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Is Reclaim (2022) Worth Watching?

is reclaim worth watching

So let us talk about whether Reclaim is worth your time or not. Netflix never ceases a moment to amaze us with its top-notch content. This time too, Netflix has come up with one brand new content you can watch with your family. Yes, we are talking about the recently released movie Reclaim. If you have watched the trailer of the film, then you have an idea of what the movie is all about and the central characters of the show. And if not, then scroll through to decide whether the story of Yeh-Lan-hsin is worth your time or not.

Before discussing the review, let us give you an overview of the movie. So the movie Reclaim is the story of a middle-aged woman, Yeh-Lan-Hsin, who strives hard to make a balance between her work and family. But one day, she realizes that her house is not enough and decides to purchase a bigger one. But the only factor that stops her from doing that is money. Will she be able to buy a new house for her family or fail? Stick to the end to answer all of your queries. So, here is the scoop on the Reclaim review. Stick to the end to know whether this Netflix movie is worth a watch.

Is Reclaim Worth Watching? Stream or Skip It?

So starting from the central character of the show, Yeh-Lan-hsin portrayed by the actress Hee Ching Paw has done an impeccable job and has gotten under the skin of the character. Throughout the film, you would connect with the story and feel her struggles too. The movie ostensibly depicts the typical Taiwan household set in the backdrop of the 1980s. Reclaim is one of those stories that teach us to be faithful and how even a single ray of hope can bring changes to our life and motivate us to move forward. The story is the perfect example of how a mother faces hardships. Besides this, the character of Yeh Hsin faces a dilemma when her mother is on her death bed and needs attention. This is when she realizes her family is in dire need of a bigger house.

reclaim stream it or skip it

Now all of the plots beg the question of whether you should stream them or skip them. Stick with us for a minute to tell you why. Folks, have you ever seen some movies that leave you smiling ears to ears and sad at the same time? If yes, then add Reclaim to the list of those movies, as this is what this movie will do to you. So, all in all, we are giving you three reasons why you should watch the movie.

The first reason to watch the movie is that it has showcased the exact representation of how middle-class families deal with everyday responsibilities, so here you would get so many reasons to relate. The second reason is that every character has its own struggles, and nothing has been fabricated in front of you. And the last reason to watch Reclaim is that it is one of those light-hearted stories that will bloom in your heart and will stay there for a long. 

reclaim review

Still confused about whether to stream the show or skip it, you can make your decision by looking at the trailer below. The 2 minutes and 5-second trailer revolve around the story of a middle-aged woman who takes care of her family, and one day she realizes that a bigger house may solve her problems. In the trailer, we see that the reason she wants to purchase a bigger house is because of her mother, who is on her deathbed and needs care.

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So this was the scoop on Netflix’s Reclaim. Stay tuned for the daily dose of entertainment as more is coming your way.

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