What Happened To New York From Flavor Of Love? Explained

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What Happened To New York From Flavor Of Love
What Happened To New York From Flavor Of Love?

What Happened To New York From Flavor Of Love? American television personality Tiffany Pollard initially found huge fame on the television reality show, On Flavor of Love. On the show, she wanted the nickname New York.

Soon after, Pollard became a household name after viewers loved her time on Flavor of Love, which went on for three long seasons from 2006 to 2008. She was in the final two against Nicole Alexander in season one and Chandra Davis in season two and ended up being the runner-up both times.

Despite that, Tiffany found huge success on Flavor of Love. Pollard was further offered the opportunity to be the lead star of her own dating series. The show named I Loves New York was also a huge hit for two long seasons from 2007 to 2008. In season one, she chose Patrick “Tango” Hunter, but later Patrick called off their engagement. Let us find out all about what happened To New York From Flavor Of Love.

What Happened To New York From Flavor Of Love?

After Tiffany New York starred in her own dating show, helped make her grab huge stardom on television, Tiffany Pollard went on to earn plenty of work on the small screen. Not only that, but the television star was able to star in a few solo shows for herself in the coming years.

Fans later saw her in shows like New York Goes to Hollywood, and New York Goes to Work, while these shows were short-lived and lasted for just a single season on the small screen.

What Happened To New York From Flavor Of Love
Tiffany Pollard

It was also reported that Pollard is all set to star and will be acting in a project called The Shaw. Recently it was announced that the former television star is all set to star in the second season of College Hill: Celebrity Edition on BET+. Tiffany will join other fellow co-stars, Amber Rose, Joseline Hernandez, Parker McKenna Posey, along with Iman Shumpert.

The upcoming second series is reportedly a reboot of BET’s “College Hill,” which earlier revolved sound the lives of students at historically Black colleges and universities for five years from 2004-2009.

Is Tiffany New York Dating?

While nothing much is known about Tiffany’s current relationship status, she earlier opened up about her equation with fellow co-star Flavor Flav. Tiffany revealed that the last time he saw Flav, they did an episode of Braxton Family Values together, and he recalled how it was really interesting.

The 39-year-old television star admitted that she saw him; it felt like all the old emotions came back up, and Tiffany admittedly thought is she falling for the guy again? Tiffany further revealed that they did have a little moment around the corner in the back of the house where nobody saw them.

She also stated that there was a little bit of an embrace, along with a long kiss that Tiffany believes lasted a little bit longer than it should have. Pollard admitted in the early interview that when it comes to Flavor Flav, she tried keeping it in the friend zone, and if they bumped into each other, they would just kind of wave and keep it going.

Tiffany New York Opens Up About Her Career

While Tiffany Pollard did not quite find love on both the VH1 series, Pollard opened up about the shows and what they offered while admitting that the moment she is the proudest of in her reality TV career was when the producers approached her to have her dating show. Tiffany Pollard admitted that she could not believe that they trusted her and valued her enough to pull something like that off.

What Happened To New York From Flavor Of Love
Tiffany Pollard

The Brunch With Tiffany alum also stated how her thoughts on how reality television has changed since she became a part of it. Tiffany learned that she is learning is that when she did come on shows for little bit parts here and there, or if she does a whole series of something, a lot of things are being said to her.

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