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The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 8: Release Date, Preview & How To Watch

The Queen's Umbrella recap
The Queen's Umbrella Episode 8: release Date

The Queen’s Umbrella episode 8’s release date is here, and it is time to revisit everything we know about the next episode. But before we go on to The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 8’s release date, here is a little about the show’s premise. The purpose of this historical Korean drama is to tell the tale of the royal family.

The family is always irritated by the troublesome princes who live in the palace and may shortly succeed the monarchy. Their mother, Im Hwa Ryeong, is married to a powerful king. She is a prickly, volatile, and often offended Queen who does not emanate old-world charm and grace.

She was more at ease because she continued to annoy everyone. She is a royal who occasionally swallows her pride and has been heard cursing! She confronts difficulties daily, but she perseveres because she loves her kids. The narrative contains humor while addressing problems encountered by primitive women.

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What Happened In The Queen’s Umbrella So Far?

The Queen appears helpless to select the next Crown Prince, despite having rightful sons. Queen Dowager Cho addresses several palace princes simultaneously to get their thoughts on the most important qualities of a future king or Queen.

the queen's umbrella recap

A scene from The Queen’s Umbrella.

His Majesty is permitted to discuss the potential future selection of the Grand Heir openly with the Queen. They discuss the crown prince’s alleged demise. The Queen is angry because she is aware that the stories of her poisoning death would stoke the Taekhyeon, and she would be tarnished. Her Majesty is still committed to meeting with Doctor Kwon to avoid any issues.

Surprisingly, Consort Hwang asks Won-hyeong to stop questioning him during a late-night visit, implying that she was involved in Physician Kwon’s meddling with the Crown Prince’s treatment. The concubine attempts to justify her actions here. Grand Prince Seongnam refrained from threatening Prince Uiseong after learning that the Queen had killed the Crown Prince.

The action then shifts to Cheong-ha paying Her Majesty’s debt by having a composite of her second child produced. Seongnam was then advised that he would face the consequences for scaring Uiseong and that he would have to stay in Jonghak and read a book daily.

the queen's umbrella recap

A scene from The Queen’s Umbrella.

He won’t be permitted to go until the Grand Prince has mastered the book to the point that he can repeat it. In exchange, his instructor will stay behind to support him academically. Consort Tae informs Soo-gwang, who then informs Won-hyeong about the Queen using non-Western medicine to revive the deceased Crown Prince.

As a result, the high-ranking official begins conducting covert interviews, instructing those he meets about what they should pretend to have seen and heard. When the Queen learns about this, she is asked to a meeting with the King, Hyeong, and Dowager Cho.

The Crown Prince wasn’t provided any prescription from the palace in this case, and Physician Kwon is interrogated about it; the trustworthy witnesses appear to confirm that outside herbs were utilized as treatment. Naturally, this raises the possibility that the unidentified medicine may have contributed to the death of the Crown Prince.

the queen's umbrella recap

A scene from The Queen’s Umbrella.

Physician Kwon remains silent when questioned about who provided him with the medicines, allowing the Queen to express her proof of necessity and her mistrust of Won-plans. A warning is issued when Won-hyeong jumps in to accuse the Queen of bringing outside drugs.

The Crown Prince’s son has had his food interfered with and frequently spat on by his nursemaid, as it is discovered as the Queen and the family enjoy a delicious supper while leaving aside their usual concerns. In the show’s climactic scene, the Queen urges the young boy to vomit the meat he has just eaten.

The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 8 Release Date

The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 8 will air on the entertainment channel tvN at 9:10 pm KST on November 6, 2022. Fans from other nations can watch the episode at these times:

the queen's umbrella recap

A scene from The Queen’s Umbrella.

British Summer Time: 1:10 pm (November 6, 2022).
Indian Standard Time: 5:40 pm (November 6, 2022)
Singapore Standard Time: 8:10 pm (November 6, 2022)
Philippines Standard time: 8:10 pm (November 6, 2022)
Japanese Standard Time: 9:10 pm. (November 6, 2022)
Australian Eastern Daylight Time: 11:10 pm. (November 6, 2022)

The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 8: Where To Watch

The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 8 will be available streaming on Netflix worldwide.

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