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Holey Moley Season 2 Release Date Revealed: Host, Trailer, and Production Details

Holey Moley Season 2 Release Date Revealed
HOLEY MOLEY - "Holey Moley," a 10-episode mini-golf series

For those who don’t know, Holey Moley is an American sports-reality competition television series created by Chris Culvenor for ABC, an American Broadcasting Channel. The show Holey Moley was hosted by Stephen Curry, Rob Riggle, Joe Tessitore, and Jeannie Mai and was directed by Alex Van Wagner. It is an extreme minigolf competition where the creators choose contestants throughout the country to make them participate in their show of golf competition.

There is a fixed number of episodes in a season, and in each episode, 12 mini-golfers plays against each other like a contest in a series of head-to-head, sudden-death matches on a massive miniature golf obstacle club. The winners of the first round then move on to the next round that is round two. From round two, only three contestants make it to the third and final round of the competition where they compete against each other on the “Mt. Holey Moley” hole in a three-way contest. The winner amongst all 12 contestants is awarded “The Golden Putter” trophy, a “Holey Moley” plaid jacket, and a grand prize of $25,000.

Holey Moley Season 2: Release Date Revealed

Holey Moley Season 2 Poster and Title

Courses of Extremely Large miniature golf in Season 1

The extensive minigolf courses include ten supersized theme holes which are;

  • Dutch Courage
  • Caddyshack
  • Arc de Tri golf
  • Tee’d Off
  • Sweet Spot
  • Surf Or Turf
  • Slip N’ Putt
  • Log Roll
  • The Distractor
  • Mt. Holey Moley

Among these ten themed holes, the six holes which include Dutch Courage, Caddysmack, Arc de Trigolf, Sweet Spot, Surf Or Turf, and Slip N’ Putt are a part of round 1 of the contest in the episodes. Log Roll, Tee’d Off, and The Distractor is part of round 2, and in the third and final part, the contestants have to face the most challenging hole Mt. Holey Moley. In all the three rounds, no fixed holes are given to the contestants as the holes are decided on a random basis.

Holey Moley Season 2: Release Date Revealed

Holey Moley: Contestants and Host

Season 1 of sports-reality show Holey Moley was a huge success which was released on June 20, 2019, on ABC, which attracted millions of viewers throughout the globe, and from that day only the audience was eagerly waiting for the renewal of the show. The show was released with a total of 10 episodes, and 12 contestants took part in each episode to win the huge prize money. In October 2019, ABC officially announced that they have begun all the process for the renewal of the sports show Holey Moley.

So, we have a piece of good news for all are avid readers that we have gathered all the information regarding the release date, host and trailer of season 2 of the sports show.
Holey Moley. Before beginning, we would like to advise all our viewers to have a look at the season 1 of the show who haven’t watched it before the release of season 2 as both the seasons can become one of your favorite time-pass in the quarantine period.

Holey Moley Season 2 Release Date Revealed

HOLEY MOLEY – “Holey Moley,” a 10-episode minigolf competition series

When and Where Will Holey Moley Season 2 Release?

The streaming channel ABC has officially announced that the show named Holey Moley II: The Sequel will release on May 21, 2020, on their channel ABC. This time they are expecting an increase in the viewership of the show as they have increased the level of enjoyment in the new season. It is considered a good decision by ABC to release the show in the lockdown period so to attract the audience to the show and bringing the families together to watch the show with each other, and it will teach sportsman spirit to all. ABC also announced that the format and gameplay of the show would remain the same, but the level of the show is higher by introducing the new themed holes.

Who Will be the host in Holey Moley Season 2?

  • Stephen Curry, who is one of the executive producers for the show, will be seen as a golf pro in the ‘Holey Moley’ Season 2. He will make an appearance in every episode like the previous season. He is also a golfer by passion and professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball.
  • ABC and ESPN sportscaster, Joe Tessitore, will again participate as the play-by-play commentator.
  • An actor and a comedian Rob Riggle will be again seen as the commentator of the show.
Holey Moley Season 2: Release Date

Holey Moley Season 2 Host: Stephen Curry and Joe Tessitore

Holey Moley Season 2: Trailer

There is no trailer provided by the creators of the series Holey Moley for season 2, but still, you can have a look on the trailer of season 1. But if any update is made regarding the trailer of season 2 of the show, then we will update that in this post.

Holey Moley Season 2 and Season 1: Production Details

Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, Wesley Dening, Stephen Curry, Jeron Smith, Erick Peyton, Charles Wachter, and Michael O’Sullivan has again teamed up as the executive producers of the season 2 of the series Holey Moley. Like the previous season, Unanimous Media and Eureka Productions are the production companies for the new season of the show. The distribution rights of this season are again owned by Disney–ABC Domestic Television.

For more updates regarding season 2 of the sports series Holey Moley, stay tuned to Otakukart.

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