Fire Force Review: A Complete Masterpiece

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Fire Force
Fire Force (Credits-David Production)

What is one thing that every anime must have for it to make one of the best out there?? Some might say it is a good story consisting of plot twists and mysteries here and there. While others may say that what makes up a good anime is the graphics and animations, others may have a differing opinion and say that a good anime comprises fantastic action scenes and badass characters.

For an anime to be considered the best and one of its kind, it must do something that the audience has never seen before or have the potential to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. Many anime fails to do so and thus leave the audience unhappy and unsatisfied.

We see several animes being released every month, many of which do not have the potential to excite viewers. Many animes come and go without them making a name for themselves, but the anime we will talk about today is not one of them, as it has succeeded in making a name and making the audience fall in love with it completely.

Fire force
Fire force (credits-David Production)

Fire force is one of the few animes that has it all that the audience wants to see. It has cool animations, badass characters, a great story, and awesome action scenes. It creates a mystery in the mind of the viewers, the show keeps its viewers wondering and asking questions, and that is why once you start watching it, you will not be able to stop.

Fire force was released on July 6, 2019. People have fallen in love with the show since it premiered and have been discussing it extensively. The show is getting much attention and has been the center of conversation for anime fans. The show is based on the workers of Atsushi Okubo. Yuki Yase directs it.

Since its release, Fire Force has received much praise from critics and fans. It has managed to impress everyone, and only a few people did not like the show. But what makes the show unique?? Although the concept of superpowers is not new to the anime world and has been done repeatedly by many, Fire Force does things differently. The concept of firefighters having superpowers is new.

Fire force
Fire force company 8 (Credits-David Production)

Another thing that makes Fire Force amazing is the stunning animations, where everything is perfectly executed. Several show elements make it great; we will discuss them in detail. So if you are thinking about watching Fire Force but are unsure if you should invest your time in it, we can clear your doubts. Let us see what makes Fire Force a great anime and why it should be on your watch list. 

If you want to jump on the newest season of Fire Force, here is a quick summary of Fire Force season 1.


Fire force is set in a world where people turn into fire monsters termed “Infernals.” There is a mystery behind these Infernals, as no one knows how they came into existence. There is little to no information about their past, and as the show progresses, we learn more about infernals. To fight these infernals, a special group called Fire Force was created.

Season 1 starts, and we are thrown into the life of a youngster named Shinra Kusakabe. At the beginning of the show, Shinra is faced with an Infernal. He gets ready to fight it but is pulled back as the Fire Force Company 8 arrives. Shinra introduces himself to company eight, and we get to find out he is the group’s newest member.

Fire Force
Fire Force (Credits-David Production)

Shinra Kusakabe is a young boy; he is a third-generation pyrokinetic, which means he can control flames. Shinra can generate flames from the souls of his feet. We also find out that company 8 is different from others as they control and demolish infernals and try to find out the reason for their existence and how they are created.

We then get an introduction to the 8th company, starting with their captain Akitaru Obi. We get introduced to the other members, such as Takehisa Hinawa, Maki Oze, and Iris. We get a peek at Shinra’s past, showing us how his family died in a fire caused by infernals a long time ago, and Shinra has joined the Fire Force to prevent others from suffering such a tragedy.

Shinra Kusakabe
Shinra Kusakabe (Credits-David Production)

Moving ahead, the Fire Force organizes a rookie competition to initiate the new joinings. Things go south when Shinra meets a mysterious figure called Joker. Joker tells Shinra that he knows something about the days his family died and also teases him about his little brother being alive. The other company members eight soon save Shinra, but Joker’s words leave him speechless and wondering.

After a few episodes, we finally see someone being converted into an infernal. Shinra sees a mysterious person stick a bug on someone, turning them into an infernal. This is a huge thing as this is the first time we see how an infernal is created. As the show progresses, we see Tamaki from company 1 hiring kids for a camp to help them not become infernals.

She is doing all this out of admiration for a guy named Rekka Hoshimiya, who is one of the strongest members of company 1. We then see Rekka pulling a bottle of the bugs that can convert people into infernals. Rekka unleashes the bug on one of the kids, and before canto converts the rest, Shinra shows up.

Shinra vs Rekka
Shinra vs. Rekka (Credits-David Production)

The two fight, and Shinra get help from his teammates. They succeed in capturing Rekka, but suddenly, a sniper shot pierces through Rekka’s heart. Everyone flees to safety, trying to escape the sniper’s sight. After this incident, all the company leaders come together to fight the White Clads, unleashing these infernals.

Later in the show, we see that Shinra, Iris, and Arthur are sent to hire an engineer named Joseph Vulcan. Joseph hates the White Clads and the Fire Force and has no interest in joining their team. We are also introduced to Joseph’s team of two other members, Lisa and Yu. Dr. Giovanni, the head of company 3, shows up at the scene trying to convince Joseph to join his team, but Joseph refuses.

Joseph Vulcan
Joseph Vulcan (Credits-David Production)

Shinra then tells Joseph that company 8 is nothing like the other companies, and Joseph starts to like Shinra and his team. The two are bonding when the White Clads show up; we find out that Dr. Giovanni and Lisa are a member of the White Clad and want Joseph for their selfish reasons.

Combat breaks down between the two groups. Shinra gets some help from the other members of the Fire Force and manages to save Joseph. After the combat ends, Shinra faces his brother, Sho Kusakabe. Shinra is happy to see his brother, but Sho is a member of the White Clad. He attacks Shinra and is about to kidnap him when Shinra’s friends show up and manage to save him.

Sho kusakabe
Sho Kusakabe (Credits-David Production)

Fire Force then finds out about White Clads’s base in the Nether. The company goes to the Nether to fight the White Clads, and this is the moment we see a lot of well-executed animations. The fights look stunning and cool, and it is one of the best action scenes we have ever seen in any anime.

A fight also breaks down between Sho and Shinra. During this fight, Shinra finds out that there is a mysterious figure called Evangelist who controls the White Clads. The fight ends with Sho coming out to be the winner. Sho puts his sword through Shinra’s chest, but luckily, Shinra is saved by his teammates.

Shinra vs Sho
Shinra vs. Sho (Credits-David Production)

 Shinra is brought back to his camp, where he rests and recovers. Here we also get one of the biggest plot twists as Shinra discovers that his mother was the Infernal who caused the Fire that killed his family. Shinra then tells Captain Obi that he has decided to look for his mother and return her to human form.

Fire Force review:

Fire Force is one of the greatest animes we have ever seen. It has all the key elements an anime needs to be the best. Fire Force will only get better and loved more by the fans as it moves forward. We can assure you that there should not be any doubt if you are thinking about watching this masterpiece. So what makes Fire Force such a great anime?


Fire effects are one of the most impressive aspects of Fire Force animation. Since the show is based on Fire, it is no surprise that the animators put much effort into making the fire models look dynamic and realistic. We can easily see that a lot of work was put in to make the Fire look as good as possible, and there is no doubt that the result was awesome.

Fire Force animations
Fire Force animations (credits-David Production)

Not only the fire models but the characters were also designed beautifully. Each character has a unique look which is a great thing. The action scenes of the animes are also very well done, with intense fights. The fight scenes are animated to attract viewers and make them stick to their screens. Overall the show’s animation is one of the best things about it, and it is undoubtedly done beautifully. They are making the show a feast for the eyes.


For an anime to be appealing, it must have a great story that the viewers can talk about all day. It must create suspense and mysteries that keep the audience wondering what will happen next and, most importantly, have great plot twists. There is no doubt that the Fire Force does all of this flawlessly.

Fire Force has one of the best storylines among all animes. The main character Shinra Kusakabe has a backstory that makes us fall in love with the character. Shinra and other characters, such as Joseph, have rich backstories. The show’s main story is one hell of a roller coaster ride.

Arthur (credits-David Production)

From the beginning, the show starts creating mysteries, leading the audience to ask questions answered in later episodes. The plot twists of Fire Force are something we can never expect, with betrayals and big reveals that no one saw coming. The fire force undoubtedly has a great story, and the writers did an amazing job. The anime’s engaging story will stay with you long after you finish the show.

Final Verdict:

The word that can sum up the whole show is awesome. Fire Force can keep the audience hooked and become one of the best anime. It is a wholesome anime and has a lot of memorable moments. The show has some mixed reviews after the end of season 1, but after season 2, there is no doubt in the audience’s minds that Fire Force is nothing but a great anime.

The action scenes of Fire Force will never disappoint you, and the ending of season one forced the audience to watch season 2 as the plot twist was something no one saw coming. It can pull you in if you give it some time. The pace of the anime indeed feels slow at some points, and the episodes feel like fillers, but it is only for a little while as most of the anime moves at a good pace without boring the viewers.

Shinra Kusakabe
Shinra Kusakabe (Credits-David Production)

The world the show is set up in is unique, and the characters are one of a kind as well. There is only one thing to say about the show; Fire Force is a masterpiece that perfectly embodies everything that makes great anime.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4.5/5).

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