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Where To Watch Rock The Block Season 4 Episodes? Streaming Guide

Rock The Block Season 4

Rock The Block Season 4’s episodes are here. The viewers of the show are excited about the release of the show. The show is for lovers of renovation and Rock The Block is a perfect show for them. Season 4 is just around the corner and fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on all the information. The first episode of Rock the Block was released on 21 October 2019. The fans loved the show so much that the makers renewed the show for the fourth season now. 

Each week the competitors of Rock The Block focus on different areas of the house they are working on. These skilled competitors are given a deadline and a limited number of hours to create the house. The panel decides the winner on the market value of the finished output created by the team. After the decision and winner are finalized, the houses are then made available for viewing by the audience, and later on, purchasing them. If the public is interested in buying a particular they can. 

Rock The Block Season 4

Rock The Block Season 4 Details (Credits: HGTV)

The people who love to work on these kinds of projects are best suited according to the format of the show. To work on an empty house and molding and shaping them as per their choice and design is like giving shape to your dream. This chance is given to ten highly competitive and best-in-business people for the show. With competitors of the same level, there creates a spirit for winning the competition. But you have to create a house in a given schedule and budget. Each week these renovators work on a different section of the house and give a new shape to the house. 

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What’s New In Season 4 Of Rock The Block?

Have the makers of the show added any new elements to season 4 of Rock The Block? Let’s find out. Rock the Block season 4 will consist of six episodes and the episodes will be presented by Ty Pennington who is a carpenter, craftsman, and design expert. Ty Pennington will cut the budget and will help in showcasing the largest houses in the series’ history. This season the stakes are going to raise to the highest level. Four teams will be competing set in Berthoud, Colorado. 

Rock The Block Season 4

Rock The Block Season 4: new element (Credits: HGTV)

This time the groups will have six weeks and a budget of $250,000 to transform 5000-square-foot houses. These houses are valued at $1.8 million each. The team which increases the value of their house to the highest level will be declared the winner of Rock The Block Season 4. This team will also get named a road after them. This year Rock The Block is going to be bigger than ever. 

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Where To Watch Rock The Block Season 4 Episodes In The U.S.A.? 

Episode 1 of Season 4 was released on 6 March 2023 at 9 pm in the U.S.A. The show can be seen on HGTV and Discovery+. The title of episode 1 is Kitchen Face-off. As the first episode of the series has already been premiered you can now watch the episode on HGTV or Discovery+. The show is also available on FuboTv and Philo.  

Where To Watch Rock The Block Season 4 Episodes In The UK?

For the audience in the UK, you can buy an ExpressVPN and then you can easily watch the series on HGTV. Don’t the geographical restriction hold you back from watching your favorite shows from other countries. 

Rock The Block Season 4

Rock the Block Streaming Guide (Credits: HGTV)

Where To Watch Rock The Block Season 4 Episodes In Australia?

In Australia, viewers can watch the show under free trial on BINGE and Foxtel. If the trial period gets over you can also purchase the subscription of the same and can enjoy watching the episodes.  You can also purchase an Express VPN to watch the show online through HGTV.

Where To Watch Rock The Block Season 4 Episodes In Canada?

HGTV and Discovery+ are available in Canada, so you don’t have to be worried about watching the show anymore. You can just buy the desired subscription and can easily enjoy the show. 

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