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Senpai Is Mine Chapter 214: Valentine’s Day, Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read 

Senpai Is Mine Chapter 214 Release Date
Senpai Is Mine (Credit: Pixiv)

Senpai Is Mine will return with chapter 214 very soon. This slice-of-life romantic comedy manga has millions of readers because of its wholesome plotline. Douki-chan has a massive crush on her co-worker Douki-kun, but he has no idea about Douki-chan’s feelings.

Douki-chan has a hard time concentrating on her work during office hours because Kouhai-chan also tries to seduce Douki-kun, and after witnessing such a thing, Douki-chan loses her confidence to ever confess her feelings to Douki-kun. Kouhai-chan asks Douki-kun to have lunch with her, and Douki-kun agrees to Kouhai-chan’s offer to use this opportunity to show Douki-chan her place and annoy her with these tactics.

But to our surprise, these tactics work, and Douki-chan loses her temper over it. She feels self-conscious around them. But things started to change when, during their lunch, even after being with Kouhai-chan, Douki-kun paid for Douki-chan’s dinner.

At the same time, Douki-chan was drunk and cooking stuff in her head about Douki-kun and Kouhai-chan’s intimate relationship. Douki-kun came back to the restaurant to drop her off safely because he was worried about her; he even carried her on his back. This is a love triangle story between Douki-kun, Douki-chan, and Kouhai-chan, even though Douki-kun and Douki-chan like each other but do not confront their feelings.

This further complicates their relationship, and Kouhai-chan tries to make Douki-kun fall for her. We will notify you of the Senpai Is Mine Chapter 214 release date and where you can read the rom-com manga chapter 214 online. But let’s begin with a short recap of the previous chapter.

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Senpai Is Mine Chapter 213 Recap

During lunchtime, Kouhai-chan was confused about what she should get for lunch; she was looking at the picture of the food she had had yesterday and considered going back to that restaurant again. She later decided to get something from the convenience store after hearing that her other colleagues were also planning to have lunch at the same restaurant.

Douki-chan asks her if she likes dried fish. Kouhai-chan was not getting her, but then Douki-kun told her that they were planning to try a new dried seafood restaurant that had opened nearby. He asks her if she wants to tag along with them.

Kouhai-chan gladly accepts their offer, and the three of them have an amazing lunch there. Douki-kun spots Douki-chan outside his office, and when he asks her what she is doing there, Douki-chan tells him she is waiting for him and gives him the handmade chocolates with adorable packaging.

Senpai Is Mine Chapter 214 Release Date

Senpai Is Mine Chapter 213 Stills (Credit: Pixiv)

Douki-kun gets flustered because he was not expecting the chocolates from Douki-chan. Kouhai-chan gifts Douki-kun a cake on valentines day and makes a weird comment about it. Douki-chan overhears it and gets super annoyed with her, but nonetheless, she does not say anything to Douki-kun or Kouhai-chan.

Douki-chan gets annoyed with Douki-kun for opening the window, even though Douki-chan has told him many times not to open it because the pollen gets inside the car.

Senpai Is Mine Chapter 214 Release Date And Time

Senpai Is Mine Chapter 214 will be released on Monday, March 20, 2023. If you are following the manga series from the very beginning, then we are pretty sure you are aware that Senpai Is Mine chapters are released every Monday. So do not get confused about the release date; you can read the upcoming chapters on the website. The international schedule for Senpai Is Mine chapter 214 is as follows:

  •  US: 8:30 AM EST on Monday, March 20, 2023
  •  Canada: 8:30 AM NT on Monday, March 20, 2023
  •  India: 7:00 PM IST on Monday, March 20, 2023
  •  Australia: 12:30 AM AEST on Monday, March 20, 2023
  •  Philippines: 9:30 PM PHT on Monday, March 20, 2023
  •  Japan: 10:30 PM JST on Monday, March 20, 2023
  •  South Korea: 10:30 PM KST on Monday, March 20, 2023

Where To Read  Senpai Is Mine Chapter 214 

Readers can find Senpai Is Mine Chapter 214 on Pixiv and Twitter. The manga chapters have not been licensed to any English publishers yet. So you can not read the chapters of Senpai Is Mine in English on any official platform yet. Senpai Is Mine is currently available on Amazon Japan in both digital and paperback formats. The manga got its anime adaptation back in 2021, and it received mixed reviews from viewers.

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