Sweet Reincarnation: Meet New Cast Members and New Visual For The Upcoming TV Anime

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sweet reincarnation anime
Sweet Reincarnation Anime (Credits: Anime Game Platform)

The anime adaptation of Sweet Reincarnation was announced on August 5, 2022, by the official Twitter account, mainly due to the fact that the manga had sold over 850,000 copies. The initial announcement revealed the first visual, teaser trailer, cast, and release date. The anime is set to premiere in July of this year. 

Yesterday, the official website of the series dropped a new visual and added new members to its cast. Sweet Reincarnation is written by Nozomu Koryu and illustrated by Yasuyuki Shuri. With its debut in 2015 as a light novel, it was taken over by TO publishers, who have put out twenty-three volumes of the light novel since.

On the other hand, the manga is written and illustrated by different artists. The manga is written by Midori Tomizawa and illustrated by Seriko Iida and was serialized in the Nico Nico Seiga-based Comic Corona manga service in 2017 and has collected nine manga volumes to date. To make it more exciting, G123 announced that a Sweet Reincarnation simulation game called Sweet Reincarnation: Pastries Utopia will be released as well. 

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Sweet Reincarnation Anime 

The anime is directed by Naoyuki Kuzuya and produced by Synergy SP and Studio Comet. Scripts will be written and overlooked by Mitsutaka Hirota, and the music will be composed by Hiroshi Nakamura. You might recognize these names as they worked on Reborn to Master the Blade as well. Finally, the character designs will be handled by Tomoko Miyakawa. 

new visual
New Visual for Sweet Reincarnation (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Crunchyroll has acquired the license to stream the isekai for international viewers. 

Synopsis of Sweet Reincarnation 

Meet 9-year-old Pastry Mille Morteln, the kid who dreams of creating a land full of sugary deserts, but it’s not as easy as it sounds when he’s his father’s heir and an unsatisfied reincarnated pastry chef. Now he has to ignore his desire to bake and instead learn how to fight and control his magic powers while also keeping his village safe from bandits. With a lot on his plate (unfortunately, not deserts), Pastry Mille Morteln has a lot to accomplish in Sweet Reincarnation. 

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Cast and Characters of Sweet Reincarnation 

The new cast members are Hitomi Nabatame voicing Anies Mille Morteln, and Yoku Hikasa, voicing Brioche Salgret Mill Leteche.

The protagonist, Pastry ‘Pas’ Mille Morteln, is voiced by Ayumu Murase. The Pastry is the eldest son of the Lord of a Morteln territory, who is also a former confectionery pro. He had a bright future but unfortunately died during a baking contest. He is reincarnated with his past memories and the emotions of not achieving his dreams of becoming a pastry master. Although he has a lot to worry about, it doesn’t stop him from baking!

Marcarullo ‘Marc’ Dorova is Pas’s childhood friend and often gets scolded by his father for causing a commotion with Pastry. His father is the deputy commander for the Morteln family, so it makes sense how they are childhood friends. He is easily frightened and hangs out with another friend, Lumi. He is voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara. 

cast of sweet reincarnation
Characters of Sweet Reincarnation (Credits: Anime Game Platform)

Luminito Aidilichpa is another childhood friend of Pastry, a tom-boy who has no filter on what she says and eats everything in sight. She has a mischievous personality, causing trouble for elders with Marc and Pas. This prankster is voiced by Maaya Uchida.

Licorice Mille Hubarek is a twin sister and the fourth daughter of the Hubarek family. She often gets compared to her more outgoing twin sister due to her shyness but gets along well with her. She is interested in Pas because of his mature nature, even though he is younger than her. She is voiced by Kaede Hondo. 

Other cast members include Hiroshi Tsuchida voicing Casserole Mille Morteln, Rumi Okubo voicing Josephine Mille Morteln, Wu Wakabayashi voicing Sheets Beatwin, Kaya Okuno voicing Petra Mille Hubarek and finally, Wataru Kato voicing Squale Mille Kadorecheck. 

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Worth a Read? 

Most of the reviews on the manga generally have the same thing to say; the manga doesn’t fit into any category. It doesn’t show Pastry baking much, even though the whole premise of the manga and the light novel is based on that.

The Pastry is good at everything, sword fighting, using magic, and more, but nothing is ever made the main focus. Hopefully, the upcoming anime has more of a planned storyline and delivers more than the other adaptions have. Will you watch the anime? 

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