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Who Would Win In A Fight Between Goku And Luffy?

Goku vs Luffy
Goku vs Luffy

Anime fans always love to compare their favorite characters with whole new characters from different anime. This thing sometimes becomes a little controversial as no one loves to see their characters getting overshadowed by the others. Even on the Internet, we have seen a lot of people comparing the strength of their favorite characters against Goku. Since Goku is one of the strongest protagonists in the anime world, the comparison sometimes feels a little weird.

But, We will try the same technique today and compare the fan-favorite character Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece with the supreme powerhouse Goku from Dragon Ball. We will also see their strength, stamina, endurance, powers, and most powerful moves, and on the basis of overall aspects, we will decide the winner.

The below comparison is solely based on the author’s own opinion. The comparison is just for fun, and this is nowhere related to the facts and official sources. There are high chances that your opinions might vary from ours as this article is just made for fun.

Luffy belongs to the One Piece anime, which was set up in the world of Pirates. Luffy’s aim is to become the king of pirates someday, and the series features some of the coolest action scenes and battles. Goku is certainly one of the popular characters in the anime world, belongs to Dragon Ball. The series is based on the concept of martial arts in which Goku, along with his friends, fights with the baddies to save his planet Earth and sometimes the Universe. Both anime series are adapted by Toei animations and are considered the two big hits of the anime franchise.

Goku’s Abilities:

Goku is one of the strongest characters in the anime world. He possesses superhuman strength and ultimate endurance. Goku’s speed is so high, and it barely takes him a minute to travel to the different corners of the planet. In fact, he is equipped with his instant teleportation technique, which allows him to teleport to anywhere in the Universe just by sensing the ki of someone there. Goku’s strength can’t be comprised in mere words.

As Goku possesses the god ki, he can even challenge the gods in a duel and gave a tough challenge to the God of Destruction, Beerus himself. Goku’s ki can’t be sensed by mere mortals, thus giving him an edge in the battle against the non-god ki users. Goku, in his ultimate form, i.e. Mastered Ultra Instinct, can attack powerful blows while evading the opponent’s attack with great accuracy.

Goku from Dragon Ball Super

CC: Dragon Ball Super Franchise

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Luffy’s Abilities:

Luffy is a boy who wishes to become king of pirates someday, and with each day, he becomes even more powerful. Luffy ate Gomu Gomu no Mi (Hito Hito no Mi), which allowed him to convert into rubber, and thus his body is nearly immune to gunshots. Electricity can’t hurt Luffy, and he is also immune to the poison. Apart from this, Luffy also possesses the color of the supreme king, which allows him to take down multiple enemies with weak willpower.

Luffy’s attacks can’t be evaded easily, and even the strongest creature Kaido of the beast pirates, can’t stand in front of him. Luffy’s stamina is impressive, and his endurance is on the other level. Luffy’s strongest form i.e. Gear 5, represents sun god Nika and can cause serious problems even to some of the toughest guys out there. There’s one thing that goes against Luffy, He Can’t Swim.

Luffy VS Shanks

CC: One Piece Franchise

Goku vs Luffy: Who Would Win?

If we look at the above-mentioned abilities, we would see that Goku is superior to Luffy in almost every aspect. Even if Luffy is immune to poison, electricity, and gunshots, he can still be hurt by powerful physical attacks. Goku’s punches can cause serious harm to Luffy, whereas Luffy’s punches won’t harm so much to Goku. Since Luffy can’t swim, It would be very easier for Goku to defeat him just by throwing him into the ocean or some water body. Hence, the clear winner would be Goku. If you think otherwise, do let us know in the comment section below.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85

Goku focuses his Ki-before unleashing-the new form

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