Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained

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Big John, John B and Sarah
Outer Banks Season 3

The American adventure mystery drama Outer Banks premiered its third on February 23, 2023. The series gained immense popularity and consistent viewership through its third season, for which the producers of the series have already announced the renewal for a fourth season.

The mystery series Outer Banks revolves around two groups of teenagers – Kooks (wealthy people) and Pogues (working-class locals) – who all are in search of lost treasure. The series’ narrative mainly tries to solve the mystery of Pogue’s ringleader, John B’s missing father. While searching, the group finds a treasure that is related to John B’s father.

The third season of Outer Banks takes up after the Pogues lose the gold and leave the Outer Banks, only to wind up on a desolate island, Poguelandia, as named by the group. Again, the group of six – John B, Sarah, Cleo, JJ, Pope, and Kiara – set out to find the treasure. While searching for John B’s father and El Dorado, the mythical city of gold, the groups come across several challenging situations which also threaten their lives.

Now, for those who have missed out on the ending of Outer Banks Season 3, don’t worry! Here, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of the final episode of the season.

Big John
Outer Banks Season 3

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Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 10 Explained

Outer Banks Season 3, Episode 10, titled “Secret of the Gnomon,” opens with Ward flying Sarah, John B, Cleo, JJ, Pope, and Kiara, on his privet jet to South America. On their arrival, the gang’s main aim is to find John B’s father, Big John, who has been kidnapped by a bounty hunter named Carlos Singh. After a while, with the help of a few strategically placed fireworks, the gang was able to save Big John. All of them managed to escape successfully.

In the next scene, we see Big John, John B, Sarah, and Ward set out for El Dorado. When they reach their destination, Ward says that he is too weak to follow them. Therefore, Big John, Sarah, and John B move forward with their hunt.

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Meanwhile, we see Ward has made a deal with Carlos Singh, who wants El Dorado all to himself.  The deal was that if Big John provided him with the directions to El Dorado, then Carlos would let Sarah survive.

As Big John, Sarah, and John B reach their destination, John B gets to know that due to Big John’s trust issues, he withholds the last pieces of information from him and Sarah. As John B tries to persuade his father to spill the information, Carlos Singh suddenly appears there, to everyone’s surprise.

John B
Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 10

Subsequently, a shootout takes place, where Big John gets slightly wounded by a bullet when Sarah points a gun toward her father. But in the end, however, everyone survives. Carlos Singh asks his men to follow the three.

The next morning, Big John, John B, and Sarah reach the cave, which is the entrance to El Dorado. After entering the cave, Big John’s wound starts acting up, making him incapable to walk any further. He stops there and asks John B and Sarah to continue. Before letting them go, Big John reveals to them the last part of the puzzle and hands them a few waterproof light flares.

Next, we see Sarah and John B navigating submerged caverns, crossing a risky crevasse, and solving puzzles throughout their journey. After all the efforts, the two finally succeed in finding gold. 

On the other side, we see Carlos Singh entering the cave and looking for the three. Hearing Carlos’s voice, Big John, somehow hides. In El Dorado, by the time they locate the gold, Sarah and John B are only left with one flare, so they take as much gold as they can and successfully return to the entrance of the cave, where they left Big John.

As soon as Sarah and John B come out of the water, they find Carlos waiting for them. With a gun pointed toward them, Carlos orders Sarah and John B to take out whatever they have in their bags. Watching them hesitate, Carlos searches the big himself to find a big piece of gold in it.

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Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 10

Then Carlos threatens Big John to come out of his hiding or else he will shoot John B. In the very next moment, Big John appears in front of them with a stick of dynamite in his hand. Big John says that he will blow off the dynamite and kill them all. But Carlos does not believe it. Carlos further says that he does not believe that Big John would blow up the opportunity to see El Dorado save his own son. So, he offers Big John to join him in his venture.

In the very next moment, to the audience’s surprise, Big John actually throws the dynamite and helps Sarah and John B escape. Carlos tries to save the entrance of the cave, but he dies in the blast. On the other hand, the other three survive.

When Big John, John B, and Sarah arrive at a safer place, in the middle of the forest, and just when they are sharing a happy moment, Ward arrives there with a gun to destroy the moment. He takes the piece of gold from Sarah and is about to shoot the three of them.

With Ward pointing his gun toward the three in the front, we see the other four Pogues – JJ, Kie, Pope, and Cleo, hiding at the back. As the four get ready and come out to attack Ward, Sarah stands up to her father and makes him understand that he does not want to kill them. Ward starts sobbing, and Sarah takes the gun from his hand.

Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 10

As soon as Ward surrenders, Ryan, another person who is looking for El Dorado, appears with a gun and threatens to kill Big John. But Ryan blames Sarah for his mate, Carlos’s death and tries to shoot her first. But Ward comes in between and takes the shot instead of Sarah. Even after getting shot multiple times, Ward manages to push Ryan off a cliff, where they both end up dying.

On the other side, Big John’s health starts deteriorating. The group quickly carries Big John out of the forest to the boat. But as they set out for home, on the boat, Big John tells his son to take care of Sarah and also tells him that he is the best son any man could have. After saying these words, Big John stops breathing.

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In the interim, the story takes a jump of 18 months. We see a celebration taking place to honor the group of six for successfully solving a five-century-old mystery and locating El Dorado. Then we get to know that all the six have moved on with their lives through John B and Sarah’s conversation. Pope has resumed taking classes at school, JJ has purchased the charter boat, Kiara is back to rescuing turtles, and John B and Sarah are now the owners of a surf store.

The OBX crew
Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 10

The very next moment, a man arrives there in front of the six. He congratulates them for solving the mystery and finding the city of gold. The man further asks them to look at a manuscript and asks them to help him investigate it as he is too old for it. So, he needs some partners, and his first preference is them. The man handover a manuscript from 1718, which is filled with notes on expeditions and dates.

John B says that it is a captain’s log book that shows the exact position of the ship. On being asked the captain’s name, the man replies, Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard. The episode ends with exciting expressions from the group, who will supposedly take on the mission.

Will there be Outer Banks Season 4?

The answer is YES! The production team of Outer Banks has already announced the release of season 4. It is still in its shooting stage. Deducing from the ending of season 3, we can say that it has already set up a plot for season 4. Therefore, we can say that the focus of the upcoming season will be on the quest for Blackbeard’s treasure.

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Outer Banks Season 3 Streaming Guide

All the episodes of Outer Banks Season 3 are available for streaming on Netflix. With a minimum subscription of Rs. 499, you can access all the seasons of Outer Banks on the streaming platform.

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