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Street Fighter: Duel Review – Explore The Fighters’ World

Street Fighter: Duel
Street Fighter Duel Poster (Credits: The Verge)

Street Fighter: Duel is the officially licensed Street Fighter mobile game. It has all the classic Street Fighter characters you would want, and it’s all in one mobile RPG package. It’s certainly not the classic 1v1 Street Fighter experience, but it is actually quite interesting. There is a lot of stuff to be done. You can’t fault this game for having a lack of features, for be sure. 

At the core level of what the game is, you build your team of Street Fighter characters, and then you take your team and send them into battle. There are many, many ways to do battle, and how you build your team and how you utilize your team is incredibly important.

Looking at the combat before you know how it all works can be a little distracting, but once you understand it, there are a lot of synergies, and honestly, it’s pretty interesting. Before anything else, let’s just talk about the Crux of the game, the characters you’re playing in the Street Fighter mobile RPG, for the reason you want to play with the Street Fighter characters. 

  • Name: Street Fighter: Duel
  • Release Date: 28th February 2023
  • Publisher: A Plus Japan
  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Genre: Gacha RPG
  • Mode: Online Multiplayer

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Street Fighter: Duel Plot

You may recruit and improve an instantly recognizable squad of warriors and fight your journey into an original tale or even versus allies and tough opponents from all across the World. Select from over 40 renowned players, including Ryu, Cammy, Guile, Chun-Li, and others. Each character has their own combat style and special skills.

With a vast narrative mode, be prepared to traverse the World gathering companions to knock down Shadaloo’s armies of mecha clones. Apart from the exciting PVP and PVE action, the game also has daily and weekly events in which players may compete for special rewards and conquer leaderboards. Join in every day to get prizes and access to special characters and skins like Chun-Li Vigilante.

Street Fighter: Duel

Street Fighter: Duel – An Action Card Mobile Game (Credits: Play Store)

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Street Fighter: Duel Gameplay

To get the characters at first, like many other mobile RPGs, you’ll be making pools, draws, and you’ll get characters of varying rarities. Someone like Cami is a higher rarity than someone like Dan. There are all sorts of upgrades and everything you can do with all the characters, but getting pools is the main way you’ll unlock your characters, and as always, it should be pretty satisfying.

As far as the main roster goes, you get over 40 characters in the game already. Pulling from the Street Fighter 4 era for a lot of inspiration for the characters, and there are many more to come in the future. Characters that’ll come in the future will potentially be not from Street Fighter, and you have to wait and see on that one so once you have all the characters, you’d like to have it on your roster page.

You can just mess around with your characters from the roster page. There are lots of characters to go through, and some characters are actually different. For example, there are multiple Guiles, there’s cool skin guile, but there’s also just regular Guile, and they’re actually different characters, so there is a lot of depth and Variety in that way too

You can pick a character, level them up and equip them with all the RPG stuff you would expect. Here you can see what they do in the game, and this is where a lot of the combat stuff is born. Every character has a super move, a passive move, and also multiple follow-up moves for combo chains. Everyone’s moves do different things, so build your team accordingly. 

Street Fighter: Duel

Players line up for the match in Street Fighter: Duel (Credits: YouTube)

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Street Fighter: Duel Characters

This game actually digs pretty deep in terms of making a lot of character specifics as far as the gameplay is informed.

Chinley, her super is Kikosho. It’s just a giant AoE damage move. Her follow-up spinning bird kick is AoE, and her normal lightning legs are a single target. You gotta pick and choose what’s the right move for the right occasion. Her passive move fills the super bar with crit, so you would like to build her more crit build-focused. 

Someone like Hugo is very different. Hugo’s more like a tank whom you want at the front of your lineup, taking all the hits. His super strength is straight-up a shield. He hits the enemy and then builds a damage shield accordingly.

He also builds potato stacks because that’s Hugo’s thing. It’s all about stacking potatoes because Hugo is obsessed with potatoes. For Hugo, you built and burned potato stacks, and it helps them keep his health up and helps his tanking nature. 

Conversely, from Tanki Hugo to someone like Dawson, he definitely wants to be in the back of the line. His super strength is effectively yoga Inferno, but with a mix of his V trigger from Street Fighter 5, where it lays down a flame carpet and just takes on the enemy if they haven’t been on it. He moves like a yoga tower. That’s his super follow-up. The longer he can hold it, the more big buffs he gets.

Street Fighter: Duel

Characters of Street Fighter: Duel (Credits: Gamer Journalist)

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Street Fighter: Duel Game Modes

Talking about various modes, you do have quite a few. First, we have a standard story mode where you travel across the World trying to stop the evil M bison. Also, you have a PVP-styled arena where you can beat up and fight your friends and just random people all around the World. If you want to perform well here in the arena, you have got to make sure your team is as cheap as possible. 

Then there’s Shadow loose city which is sort of like a Dungeon Crawl mode where you’ll have to advance through a course of a dungeon trying to make the right choices here. Fight stronger enemies for better rewards, or you can also try to dodge them and just keep your health up because it’s going to be a grind to get to the end.

Another mode you have where team building matters a lot. You have to make sure your team is able to survive all the way through. With rogue-like elements as you’ll get buffs after every fight that carry all the way through to the end of the dungeon. 

There’s a global operation mode where you can basically go across a world map in Ken’s fancy car, joining with Ryu as well. Here, you explore things on the map. You might get some fights, you might get some treasures, and you just play it out from there. It’s a pretty interesting mode, and there’s also a variety of standalone boss fights. 

You will find this boss fights very interesting. Either they’re just straight-up hard, and you bring in your own personal team and try to take the boss on, or they limit your team and force you to pick from a fixed number of characters, a small pool of fixed characters. It’s almost like a puzzle battle to see if you can correctly use their abilities in the right way to overcome the boss.

It is actually very engaging because after playing some of these, you will find they’re all quite tough. These are the ones where you’re actually gonna sit up straight and start thinking about it. It’s quite intriguing having to really engage with the game in that way and just think through a battle. Honestly, there are still a bunch of modes to unlock. This is definitely a long-haul kind of game, if you will.

Also, when you’re gonna unlock the Inverse World, all you’re gonna do is just unlock the maps whenever you’re gonna finish different levels as a threshold to unlock. It feels like this will be the end game, and to be honest, this end game is insane. You are going to love the Inverse World, you’re gonna have to build different teams, and you’re gonna have to try different heroes based on the de-buffs you have.

Inverse World is such amazing content. There’s so much to explore. Then on top of that, you’re also going to unlock the tower with different elements, so you still have to build different teams, switch gear between your teams, and build different fighting souls.

This game will reward you for putting a lot more time into it, and if you’re looking to put that time into it, there’s gonna be more and more modes. The Battle Royale and the super showdown modes are very interesting and they obviously sound extra enticing.

Street Fighter: Duel

One Of The Game Mode Of Street Fighter: Duel (Credits: YouTube)

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Street Fighter: Duel Combat

Getting into the match to get the hang of it, your characters will auto-battle to a degree, and the auto-battle leads to your super bar building up, which is the main focus here. Once you have the meter, you can burn a super. Pick the appropriate character for whichever super you want. Then you get the option to do your follow-ups after the supers.

About the basics, you do the correct super, then you do a bunch of follow-ups, and yeah, there’s a right time and the right place to do certain moves, and not every move is always the best answer for every situation, but yeah there you’ll win, now, of course, there’s a lot more depth than just this there’s all sorts of synergy bonuses both on elements and also characters themselves like, for example, Hugo likes being with poison.

You will be super surprised to know that Battle Royale is an actual real-time arena. You actually play against real players that are there waiting for you to counter you. You’re gonna need a lot of backline attackers. You’re gonna need healing.

In between fights, there are also little bonus idle screens where the people just start kicking and fighting with each other. It is fun to play, and this is just free money, free experience, free everything. When it comes to the free-to-play aspect of the game, you will actually find it quite generous, which is very good.

It’s great looking at the little dudes(the characters in the game) beating each other up. The animations are actually fantastic in this game. Definitely a cut above the usual free-to-play games out there.

Street Fighte: Duel

A still from Street Fighter: Duel Combat (Credits: YouTube)

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Final Verdict

Overall it is a solid fun experience, the fun mobile RPG experience in the World of Street Fighter. If you are a street fighter fan, it’s worth a shot at the very least. The animations are beautiful, there are a lot of the classic characters, and you know it’s just a good way to pass the time, especially while you are all waiting for Street Fighter 6. 

Now, of course, it is what you would think it is on some aspects of the mobile RPG front. There are lots of pulls, and there are lots of Gimmicks and Gigas. There is literally a roulette here with Chun Li on it for you, and there will be positions where they’ll ask you if you want to spend your money.

The free-to-play aspect is very generous from what they have shown to offer yet, and you will get tons of resources just to do pulls and all that kind of stuff. It’s definitely not something that you should feel the need at all to put any money in if you don’t want to.

But especially with this one feature which is fantastic, it lets you weigh your pulls like for example, if you want a t-hawk more than any other character, you can wait for T-Hawk heavier than other characters for pulls and draws.

This game uses an element-style system, so you can pick your element and would prefer if at all possible, to get these characters over other characters. Now it’s not a guarantee, but the fact that it weighs the system better. It’s not a brain-dead game, and you actually have to sit properly on the game, grind, check the combo, and switch the combo. It is not just logging in for daily and weekly rewards and logout type of game. 

So it’s a feature that helps respect your time a little bit, at least, so yeah, in the end, this game’s worth a shot if it’s something you want to do or maybe something you want to dig a little bit deeper into if you’re more into the mobile RPG thing, either way, it’s worth a shot.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4/5).

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