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Who Narrates Casualty 24/7? Answered

Who is the narrator of Casualty 24/7?
(Credits: Channel 5)

Channel 5’s medical hospital documentary, Casualty 24/7, has managed to become one of the platform’s watched shows. Taking place in Barnsley Hospital, the series revolves around the hospital workers, medics, physicians, and nurses as they tackle multiple new cases each day. From serious chronic diseases to chainsaw wounds, there’s no problem that the hospital staff won’t do their best in treating them.

The show was first seen on the channel on September 19th, 2018. The first season ended with only 4 episodes since the producers weren’t sure if it would be as popular as Channel 5’s other documentaries. Season 1 featured cases of chronic lung disease, sledding accidents, and hospital issues where the nurses were burdened with more work than ever. 

As Casualty 24/7 shows the side of a hospital that a patient never sees, the series soon became a hit within the genre. This was when it was picked up for another season with around 12 episodes. New installments of Casualty 24/7 were released each year except the year 2020 due to covid-19. That was the time the hospital was treating covid patients, and filming could not be done due to social distancing and lockdown. 

With the show continuing to air from 2021, we were able to see the aftereffects that covid had on Barnsley hospital and the extreme rise in the number of patients after the lockdown had lifted. While each episode features two or more cases from various departments, some episodes deal exclusively with the functioning of the hospital.

Casualty 24/7: About The Show

Each episode starts with an introduction to the cases that we’ll be seeing that day. Usually, all the cases are from different departments, all led by skilled doctors and nurses. The whole medical staff works in sync to make sure that the patient leaves with their problem being taken care of. 

Who is the narrator of Casualty 24/7?

A Patient on Casualty 24/7 (Credits: Channel 5)

After giving us a summary of the cases, we see the doctors interacting with the patient and coming up with treatments to help them fight the disease. At times, the doctor may suggest surgery, and we get to see a part of the whole sophisticated process on the show. As chaotic as it may seem at times, the happiness and relief of both the doctors and patients at the end are worth all anxiety that we may get at the beginning of the episode.

The hospital is located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and had gotten its current name in the year 2005. A new emergency department was added in 2021, making it much easier for the patients and Pediatric units which were previously separately placed. 

The Narrator of Casualty 24/7: About the Life on Mars Actor

Throughout its multiple seasons, Casualty 24/7 has featured a narrator that provides an insight into the cases beforehand. The narrator also guides us through the departments and their doctors. This narration is provided by Dean Andrews, an actor from Rotherham. Although the actor first started as a singer on ships, he later secured a role in Buried, an award-winning drama.

This started Dean’s career in acting, and he has since been a part of shows like Life On Mars, True Dare Kiss, The Street, and Wire in The Blood. Andrews has also voiced several advertisements along with his acting jobs. You may recognize him as Will Taylor from the British Soap Opera Emmerdale. Dean has also starred in a medical drama in the past, which may have helped him in narrating Casualty 24/7 with much more accuracy. 

Although not much is known about the actor’s personal life, Dean has a wife named Helen Bowen-Green and had gone to the same school as James May from the infamous Top Gear series.

Other examples of Dean Andrew’s works include Shameless (Geoff Mulligan), Doctors (Jonty Stephens), The Case (Tony Powell), and London Kills (Jacob Holt). From crime series to dramatic soap operas, the narrator of Casualty 24/7 is no novice and is skilled at what he does.

Who is the narrator of Casualty 24/7?

Dean Andrews and His Wife (Credits: Dean’s Instagram)

Where To Stream Casualty 24/7?

Episodes of all seasons are available to stream on Channel 5’s website. Viewers from the UK may access the episodes easily by creating an account on the website, and Casualty 24/7 will not be accessible for viewers outside the UK unless a VPN is used. 

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