Love Island Season 9 Episode 57 Spoilers: This Couple Win The Show

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Love Island Season 9 Reunion
Kai with Sanam (CC: ITV)

Love Island Season 9 Episode 57 will be the last and final episode of the Season. Everyone is excited, especially the Islanders. And as the sun rises, the Islanders will all rise in enjoyment. Especially Ron and Shaq, as they will be jumping on their beds after waking up

After jumping on the beds, Islanders will get a tell telling that, in this episode, they will all attend the Love Island ball. But first, the text says, “it’s time to limber up those hips and brush up on their dance moves. #FinalFourOnTheDancefloor #TheLastDance”.

Listening to this, Tom will jump on his bed and start dancing, and everyone will laugh at his dance moves. Let’s talk about who will win Love Island Season 9 in the Spoilers section of the article.

Love Island Season 9 Previous Episode Recap & Review

Let’s first talk about Episode 56 before going in for Love Island Season 9 Episode 57 Spoilers. In Love Island Season 9 Episode 56, with the family meetups, you can touch your family members, which I loved. The first to come in was Ron and Lana’s family. And well, Lana’s family… everybody in her family didn’t turn a blind eye to Ron because they really love him.

After Ron and Lana sit together with their family members, Lana’s Sister says, “you just look so happy together, and it’s so nice to see.” Then Lana’s mom says, “he’s good-looking. He’s got all the chat.” Then Ron goes on to say, “I’ll apologize ’cause I think I’ve made her cry a fair few times. But honestly, like, I did care for her throughout the whole thing.”

Love Island Season 9 Episode 57
Lana and Ron with their families (CC: ITV)

They commended Lana for persevering and coming out a stronger woman than when she went in. And I was like, if my sister or daughter had to go through foolishness over a man to come out strong on a television show, I would have many more words for Ron than what the family did. But they rock with him, and they like him, so it is what it is.

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My issue is, again, Ron’s actions on the outside. Is he going to have a wandering eye? The people want it out. The people wanna wait and see if that’s gonna be the case. Honestly, I can see them having a very strong relationship.

Like, even if they break up romantically, I think that they’d stay friends. Do you know what I mean? Like, I think they have that kind of foundation. But I just don’t have faith in Ron. I’m so sorry. I really don’t have faith in Ron.

Will Ron Turn Outside?

However, Ron’s family got faith in him. Ron says, “Mom and Dad have learned a lot about me, and I’m not gonna lie; they have seen a different side to me.” The fact that this is Ron’s first relationship can go one of two ways. The love of his life never needs to look at anybody ever again, sold from the jump to Kingdom come, you know what I mean?

Or he will be like, “damn, now that I’m coming out of Love Island, now that I’ve got some kind of notoriety, I’ll have some fun.” Yes, they aren’t doing notoriety like the summer season people do, but they’re still doing numbers. They have more followers than most of us in the general public.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 57
Ron with his dad and brother (CC: ITV)

Ron might feel like, “I mean, that would be the time to explore if I wanted to.” And also, people know that this is his first relationship, even if it wasn’t his first relationship, just coming off of the show, people wanna see if they could have their chance with you.

But definitely, having this be your first relationship, you know there are some women out there who are going to do their best to break that up. And I just wonder how successful they would be. There was a comment that Ron made.

It wasn’t that big of a comment, but I just feel like talking about it. He was asked like, “oh, would you move over to where she’s at?” And he’s like, “no, I think it’s beneficial for us to have our own bases.” This is typically not what we hear people on Love Island say. But I’m not mad at it.

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I think a lot of the time, people are a little hasty moving in with each other. I do think it’s important for them to keep their separate lives until they can really work out the kinks of being outside of the house, thrown back into the world with this new status, and take some time.

Casey was Exposed In Love Island Aftersun

Now let’s get to the Aftersun, where Casey was exposed from the clips that Maya was showing. And if this is what we’re getting from an Aftersun finale live recording, I cannot wait for the reunion. Because Maya is going to do it in the way that she wants to do it, and I’m excited to see that. Of course, Casey didn’t expect it.

Will said, “let’s roll the tapes back again because clearly, you’re trying to backtrack.” Casey was caught red-handed and didn’t know what to do at that specific moment. He was also backbiting behind Will’a back and then with Maxwell. So the fact that they’ve shown that now is interesting because I thought they would have stayed in some of those nuggets for the Love Island Season 9 Reunion.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 57
Casey (CC: ITV)

But I feel like a lot of people are ready to come heavy at this reunion, and I’m definitely here for that. So we’ll just see what happens, but I’m excited now if we’re getting nuggets like Love Island Aftersun. Then we also had the compatibility conversation on Aftersun, which I thought was refreshing.

Jessie Did Great As A Contestant

The next love Island starts in less than 12 weeks, guys. Please, we’re exhausted. Just please rest. So we’ll just see what it gives. But I think that Love Island Season 9 Episode 56 was interesting with the family friction. We’ve got the wholesome genuine emotions, and then we’ve got one of the couples being dumb.

I’m just gagged on this whole Casey stuff. I think what Casey has done and the fact that it was drawn out like that in Aftersun. I thought they were talking about Will and Jessie’s just time in the villa. I do feel like Jessie has done very well for herself.

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If we look back at her journey on the show, coming in as one of the first few Australians, everybody’s like, why are you here? Although Aaron dipped and went straight back, she came fifth, and she nearly reached the finale, and that’s a good symbolic trajectory for the producers.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 57
Will and Jessie (CC: ITV)

They can look at this and think, “Hmm, we bought International babes into the show. Nobody’s moving mad like that.” And I know they did bring in Davide and Natalia. But in terms of mixing old Seasons from different shows, that was always going to be a risk.

Because how was the audience going to be receptive to it? But clearly, her coming Fifth is a good sign. Now Let’s talk about the spoilers for Love Island Season 9, Episode 57.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 57 Release Date

First of all, Episode 57 of Love Island Season 9 will release on 14 March 2023 on ITV2. Two dance performers will enter the villa to teach Islanders some classy dance moves. But while practicing, everyone will fumble and just joke around.

Then all of them will get dressed. First, all the guys will come in their black suits. Then one by one, the girls will come and stand beside their man. All of the girls will look amazing in their dresses, as for my predictions on who is going to win. I think it will either be Kai & Sanam or Ron & Lana because they are the ones who I think have a better connection with each other.

Where To Watch Love Island Season 9 Episode 57 & Release Time

Love Island Season 9 Episode 57 will air at 9 PM GMT in the UK. The release timings for Episode 57 for the rest of the world are as follows:

  • 4:00 PM Eastern Time (New York, USA) on Tuesday, 14 March 2023
  • 9:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (London, UK) on Tuesday, 14 March 2023
  • 2:30 AM Indian Standard Time (Mumbai, India) on Wednesday, 15 March 2023
  • 6:00 AM Japan Standard Time (Tokyo, Japan) on Wednesday, 15 March 2023
  • 6:00 AM Korean Standard Time (Seoul, Korea) on Wednesday, 15 March 2023
  • 8:00 AM Australian Standard Time (Sydney, Australia) on Wednesday, 15 March 2023

You can watch Episode 57 on ITV2 and stream it on ITVX in the UK and on Hulu in the US.

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