Preview and Recap: Black Clover Episode 165

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Black Clover

The Captain of Black Bull has arrived in a nick of time and finds that Dante is smashing his kids. Yami saved his kids and show Dante why he is the captain of the BB squad. While Vanica has conquered the Heart Kingdom, Luck has defeated one of the Dark Disciple, the great Sivenkin. Dante is glad that Yami has shown up, and Yami is the key to connect this world with the underworld.

Yami unleashes a Mana Zone move that cuts Dante. Dante’s body started pouring blood after the invisible slash passed his body. That was the power of Dark Cloaked lai Slash that Dante has felt. Yami comments that he is not going in hell with anyone. In his consciousness, Asta heard a voice of the devil within him. It said that he would kill them all, and they will pay. He waked up and started wondering what has happened.

Black Clover Episode 165 will be released on Tuesday, 23 February 2021, at 6:25 PM JST. Watch Black Clover officially on AnimeLab, Funimation, Netflix, and Crunchyroll. Let’s take a look at how the battle will continue below.

Black Clover
Black Clover

Previously in Episode 164

Asta cannot move his body since the power of the devil within him has destroyed his muscles. He realizes that Gauche was about to die, but he is glad that he can sense Gauche’s Ki. Asta is angry that the Spade Kingdom bastard has hurt his friends. At the same time, Dante can’t believe that Yami has made a deep wound in his body. Yami comments that while using Mana Zone with condensed mana, his lai blade will never miss. 

Dante laughs, and Yami is surprised why as Dante tears his top. He comments that he wasn’t expecting to use this magic. Dante opens his grimoire for the deep wound to heal by itself. Some bubble flesh started to soak his body, and the wound vanishes while the torn robe got fixed. But the anti-magic wound inflicted by Asta near his mouth is not healed. Vanessa notice that Dante’s power is on another level, and Yami said, what the hell is that magic. 

Tree of Qliphoth

Dante comments that he has couldn’t find anyone who could please his malice until he met with Yami. He was getting bored and tired of killing and defeating the weakling, but now he has in the real deal. Dante told Yami they are just getting started, and Yami will open up even a more wonderful world. Yami asks Dante what he meant when he said he is the key to the underworld. He also comments that he doesn’t have a mysterious power like that. 

Dante smile and reveals that the thing that connects this world with the underworld is a magic called the Tree of Qliphoth. To create that Tree of Qliphoth, they need dark magic and world tree magic at the arcane stage. That means Yami will stand in the form of dark magic and Willaim as tree magic. Yami asks what will happen after the world is connected to the underworld. Dante replies that devils will pour into this world. 

Black Clover
Black Clover

Yami blows out the smoke of his cig and lifts his Katana. He comments that he thinks he will take Dante here. Charmy is on her way, saying that anyone who dares to harm this kingdom’s food or nature they will pay. At the same time, villagers are worried that the Polnfrume Forest is destroyed. The Spirit Guardian’s been defeated shielding the villagers. The villain destroying the village reveals that she is Dark Disciple Halbert Chevour.

Dark Disciples vs. Magic Knights

She told them that they would witness the beauty of the Dark Disciple before they die. Charmy arrives at the scene and asks Halbert what she is doing. Halbert comments that the fatty one has arrived. Charmy unleashed a huge ship and started to battle with Halbert. Halbert beats Charmy and comments that Charmy cannot be beaten with her beauty, strength, and proper nutrition. She also comments that she is done looking at an unsightly fatty.

Halbert wraps Charmy will her hair and told her to let her beauty embrace her as she dies. Charmy got angry and unleashed the true power of her beauty. She summons a monster wolf using Mana Zone, and the wolf puts Halbert on a frying pan. It pours different ingredients and started to cook Hilbert. The wolf enjoys eating Halbert’s hair just like macaroni, and it looks like scissors cut her hair.

Halbert can’t believe that her beauty is ruined, and Charmy showers her with barrages of LALALA punches that turned her into an old hag. After defeating her, Charmy comments that true beauty and strength come from a well-balanced diet. While Leopold battles with Dark Disciple Sivoire Snyle. He defeated him using True Flame Magic: Crismon Eruption. The villagers are stunned that they have never seen such a big array. Vanica has arrived where Loropechika, Noelle, and Mimosa are.

Black Clover Episode 165 Preview

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