My Only 12% Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date: Cake’s Jealousy

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My Only 12%
My Only 12%

This year we saw many amazing bl dramas that made their mark in the entertainment industry. Now we are in for another unique and warm, good vibes series. Today we will talk about My Only 12% Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date: What to Expect? The name of the series is also very unique and well thought out. The 12% means the probability of the person we like liking us back. With this knowledge and from the title, we can guess that the two leads are each other’s 12%. 

Even though Cake and See-ew have very distinct personalities, they are close. Cake travels and, upon his return, discovers that See-ew has matured. The fact that many people are drawn to, and approach See-ew makes Cake envious. Cake starts to doubt his affection for See-ew. In addition to the marital difficulty, See-ew is dealing with a familial issue. See-mother ew’s is deteriorating, and he subsequently learns that she suffers from cancer since her spouse exposed her to secondhand smoke. See-ew harbors resentment toward his father because of this. However, Cake always stands by his side as they navigate all the challenges. See-ew comes to the realization that Cake is not only half of his existence but rather all of everything.

Episode 1 of My Only 12% aired on 12 August, and the second episode is going to release really soon. So, before that, we are going to recap the first episode so that you can keep track of the story and guess where it will be headed in the near future.

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My Only 12%
My Only 12%

My Only 12% Episode 1 Review

Cake and Seeiw, who have completely different personalities, are neighbors and pals since childhood. Seeiw seems to be more reserved and favors socializing with his own or Cake’s family. Seeiw never imagined that his poor communication skills or lack of social connections would cause him problems in his life. He had always thought that as long as Cake was at his side, everything would be OK even if the entire world didn’t see him.

However, Cake was forced away from Seeiw by fate, who had different plans for him. Remembering how they used to converse until they went to sleep every night, Seeiw suddenly understands that Cake’s circle of friends is expanding. Thus, the safe area, which had previously belonged only to Seeiw, would soon become a public area. Having the entire world collapse directly in front of Seeiw is analogous to that in this regard.

In the upcoming episode, we will be able to see how Seeiw will react to the many changes coming in his life, one of them being his childhood best friend coming back into his life after years and his jealousy towards his current friends. Well, I can’t say about you but I am freaking amazing as to where they will head and how drastically will their lives change. Will their friendship be affected? Will it get stronger? or will it get shattered into million pieces?

My Only 12%
My Only 12%

My Only 12% Episode 2 Release Date: Cake’s Jealousy 

My Only 12% episode 2 will release on 20 August 2022 and will be available for viewers from all over the world. 

My Only 12% Streaming Details 

My Only 12% is available for viewers worldwide on Bilibili. It is the official streaming partner of this and many other such dramas and animes.

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