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Shrinking Episode 1: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Apple TV Plus

Shrinking Episode 1 release date is what makes the fans really curious about the future of the show, and we are here for the same. This series was created by Brett Goldstein and Bill Lawrence, along with Jadon Segel. The main genres of the show will be comedy as well as drama. We all have been to therapy or thought about going to therapy at least once in our lives.

Well, the show will also focus on the life of one such therapist. His name is Jimmy Laird, and he is dealing with a lot of stress from his own life right now; dealing with patients is getting really hard for him. To let out his frustration a bit, he starts giving all his thoughts and ideas to his patients and does not stop.

Obviously, the man is breaching the ethical barriers with them, but this is what his career has come to. Although, this new change which he has implemented in his life, brings about a new effect as well. The effects are seen both in patients as well as in him. This shall drive the main plot of the story with the stars in character.

Shrinking Episode 1 Release Date

A poster of Shrinking; courtesy of Apple TV Plus

Shrinking – Cast and Details

Talking about the same, let us review who the artists who have been selected for the role in this upcoming drama series by Apple TV Plus are. By the poster of the series, it is clear that Jason Segel reprises the role of Jimmy Laird. Harrison Ford enacts the character of Dr. Paul Rhodes. Then Jessica Williams does the part of Gaby. Christa Miller will reprise the role of Liz.

Michael Urie enacts the character of Brian. Luke Tennie does the part of Sean. Lukita Maxwell reprises the role of Alice. Tilky Jones enacts the character of Donny. Lilan Bowden does the part of Tia. Heidi Gardner reprises the role of Grace.

For the first time, Apple TV Plus announced the series back in October of 2021. The show was set to have ten episodes in total and Jason Segel in the lead. As for the release pattern of the season, the first two episodes will be available immediately on the service on its release date. Although, the rest of the eight episodes will be aired over the span of 2 months every week and will end in March.

Shrinking Episode 1 Release Date

Shrinking Episode 1 release date is on the 27th of January 2023. The episode will release on Apple TV Plus at 3 AM Eastern Time. New episodes of this comedy and drama series will start airing from this point, as we have mentioned above. The series will drop new episodes on Fridays.

How to Watch Shrinking Episode 1

Watching Shrinking Episode 1 is quite easy. As we have mentioned before, the episode will be released on Apple TV Plus. The platform is available to download from the App Store. It costs just 4.99 dollars a month in recharge. There are no other higher plans available for the same, and this is the only basic one.

Shrinking Episode 1 Spoilers

In Shrinking Episode 1, we can expect to see an introduction to all the characters that the story will revolve around. Obviously, we have Jason Segel in the lead as Jimmy, but we will also see the patients whom he is going to treat. We can also expect to understand the grievances that are affecting his life at the moment.

The biggest source of sadness for him is losing his wife. Thus, as described in the synopsis of the series by Apple TV Plus, we shall witness him changing his ways of therapy. This is going to stir a lot of drama in his life as we can already understand by the looks of it. Although Jimmy is not sure about how things are going to affect him and even his patients and thus, it would be a really interesting curve to watch on TV.

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