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Girl Crush K-Pop Group Members: Get To Know Them!

Girl Crush k-pop group members
Meet The Girl Crush K-pop Group Members

Girl Crush is one of the lesser-known k-pop girl groups in recent times. Following the sexy concept and specializing in dance, Girl Crush is currently a three-member group. The Girl Crush k-pop group members have had ups and downs of their own. As Girl Crush hints at a comeback this year, the girls and the company have been in controversies because of their concept. Recently, a rumor about a minor trainee joining the girl group made rounds on the internet leading the netizens to shower hate on the girl group.

But Girl Crush agency, HW Entertainment, made a public statement and asked the netizens not to believe whatever they read online. Their agency has confirmed that as of now, Girl Crush has only three members, and no one has taken former member Yona’s place yet.

Meet The Girl Crush K-pop Group Members…


Ryu Jia is popular in the k-pop scene with her stage name Zia. Being a 95-liner, her birthday is on June 9. As one of the Girl Crush k-pop group members, Zia serves as the main vocalist of the girl group. Being the second oldest in the girl group, Zia also serves as the leader of Girl Crush. Standing at a height of 163 cm, Zia is the shortest member of the k-pop group. Along with vocals being her strong suit, the k-pop idol also has a knack for makeup. She also likes playing video games and traveling. Well-versed in Korean, Zia is also working on her English language skills.

Girl Crush k-pop group members

Meet The Girl Crush K-pop Group Members!


While her birth name is not known, Girl Crush’s second member is popular with her stage name Taeri. She is called the “Cutie Fairy” of Girl Crush. Being a 94-liner, her birthday is on March 29. As one of the Girl Crush k-pop group members, Taeri serves as the lead dancer and sub-vocalist of the girl group. Along with being the oldest Gir Crush k-pop group member, Taeri is also the tallest member, with a height of 5ft 7 inches. She’s a huge fan of TV shows and EDM music. Along with being a k-pop idol, she is also an actor. Her hidden skill is computer programming.

Girl Crush K-pop Group


Jeong Bomi is popular among k-pop fans with her stage name Bomi. Being a 96-liner, her birthday is on May 12. As one of the Girl Crush k-pop group members, Bomi serves as the main rapper, visuals, and main dancer of the group. Being the youngest Gir Crush k-pop group member, Bomi is also the maknae of the group. Bomi is a huge fan of pop star Brittany Spears and the cinematic universe Marvel. Before joining Girl Crush, the idol used to be a model for an auto salon called “Nano Beam” in Seoul.

Former Member: Yona

Go Yo Na is popular by her stage name Yona. Being a 97-liner, her birthday is on February 12. Before she left the Girl Crush K-pop group, Yona used to be the maknae and the lead vocalist of the girl group. She is well-versed in Latin dance and is a huge Blackpink fan. Before she joined as one of the Girl Crush k-pop group members, Yona used to upload makeup videos on her Youtube channel. On  December 2, 2020, Yona announced her exit from Girl Crush, citing health reasons.

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