Are Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo Dating? What People Think

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Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo
Dating rumours about Omar Apollo and Frank Ocean circulate(Credits: Rtiverse)

Omar Apollo dropped his new album titled Ivory on April 8, 2022, and the album is hypothesized to be about something that happened between Omar Apollo and Frank Ocean. But how much truth does this hypothesis truly weigh? There is a lot of speculation among Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo fans as to whether or not the two are an item.

Although both of the singers have been very public about their sexualities, there have been no hints dropped by either of them that would suggest that they are romantically interested in each other. Then why are their fans so adamant in believing that there’s chemistry between Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo? Is this just a ship that the fans desire to bring to reality? Or is it possible that there is something we are not seeing?

Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo Dating Rumours Circulate

Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo have not specified their sexual orientations, but they have spoken about their attractions in a general way stating that they are attracted to men. In 2012, Frank Ocean wrote an open letter discussing his experience of falling in love with a man.

In that open letter, he disclosed that about four summers ago, he met somebody and that they were both nineteen at the time. They spent that summer and the summers after with each other, and time flew by in a blur. He added that he fell in love with him slowly, over time, and said that what started as a simple crush soon turned into something deeper and more destructive.

On the other hand, Omar Apollo mentioned to Rolling Stone that despite being open about his sexuality in his music, identifying himself as such has been an extremely hard process.

Omar Apollo and Frank Ocean
Omar Apollo and Frank Ocean (Credits: Glamour Buff)

What Gave Rise to the “Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo Are Dating” Speculation?

The primary source of this rumor is supposedly a viral picture that has been posted on Twitter. Although one cannot make out the faces of the people in the photograph, several believe that the photograph in question was taken while Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo were out enjoying their time away in Italy and Greece.

Omar Apollo and Ocean Frank spark relationship rumours
Omar Apollo and Ocean Frank spark relationship rumors (Credits: INTO more)

This photo is the sole proof of the ship, and aside from that, there is no concrete proof that they are a couple. Omar Apollo has been posting quite a few pictures from his recent vacation online that have a lot of people speculating because the locations that the two singers have been visiting are similar, and they have been doing so at around the same time.

To add to this, according to an episode from the Like a Virgin podcast that was shared on April 28, 2022, co-host Fran Tirado mentions that he was told about Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo being in a private relationship for three whole years.

In an episode of the podcast, Fran Tirado reveals that once, he was driving home from a Coachella party with two friends of friends who were both from the music industry. Since one of them was mutual friends with Omar Apollo, they began to discuss Apollo’s new album Ivory together. Tirado remarked that the album “feels really Frank Ocean-y to me.” To which the other man said that the album was indeed about Frank and that Apollo and Ocean dated for three years before deciding to part ways with each other.

But then again, there is no solid proof, as both singers prefer to keep their personal lives low-key and private. Whomever Ivory may be about, it does have some really good hits, and we are not complaining.

Omar Apollo’s new album, Ivory, can be streamed on Spotify and other music streaming services.

What Are the Public’s Thoughts on the Matter?

The fans of both singers have responded to the viral picture in various ways. Somebody tweeted that it was unclear what was happening between Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo.

Tweet by @xandoesread
Tweet by @xandoesread (Credits: Twitter)

@xandoesread declared that if Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo were together, then it’s game over for all of the other couples in the world because they’re way more attractive than anyone else could be.

Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo’s relationship remains a potential speculation as neither of them has confirmed their relationship status. We hope we will find out sooner or later in the near future.

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