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Sanji’s Awakening In One Piece Episode 1053 Explained!

Sanji's Awakening In One Piece Episode 1053

One Piece Episode 1053 was the latest one of the series and it has fans very excited for the upcoming events in the future episodes. However, it will be a while before the fans will get to see a new episode of One Piece next week. In addition to that, there won’t be any new chapter released as well in the next week making the next dry for One Piece.

The reason anime is going on a break is due to the national marathon taking place in Japan. Therefore the broadcasting scheduling has prioritized the broadcasting of the national marathon for two Sundays. As for the manga, the new chapter is going to be on a break due to Oda-san taking a break. 

Nevertheless, the content from the latest episode has fans left in awe and they are wondering what exactly went down in the latest episode. Thus, let’s discuss the hot topic of One Piece which is Sanji’s awakening in this article in detail and comprehend how exactly he got the powers that were shown in One Piece Episode 1053.

With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the One Piece anime series and theorize about the new reveals in the anime. One Piece Episode 1054 will return on March 19th, 2023.

What Led To Sanji’s Awakening?

To comprehend what led to Sanji’s awakening or mutation in One Piece Episode 1053, we will have to dive back into the character’s roots. Sanji is from the North Blue, however, the first time that Luffy and the others found him was in the East Blue on the Baratia. It was because he had run away as a child due to being able to produce the same results as his siblings. 

Sanji's Awakening In One Piece Episode 1053 Explained!

Sanji is the third born in the Vinsmoke family and is a son of Vinsmoke Judge, which we learned during the Whole Cake Island. Vinsmoke Judge, much like the other famous scientists Vegapunk, Ceaser, and Queen, is a Scientist himself and he experimented on his children to make them stronger and get rid of their emotions. 

However, we saw that the latest episode of the series noted that Sanji was a “Failure” and never got the powers like his siblings and still had his emotions. This is what Led to Sanji’s bad childhood and being bullied by his siblings and his father. 

As for the question of what led to Sanji’s awakening, it could relate to his Germa suit that had given him powers that we saw in the earlier phase of Wano. Sanji held on to the device that would give him the scientific suit with various arsenal. This suit could be a catalyst for his power growth and mutation that we saw in One Piece Episode 1053. 

The latest episode also noted that Sanji did not want this power as it would rid him of his emotions. Could that be something we can see in the future? Well, let’s wait for the episode to be dropped but now, let’s see what kind of powers did Sanji got from his mutation.

Sanji’s Awakening Powers

Not much is known about the kind of powers that Sanji got from his awakening however, it could tone down to greater physical abilities. To much annoyance of Vinsmoke Judge, Sanji may be the perfect experiment done by the former as Sanji might have the powers of the Germa and yet keep his emotions like his siblings. 

The known powers that Sanji holds from the latest episode are a stronger body and abilities to heal himself from fatal attacks. One Piece 1053 saw that Sanji was crushed by Queen and it had broke the former’s body from almost all the portion. Everything including Sanji’s neck was broken but Sanji did not even feel much pain and even healed himself quickly.

In addition to that, we saw that Queen even tried to decapitate Sanij’s head with a sword however, on the impact the sword was broken in half. This confirms that Sanji’s body is much stronger, it can feel no pain, and can even heal itself from fatal attacks.

We might learn more about Sanji’s body and powers as we see the fight between Queen and Sanji progress and we will surely be updating this section once we have learned about him. Until then read more articles regarding One Piece on our website.

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