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How To Get The Viral Wavy Filter? Everything You Must Know

Here, we shall discuss everything about the viral Wavy Filter. Even though it’s trending on Instagram, you can get the original one from Tiktok. Well, this is not the first time that you are coming across a filter. Every week, there is a new filter on any of the social media platforms. Now, it’s time for the Wavy Filter or the Wave Filter, whatever you say. Every time it’s Snapchat, but not this time. The Wavy Filter is a funny one that most people use in their dance reels to make it look weirder. Being weird is always different, isn’t it?

However, the most interesting part of this filter is people are using the same ‘Cumba Buena’ song by Grupo La Cumbia on their dance reels and adding this. In case you are confused, you can also try this Wavy Filter on someone who is standing still. It will give an effect as if the person inside the body is moving and will be a much more fun thing. You can also use it to prank your friend. If you are still not aware of how to get the viral Wavy Filter, here is a breakdown. Do dig in.

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Wavy Filter On Tiktok and Instagram: How To Apply?

Getting Wavy Filter for use is no rocket science. Here are the simple steps which you can follow for the same.

Wavy Filter

Wavy Filter

On Instagram

1. Open your Instagram account on your mobile phone.

2. To add filters, you may click the “Add Story” button. For this, you have to drag it to the very last filter.

3. You will get the “Effects Overview” option.

4. Type “Waves” on the search bar.

5. You will get many results but choose the one which is associated with the user  “kar.ina_.”

On Tiktok

On this platform, the Wavy Filter is trending with several kinds of hashtags, one of which is the “cumbia wave effect”. This is all because of the song.

1.  You can create a video on Instagram and directly upload it on Tiktok. That’s the simplest way.

2. For the alternative, you can also add a different song (not recommended). You can opt for this by tapping on the sticker symbol and selecting Music. You can also add the trending song for this filter, as mentioned earlier.

3. Select the song from the record. You can also adjust the part of the song which you want to add to your reel or story with the Wavy Filter. Tap Done.

Now you are good to go! Start making a video with this viral Wavy Filter and keep the trend going.

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