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One Piece Chapter 1076 Full Summary And Raw Scans: Shanks Goes To Fight Kid!

One Piece Chapter 1076 Full Summary And Raw Scans And Details

One Piece Chapter 1076 has its full contents out with the full summary and the raw scans and yet again, the new chapter of One Piece opens up a new narration before closing a previous one. I don’t why Oda sensei does this, but the latest chapter has surely gotten fans very excited for the new chapters of One Piece.

While the things of Egghead island aren’t looking good at all, and we are diving into another action sequence in the said island, a new narration has built up on the most acclaimed land of the warriors, Elbaf concerning none other than the mysterious fan favorite, Red-hair Shanks. 

Out of nowhere, Oda has Kid will be fighting Shanks and leaving us hanging. This is very similar to when we first saw Law and Blackbeard fighting and just when it got intense, Oda went off-screen with it. If Oda does decide to show Kid vs Shank then it will be the first time we would see the latter will be seen in an action sequence.

Could it really happen after thousands of chapters with known anything about the character but being a role model to Luffy? Well, let’s wait for the next chapter to be released which is going to take a lot of time to be released because of the break but we will surely know a lot of things coming chapter.

So for now, we are going to provide you with the full summary and the raw scans for One piece chapter 1076 in this post. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the One Piece manga series.

One Piece Chapter 1076 Full Summary And Raw Scans and Cover Page

One Piece 1076 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1076 Full Summary And Raw Scans – Luffy and Zoro Teams Up With Lucci And Kaku

Before diving into the chaos regarding Shanks, One Piece Chapter 1076 picks up from the last issue with Zoro and Luffy being offered to team up with Lucci and Kaku. Zoro asks them if they decide to free them would they quietly let them handcuff them once more after the Seraphims are stopped? 

Kaku says that they will indeed do that and Luffy instantly trusts them. As they are deciding, S-hawk comes charging with an attack and uses the Dice-Dice devil fruit powers to attack them. Luffy and Zoro save the CP0 agents once again. Kaku says that they won’t get anywhere like this and they must handcuff them so they would help fight. 

Before releasing them from the handcuffs, Shakka asks Lucci about his main goal here. The latter instantly say that it is the extermination of the seven Vegapunks making Kaku angry because he is not cooperating. Shakka continues asking that they won’t let Stussy go as she betrayed them to which Lucci responds honestly again making Kaku yell at him.

Just then, they hear a scream from the near room and it is Nami. Zoro concludes that all of the four Seraphims must be wreaking havoc and wonders how they are supposed to protect them including all the seven Vegapunks. Luffy asks for the handcuffs Key and provokes Lucci that once they have defeated the Seraphims, he won’t go out after the Vegapunks and his friends just so he cannot beat him.

Zoro thinks that Lucci won’t fall for this provocation but the latter quickly agrees to say that Luffy is at the top of his hit list and he will go for the rest of the straw hats after he has killed Luffy. S-Bear then attacks using its devil fruit powers launching a projectile attack that destroys the lab as Lucci and Kaku are uncuffed. 

Luffy turns into his Fourth Gear form and Lucci transforms into his plain hybrid forms and they attack the S-Bear with a combined attack as Luffy apologizes to Bonney for hitting someone with a similar face as his dad whereas, Kaku and Zoro do the combined attack on the S-hawk. 

Dr. Vegapunk’s Whereabouts

Elsewhere on Egghead island deep within the Lab, Dr. Vegapunk is seen handcuffed and with bruises on his body. It is revealed that he is with the disappeared Cipher Pol agents from CP5, CP7, and CP8. The agents say that they have been inside this prison for the last two months.

One of the Cipher Pol agents says that they were at Egghead Island for a normal inspection but when they were leaving, they were attacked by the weaponized seas monster and were brought to this prison. They thought that old man Vegapunk was behind it all but since he is himself inside they figure there has to be someone else.

One Piece Chapter 1076 Full Summary And Raw

Old Vegapunk is surprised thinking that everything has been happening under his nose and realizes that this thing lead from the start. The traitor is the one leaking to the world government about their research for the road poneglyph. Nearby Egghead Island, we see marines talking on the radio that they have over a hundred ships reaching Egghead Island.

Red-Haired Pirates At The Elbaf Island

The narration of One Piece Chapter 1076 then shifts to a small bar at a port on an Island somewhere in the new world. The bar is filled with joy as a child asks someone to take him with them. It is similar to Luffuy asking Shanks as a Child. The certain who is revealed to be Shanks refuses the giant kid from taking him as Shanks tells him that he would never take a hot-headed child like him.

The bar lady cheers the kid saying that he would hurt other captains’ jealousy but the latter says that he won’t let go as he really looks up to Shanks referring to him as Boss or Chief. As this conversation goes on and the folks have fun, Rockstar barges inside the bar telling Shanks that someone is attacking them and mostly fighting with their youngsters but it seems like it is going to turn into a full-on battle soon.

Shanks says that they were just about to leave and cannot comprehend whether it is good timing or bad timing. He further adds that they just lost track of time catching up with their old friends who they presumed to be dead. Beckman adds to the conversation saying that the enemy will be pissed at Shanks for making them wait to which Lucky says that the enemy might be angry at him and not Shanks.

Shanks orders to set sail exciting everyone at the bar. He adds that he won’t let this island be a part of the battle thus he is setting sail and asks some giant companions such as Droggy and Brogy to lend a hand. The red-haired pirates and the citizens of the Elbaf are excited to go for a fight.

Droggy and Brogy agree to lend a hand to Shanks, referring to him as a brother. Shanks asks Rockstar to convey a message to the enemy who is “Captain Kid” which is either leave his poneglyphs and run away or he can risk fighting him.

Kid Pirates At The Coast Of Elbaf

Near the Coast, we see that the Kid Pirates are engaged in a fight with the pirates who are in alliance with the emperor Red-Haired Shanks. All of the alliance pirates are pretty famous and the Kid pirates are surprised to learn that they are under his alliance. Killer adds to the conversation saying that the last time they try fighting the Red-Haired pirates was solely one side and it even cost him an arm.

Sadly, Kid lost his arm before even getting to Shanks. Killers warn Kid saying that they won’t settle for an arm this time and might end up taking his life. As Shanks out of the Bar, he is greeted by the residents thanking him for the things he has done for them with women clinging onto him.

They even say that they feel like they should be paying him for the protection as well but Shanks says that they don’t do such things. In the last panel of One Piece Chapter 1076, we see that Kid isn’t afraid of the Red-Haired pirates and says that he will end up losing his life if he loses the battle.

One Piece Chapter 1076 ends with a note saying that there will be a break next week which means we will have to wait until the second week of March to read the new chapter of the much-wanted One Piece. However, One Piece Chapter 1076 will be released on Sunday, February 26th, 2023 and it will be free to read on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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