Who Is Kiersey Clemons’ Partner? Eye Candy Actress’ Love Interest

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Who Is Kiersey Clemons' Partner?
Kiersey Clemons (CC: Digital Spy)

Who is Kiersey Clemons’ partner? Yes, we are talking about the Eye Candy actress who is currently making headlines for captivating in The Young Wife. Well, keeping that aside for today, Kiersey’s fans are wondering if someone has stolen her heart already. 

Kiersey, hailing from Pensacola, Florida, has been doing wonders since 2010. Some of her notable acting credits are Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, Somebody I Used To Know, Austin & Ally, Transparent, etc. Little did you know, Kiersey Clemons also appeared in the music video of Til It Happens to You by Lady Gaga. It was released in 2015. You must watch it if you haven’t.

Being Kiersey’s die-hard fan, you must have watched her latest psychological horror series, Swarm. She played the role of Rashida, and it’s been pretty much significant. Besides this, you will be happy to know that she has a handful of projects like Godzilla and the Titans, The Flash, etc. Because of her incredible performance in Dope, Kiersey even won a Black Reel Award. 

Coming back to Kiersey Clemons’ personal life, the actress is quite vocal about her sexuality. In case you don’t know, she describes herself as queer. Concerning her current status, Kiersey is romantically related to someone for several years. Who is he? If you are looking for Kiersey Clemons’ partner, here is what we know. 

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Meet Kiersey Clemons’ Partner: Who Is She?

Talking about her love interest, Kiersey Clemons’ partner is Ebony De La Haye. In case you are wondering, Ebony is a stunt double. They hardly took time to realize that it was not a fling it was something genuine.

Who Is Kiersey Clemons' Partner?
Kiersey Clemons (CC: Vulture)

Kiersey Clemons and Ebony De La Haye met each other for the very first time on the set of Sweetheart, shot in 2017. The shooting took place in Fiji. When asked about working together, Kiersey Clemons’ partner said, “It was just so beautiful and such a ridiculous setting. It’s kind of corny that a relationship came out of it.” On the other hand, Kiersey shared they bonded from the beginning as pals. She said, “She (Ebony) was just the most relatable person to me in terms of interests sly being queer.” 

No matter how Kiersey Clemons and Ebony De La Haye busy are in their respective workplaces, they make sure to see each other at the end of the day. The actress once shared in an interview that she is highly inspired by her long-time love interest, Ebony, especially after she started training her. Another best part between the two is both love to eat. Whenever they are touring, it mainly consists of having good food. 

Who Is Kiersey Clemons' Partner?
Kiersey Clemons and Ebony De La Haye make a fun-loving, happy couple (CC: Variety)

Meanwhile, Kiersey Clemons and Ebony De La Haye stayed apart. We mean, they were once in a long-distance relationship too. To be more exact, Kiersey was in Los Angeles, whereas Ebony was in Singapore. But, the best part was, distance failed to keep them apart. They didn’t get daunted. Moreover, their relationship grew stronger than ever. Now, when the visa process got done, both started leading a blissfully happy life in California. 

Kiersey Clemons’ partner, Ebony, seems to be not just loving but also caring and understanding. The love birds often post their goofy pictures on their social media platforms, confirming to the fans how happy they are together. They make each other laugh out loud, and that makes them cuter than every other couple. 

Best wishes to Kiersey Clemons for the coming days of her life. We are hopeful that her relationship with Ebony will stay strong forever like this. Make sure you follow Kiersey on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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