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Where is the Series ‘Your Honor’ Filmed? Everything We Know!

your honor filming locations
Your Honor filming locations

Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White on Breaking Bad, is back in a major television role in the 10-part miniseries Your Honor. This time, he plays the role of Michael Desiato, a revered and morally upright judge who finds himself in a moral bind after his son Adam is injured in a car accident. It has a stellar ensemble, including The Affair’s Maura Tierney & Michael as gangster head Jimmy Baxter, and is a legitimately suspenseful thriller that expertly balances tension and entertainment.

The Bryan Cranston-led series Your Honor has recently captured the attention of audiences in the US, but now, at long last, Sky Atlantic is bringing it to the UK. Your Honor, which had its US premiere back in December, has now made it to Sky Atlantic in the UK. Where Was the Series ‘Your Honor’ Filmed? Let’s learn more about this show!

What’s Your Honor All About?

On Sunday, December 6, 2020, Your Honor premiered on Showtime, and on March 2, 2021, it debuted on Sky Atlantic in the UK. The drama, which is based on the Israeli television program Kvodo, follows Michael Desiato, played by Bryan Cranston, a reputable judge from New Orleans whose son gets into a hit-and-run accident. Michael’s once-perfect life is quickly overtaken by lies and treachery as he must choose how far he is prepared to go in order to save his son.

Where Was the Series 'Your Honor' Filmed?

Where Was the Series ‘Your Honor’ Filmed?

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Where Was the Series ‘Your Honor’ Filmed?

Your Honor provides us with a fantastic sense of place with its New Orleans backdrop. According to Cranston, the city’s presence borders on being a “character in its own right,” as he said to Entertainment Weekly: “There’s a vitality, a history, a beauty to it, the lifestyle, the cuisine, the jazz, the people.” It is also undeniable that New Orleans has a dark side. Desiato’s house is recorded in an unidentified private residence in this affluent neighborhood in the middle of the city, but it also serves as one of the focal points of the narrative, as Adam can be seen doing in episode four when he rides his bike through the neighborhood.

Where Was the Series 'Your Honor' Filmed?

Where Was the Series ‘Your Honor’ Filmed?

The Crescent City Linkage, a pair of bridges that span the Mississippi River, is another important place in the series that is close by. They are visible throughout the entire series, starting with Adam’s tragic drive at the beginning of episode one, and serve as a bridge between the Garden District and New Orleans’ less affluent neighborhoods. When Desiato encounters a festival—the fancy-dress liquor Red Dress Run—on his way to date on Bourbon Street, episode five’s most famous neighborhood offers us a burst of color and mayhem. The Baxter House dining, the mob boss Jimmy Baxter’s headquarters, is the area’s most prominent landmark for the series.

Desiato first encounters his pal Charlie (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) at Ted’s Frostop cafe on Calhoun Street, where some of the show’s most consequential choices are made. The Orleans Parish Juvenile District Judge on Tulane Avenue, one of the superstars of Your Honor, is located in a primarily unremarkable residential area (pictured). Desiato operated in this opulent structure from the Thirties, and both the columned façade and the tall arched halls were used in the filming.

Where Was the Series 'Your Honor' Filmed?

Where Was the Series ‘Your Honor’ Filmed?

This part of New Orleans, which was the center of Hurricane Katrina’s greatest destruction in 2005, is very dissimilar from the lifestyle Desiato is accustomed to in the Garden District. Here in series one, at the intersection of Caffin Avenue & North Galvez Street, the accident occurs after Adam has attended the scene of his mother’s passing.

Where to Watch Your Honor?

Both Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in the UK carry all ten episodes of the series. Your Honor is available for streaming on Voot Select in India. On the OTT platform, you may watch the entire 10-episode run of the show. On December 6, 2020, the very first part of the show debuted on the platform, and on February 15, 2021, the last episode did the same. offers shows starring Bryan Cranston for streaming. Additionally, Showtime Network offers access to it. Apart from these, the show Your Honor can be streamed on Hulu as well.

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