurous journey.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale 

43) Midnight Occult Civil Servants 

The Shinjuku Ward Office’s Nighttime Regional Relations Department in the Shinjuku area is responsible for handling supernatural occurrences. Arata Miyako is a new civil servant who has been transferred to this department. However, he realizes that all his colleagues are supernatural beings. 

Midnight Occult Civil Servants 

Working along with the likes of werewolves, vampires, and fairies, he finds it very hard to adjust. The story follows his life in this new bizarre environment. 

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44) Peter Pan: The Animated Series

The anime is based on Peter Pan, a resident of Neverland. With his usual companions from the classic tale. Including the cute fairy Tinker Bell, the beautiful Wendy, Captain Hook, and the Lost Boys. The anime follows the adventures of Peter Pan and his friends in NeverlandIt follows the original novel for the most part, also adding new characters like Sinistra and Luna.

peter pan the animated series
Peter Pan: The Animated Series

45) The Sprites of Floria

Himawari, a sprite living in Floria, flees to Romtom with her friend Tsubaki after the evil Vivolian army attacks their homeland. They have lived in the new town happily for some time. But it doesn’t last long as Himawari’s friend, the Sprite Ajisai, gets kidnapped. With the help of detective Tsubaki, she realizes that the Vivolian army is involved. They cannot keep running forever and must face the evil Vivolian army. 

the sprites of floria
The Sprites of Floria

46) Tanken Driland

The anime is an adaptation of a popular mobile game of the same name. It follows the princess of Elua, Mikoto, in her journey to become a hunter in Driland. Along with her companions Polon, an aspiring hero, Pann, a hunter, and her Butler Wallens, their adventure begins to find the legendary treasure of Driland and land said to hold untold riches

Tanken Driland

47) Petite Princess Yucie

Yucie is a young girl who dreams of becoming the princess of the Platinum Kingdom. She has been selected along with nine other girls to contest for becoming the princess of Platinum Kingdom. She sets on a journey to become the ultimate princess along with the fairy Glenda and her love interest, prince Cocoloo. We follow her in her struggles and adventures at the Princess Academy. 

petite princess yucie
Petite Princess Yucie

48) gdgd Fairies

The anime series follows three fairies in the Fairy Forests on a floating island. The focus is on Pkpk, Shrshr, and Krkr, who are three little fairy residents of Fairy Forests. This is based on a very happy theme as the three fairies play around and have fun in their forest. Chilling out in their “Room of light and magic” and watching different worlds from their looking pool. 

gdgd Fairies
Gdgd Fairies

49) She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man

This anime is an adaptation of a popular light novel by the same name. Quite like SAO, we follow Sakimori Kagami, an avid gamer who has been playing Arch Earth Online as a male sorcerer Dunblf. He is one of the nine great sages of the game. Due to some reason, he finds himself transported into the game as a young woman. 

She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man
She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man

50) Magical Girl Ore 

Saki is an everyday high school girl with dreams of becoming a pop idol. But despite her tries, she has failed to gain any popularity. To her surprise, she realizes that her mother used to be a magical girl, a type of idol, but had to retire due to back problems. She aspires to become like her mother with the help of the mascot fairy Kokoro-chan. However, unluckily her magical girl form is that of a muscular and buffed man.

Magical Girl Ore 

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