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Clanul Episode 14: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

Clanul Episode 13 recap
Clanul Episode 14: Release Date

Clanule Episode 14’s release date is sooner than you realize. But before we get to Clanule Episode 14’s release date and streaming details here is a short primer on the show’s story for those who don’t know: The program provides insight into a Romanian television program that topped the police and drama categories.

The story is based on the storybook, which has a similar title. It also finds a lot of influence in the Turkish television series Içerde. This series’ lead character is Tudor. His voyage into the society where he formerly intended to work as a police officer is followed by the camera.

But things changed, and he found himself in some legal difficulties. This indicates that he was dismissed from the training academy before completing the program. It comes out that although he was in school, he assaulted the town’s Deputy Costoui since he felt insecure and frightened for his folks because of the corrupt political system, which functions in the official’s presence.

This event would negatively impact Tudor and give him a taste of the real world. His new existence began as soon as he was arrested for assaulting the director. A law-abiding person who wanted to work as a law enforcement officer is currently behind bars. He befriends a mafia organization there, making friends with them. Tatutu and Bebe Macelaru are the leaders of this gang.

Clanul Episode 13 recap

A still from episode 13 of Clanul.

His heritage, devotion, and reverence are left in Tudor’s heart from his past existence. Everything else has changed. He is willing to do anything to accomplish what he has set out to do. In addition, we observe the cameras tracking his mom, Luminita. She believes Tudor’s incarceration resulted in their second child’s loss.

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Recap Of Clanul Episodes

The current second lead in the show is David. He was raised in the slums and had to struggle and go without food to get all he has today. Despite his circumstances, he was able to sign up for the training academy because of his strong objectives.

As a result, he was able to complete the program and earn an officer’s degree. He is then tasked with working alongside Costaiu and his male crew. As soon as he starts to provide his services, it is obvious that his first instruction will be to never tangle with the press.

We are all aware of the media’s influence today; therefore, it would not be desirable for the name “Commissioner” to have a poor reputation with the general public.

As a result, the press is forbidden. The second thing he learned was never to skip a significant arrest. He will have to be vigilant at all hours of the day to be able to do that. Therefore, it will be fascinating to watch when these two clash.

Each of them has a unique viewpoint on the subjects at hand, as well as the commissioner. One of them serves them, while the other hates him. What is great and wrong will always be at odds with one another, but does it make much difference?

Despite possibly having Tudor good intentions, they are operating under a gang’s identity. On the other hand, David may be naive and possess pure emotions, but he is undoubtedly fighting for a corrupt person to uphold his corrupt political system.

Clanul Episode 14 Release Date

Clanule Episode 14 will be released on December 19, 2022. Episode fourteen will be aired on the Pro TV channel in Romania. Every week, new episodes will be released or aired. Fans staying in other nations can only stream the episodes the next day with the streaming services or platforms we have listed in the section below.

Clanul Ep. 14: How to Watch

Pro TV, which is only accessible in Romania, will broadcast Clanul Episode 14 live. We will advise everyone, including our readers, to verify the above streaming information before watching the live show. Additionally, Voyo will subsequently stream the episodes.

The fans can keep up with the latest episodes on Pro TV’s official website. Residents of the United States can also view these series using a legitimate VPN address. But observers and fans may watch them as they leave class on Mondays. Happy streaming.

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