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My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Raw Scans And Spoilers: Deku Vs. AFO!

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Raw Scans
Deku VS AFO!

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 raw scans and full summary for the chapter is out and it flashes our main character in all his glory. For the previous few chapters, My Hero Academia has been building the hype for our main character to arrive at the main event and stop the Villain. However, just as most of the series does, My Hero Academia too gave the main antagonist a full transformation before the hero’s arrival. 

That is what we saw in the last chapter of My Hero Academia where not only did All for One got his full transformation, but Deku arrived as well to put an end to it once and for all. For this article, we will break down all of the events that occurred in the My Hero Academia Chapter 367 and provide you with the raw scans here and there of the chapter. Here we bring you the latest My Hero Academia series.

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Raw Scans And Spoilers

My Hero Academia brought Deku in all his glory by even featuring the character on the cover of the shonen jump magazine’s 43rd issue. Furthermore, we have a color spread for the cover page that various characters of My Hero Academia. You can check out the cover page of the My Hero Academia Chapter 367 below. Furthermore, we will have a color spread in the next chapter of the My Hero Academia as well next.

Double spread - My Hero Academia Chapter 367

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 – Double Spread

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 is titled “Deku VS AFO” and it starts with a little flashback of how Deku made his arrival at the main event. A fighter plane arrives to pick up Izuku Midoriya and helps him to get to the main event. The pilot of the jet informs Deku that they had orders to leave Japan but they decided to stay put because their sister “Stars” put all of their fate in Izuku and it’s their job to him get to the place given the circumstances.

Deku Arrives

Shigaraki aka All for One screams out “Izuku Midoriya” whereas, the latter smashes the Villain with the punch. Lemillion is happy to see Deku and All for one wonders if Izuku has gotten stronger and his glow resembles the third wielder of One for All. After landing his punch, Deku takes a breath and asks if everyone is okay only to find out the fallen bodies of the heroes including Bakugo.

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 - Raw Scans

Deku Arrives!

Adding salt to the injury, All for one begins to talk and start provoking Deku by saying what’s his excuse for being late. All for one continues to provoke Deku until the latter loses his cool and starts to go rage. Upon seeing Deku getting angrier and losing his cool, All for one gets happy and thinks that Deku’s movement now will be predictable and they will be hasty. It will take only a single well-placed counterattack to kill him. All For One continues to provoke Midoriya and get him angrier.

Lemillion pops out of the ground to calm Deku and explains the current condition. He says that the edge shot is mending Bakugo from the inside and the other heroes are still breathing. There is still a way for everyone to be saved. He further adds that All For One is doing all of this to provoke him and as long as he fights, there is still hope.

All for one says that it is nothing but their last scream for escapism where they are making false claims for ideals. To this, Lemillion replies that they are heroes and it is their job to make idealistic realities. After hearing Lemillion, Deku finally calms down and apologizes to Lemillion. The first thing that he asks for is All For One is “Is Shigrakai… Still There?” in the last panel of the chapter that features old wielders of One for all behind him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Spoilers

One For All Wielders!

Read My Hero Academia Chapter 367 – Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 is scheduled to release this Sunday 25th September in the 43rd issue of the weekly shonen jump magazine. Once released, My Hero Academia Chapter 367 will be free to read on various platforms like viz mediamanga plus, and Shonen Jump’s official application. 

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