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‘Fahlanruk Episode 1’: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

where to watch fahlanruk episode 1
Fahlanruk Episode 1 -release date

A new BL drama is ready to enter your watchlist. Fahlan, a new Thai boys’ love-themed drama, is said to have taken inspiration from a novel with the same name. The book ‘Fahlan’ came out in 2020 and had social media abuzz with its theme, story, and characters. Thus, it had to be adapted for the TV audience as well. Fahlan, a charming young guy who studies economics and excels in academics and athletics, is the story’s protagonist.

Sherbet is a talented musician and singer who studies architecture. When these two young men first meet, they can’t help but feel a connection. Their relationship started with one nightstand. Fahlan discovers that he feels much more affection for Sherbet, despite the fact that the two have never seriously contemplated dating. Instead, out of fear of being hurt, he tries to suppress his emotions. Knowing the issue, Sherbet’s pal tries to assist in helping his friend get over this phobia.

fahlanruk episode 1 release date

Sherbet and Fahlanruk in “Fahlanruk”

However, when Fahlan thinks Prince is interested in Sherbet, the situation becomes more complicated. Prince is also dating “Gear,” and their relationship becomes strenous when Gear begins questioning Prince and his feelings for Sherbet. Pink and Tap, two of Fahlan’s close friends, also try to resolve Prince’s issues with Sherbet. But their group begins to disintegrate when Tap learns that Pink has feelings for him beyond friendship. So when is ‘Fahlanruk episode 1’ coming out?

Stick with us as we reveal the ‘Fahlanruk episode 1’ release date and ‘How to watch Fahlanruk episode 1.’

Fahlanruk: Trailer

The trailer gives a glimpse into the complicated world of two handsome men, Fahlan and Sherbet. Fahlan, who looks like a tough guy, is falling head over heels in love with Sherbet. He is known for being a solid and confident personality among his classmates, but after he realizes he is in love with Sherbet, he loses track of academics and life. After spending the night together, Fahlan wants to take this relationship forward and asks for Sherbet’s number. But Sherbet rejects his advances and says, “There is no need to take what happened between us seriously.”

The trailer hints at Sherbet using his friend to keep Fahlan away from himself. The reason behind not getting committed lies somewhere in his past life. It looks like the story will reveal the trauma that is keeping Sherbet from accepting his feelings. The trailer succeeds at not telling too much about the story yet showing the emotional rollercoaster the leads are on. We can’t wait to see how this complicated love story plays out.

Parental Guide

The shows had received 18+ viewer certifications. The show involves discussion topics of LGBTQ+. The show’s subject is not appropriate for watching by kids below 18.

Fahlanruk: Cast

Falan, a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Economics, is portrayed by Chayuth Nitichakorn. He comes from a well-off family and is a model student and athlete. He is the ideal man that everyone fantasizes about since he never gives up quickly. Sherbet is portrayed by James Thanaboon Wisrungroj, a third-year architectural student. He is charming and stubborn and never expresses his thoughts openly because he is frightened of falling in love

fahlanruk release date

James Thanaboon Wisrungroj plays Sherbet

He is a talented musician who enjoys writing music. Pink, a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Economics and Falan’s best buddy, is portrayed by Baifern Sirikorn Kunapinan. Sirawit Suwannarat plays Tap, a fourth-year Economics student who is close friends with Falan. Tap is direct, wise, and kind. Gear is portrayed by Win Kittiphon Chotijiranan, a third-year architecture student. However, he is incredibly handsome and reticent. Tong Piroonwat Wannasorn plays Prince.

He has been Sherbet’s sole best friend since childhood. Yiw Wari Atiarnon will be playing the role of

Fahlanruk Episode 1: Release Date

‘Fahlanruk Episode 1’ is set to be released on Sunday, September 11, at 11 PM Thai local time. There will also be an Uncut Version, which will be released on September 12, 2022, at 00.00 AM (GMT+ 7). However, for international fans, it will be available for viewing on September 11, 2022, at 23.00 (TST).

Where To Watch ‘Fahlanruk Episode 1’?

For those in Thailand, ‘Fahlanruk Episode 1’ will be aired on MCOT HD 30. Later, the uncut version of the episode will be released on WeTV. The episode will be available for international viewers on the ‘GagaOOLala‘ streaming platform. Update your calendars, and don’t forget to watch ‘Fahlanruk Episode 1.’

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