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What Is The Biggest Cult on Tiktok? Eddie Munson Takes Over the Platform

Biggest Cult on Tiktok
Biggest Cult on Tiktok

Here, we will discuss the Biggest Cult on Tiktok. What is it? Starting from the basics, if you are very much active on Tiktok, you must have come across a similar profile picture used by several creators. If you are unaware of this Biggest Cult, you are surely wondering why they are doing this. Right? Well, Tiktok cults are all about appreciating a specific fictional character from a series or a film.

Following a Titkok cult will help your account to be more engaging to the other users. Also, it will help you to garner more likes, views, and comments. Some of the Tiktok cults are- Step Chickens, Minions, etc. But, what is the Biggest Cult on Tiktok in 2022? Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Biggest Cult on Tiktok Explained

At present, as mentioned above, Eddie Munson Cult is the Biggest Cult on Tiktok in 2022. If you are confused, Eddie Munson is the name of one of the leading fictional characters of Stranger Things Season 4. It has been portrayed by Joseph Quinn. It’s simply the fans of the series. People on Tiktok are using the same picture of Eddie, appreciating him for their performance in Stranger Things Season 4. However, there are certain things that a fan must follow to be a member of a specific ‘cult’.

Biggest Cult on Tiktok

Eddie Munson Cult

The foremost thing to do is to change the profile picture. Following the Eddie Munson Cult, people are changing their profile pictures, putting the picture of Eddie standing in front of a blazing vehicle. Even the renowned singer Lana Del Rey has done the same, who also has her Tiktok cult. Once you are done, you can use the hashtag of this Biggest Cult on Tiktok, which appears more like #EddieMunsonCult. This has garnered millions of views on Tiktok as of today.

You can easily get yourself involved in any of these mentioned Tiktok cults and keep it going! It’s a fun thing and serves more like a tribute!

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