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Recap: Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 12

A show where real problem solving is given a helping hand to grow into a business. Here, dreams become a reality. Design and innovation from a common man’s garage or home become a reality. It’s an American show which was started in 2009 and was an American version of a Japanese show Money Tigers. The show had an international format called Dragon’s Den. It shows entrepreneurs giving presentations to five-judge penal, who are called “Sharks,” who then decide whether to take forward their idea and invest in them to grow the business. It is a popular show with real-life impacts on the world. The show is famous for manifesting better platforms for people who are in love with innovation.

Shark Tank

Those who solve everything, from a small issue which can be solved through a big idea which is then used to help in producing a business incorporated with the expertise from people who are already in the field of business. All the ideas need a platform and encouragement as well as monetary funds to be able to survive in the market and provided jobs for people. All these issues are taken into account. Most innovation includes environmental aspects which also gives young generation a new of handling problems, understanding market and devising new plans. Shark Tank is produced by Mark Burnett, Clay Newbill, Yun Lingner, and Phil Gurin. The show can be seen on ABC, which is also its production house and can be seen through various platforms such as a day later or through Voot app along with many other platforms.

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Shark Tank Season 12 season 12 release date

Shark Tank Season 12, of which the first episode came, premiered on October 16th, 2020, with “Sharks,” Mark, Blake Mycoskie, Kevin, Lori, and Daymond. It had four products presented. Touch up the cup, which was given a Yes, Sparkcharge, which was given a Yes, Garmaguard, which was given a No, and Rumpl, which again got a No from the judges. Shark tank season 12, episode 12, was released on February 5th, 2021, with Sharks, Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lorie, and Daymond.

Shark Tank Synopsis

Products that were presented:

Yono clip – It is an inexpensive and portable designed device that keeps its possessions such as bookbag, purse, jacket, coat, toiletry bag, etc., nearby and off the floor. The clip provides a special suction design that creates reverse suction and has a proprietary locking system within the housing of the unit. It can be attached anywhere, and it can be carried anywhere. This product has got a big Yes in the show from the Sharks.

Night Cap – People go out and have beverages; it is possible that it may spill, which is quite common, and it is a huge issue when it spills over dresses and is not safe when traveling. For this problem, Night Cap is a comfortable scrunchie, which is helpful in any situation. It can cover any size of cups and glasses. It is a washing machine friendly product that can be used as a hairband too which is a reusable scrunchie. This product also got affirmation.

Rulebreaker snacks – Rule breaker prepares delicious baked brownies and blondies. It is free of GMOs or common allergens and cooks vegan, low in sugar, and is a certified gluten-free product. It breaks the rule for having similar kinds of snacks moreover it gives it healthy twists and is great for the family. However, the deal could not be cracked this time. The product got a No from Investors.

MountainFlow – a plant-based biodegradable lube and wax which is used for ski and mountain sports. They specialize in producing high-end ski wax and bike lubes. Their products convinced the judges and got selected with a big Yes.

The 12th season was filmed inside a production bubble at the Venetian Las Vegas to keep social distancing. The previous episode had Queves, which are the world’s first chips made from egg whites. Brumation is the world’s first portable single-serving portable brewer. Aura Bora is special water made out of fruits and herbs. SwipenSnap is the world’s first One hand diaper cream applicator.

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