Will There Be Our Miracle Years Season 2 Episode 7?

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Will There Be Our Miracle Years Season 2 Episode 7?
Our Miracle Years Season 2 (Credits: Das Erste)

Our Miracle Years is the Greman mini-series by Das Erste network. The series is inspired by the best-seller novel “Our Wonderful Days” written by Peter Prange. The plot takes place in post-World War II Germany. It centres on the Wolf Family’s history and how they lived during the 1940s and 1950s.

Our Miracle Years has two seasons, with a total of twelve episodes in each season. Season 1 premiered on March 18, 2020. Elmar Fischer directed the episodes of the first season. It was awarded the Jury Prize for Best Color in a TV Series in 2020.

Season two of Our Miracle Years came out on March 11, 2023. Mira Thiel is the director for the second season. It follows Germany after the war, which was morally, politically, and economically devastated. Three young women from the Wolf family are ready to start over and work towards a better future.

About Our Miracle Years Season 2

The story is about a factory owner and his daughters. Altena Metalworks has been in the Wolf family for generations. Eduard runs the company, and his wife supports him as his associate. He tried to prove his innocence that he refused to trade weapons during the war. He was fighting to protect his plant from running out of business.

Margot is the eldest daughter. She is married to an SS Hauptsturmfuhrer serving Nazi. Unfortunately, he vanished in Russia and no information about him. Margot and her son attempt to escape Nazi Germany to Argentina.

Will There Be Our Miracle Years Season 2 Episode 7?
The Wolf Family from Our Miracle Years Season 2 (Credits: Das Erste)

Ulla is a vibrant and ambitious young woman with an answer for everything. She wishes to leave her hometown to make a fresh start in her life. She gets accepted to study medicine in Tübingen, but it is not as simple as she thought her life would be. Gundel is the youngest daughter of the family. She is a pampered child, but she is also nervous and active. She was always trying to impress her father, but he never looked her in the eyes.

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Will There Be Our Miracle Years Season 2 Episode 7?
Our Miracle Years Season 2 (Credits: Das Erste)

In 1967, Christel Wolf managed her family business after the suicide of her husband. Their factory produces coin blanks incorporated by Treasury. Altena is operating with guest workers from Italy and Greece. After the death of their father, the relationship between mother and daughter is not a good term.

Our Miracle Years Season 2: The Ending 

During the chaos of fire in the barracks at Wolf Werke, Margot meets Böcker. They couldn’t hide their feelings for each other any longer. There was also a new romantic connection growing between Gabriela and Winne. The fire breakout was severe. Workers were injured, and there was no time left to complete the massive demand for the coin.

Winnie and Gabriela spend a romantic evening. Winnie regards his stepfather as filthy, but Gabriela is thankful to him for assisting her with obtaining a German passport. She flew to train for the Olympics with her horse Atalante.

Will There Be Our Miracle Years Season 2 Episode 7?
Our Miracle Years Season 2 (Credits: Das Erste)

Winnie’s unexpected injury brings the Wolf family to reunite together after a long break. Ulla and Tommy came from East Germany. Gundel and Benno cross paths but are unable to reconcile their differences.

There is a new job offer for Christel and her factory. East Germany wants them to produce barbed wire. It was difficult for her to accept this offer because her late husband was arrested for a war crime for supplying barbed wire.

Will There Be Our Miracle Years Season 2 Episode 7?
Our Miracle Years Season 2 (Credits: Das Erste)

The family is going through a terrible time, and Margot and Christel are looking for solutions to save them. Christel is unwilling to abandon the family business and its contract work. Christel ultimately decides to sign the agreements for supplying barbed wires. Wire production has begun at the plant.

Ulla and Christel reconciled with each other after years. Böcker wins the mayor election of Altena. Jürgen is devastated after losing every money on foreign currency dealings. Bijan and Gabriela are married. They cannot forgive Böcker for his conspiracies and pledge to take revenge.

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Will there be Our Miracle Years Season 2 Episode 7?

At the end of episode 6, when everything comes into a normal state and stability, Margot has news. Margot Böcker unexpectedly informs the family that they will be a new member. Maybe this could be a new secret purpose. The wolf sisters get a letter from their mother, which once more throws their life into disarray.

Our Miracle Years will have another season because the previous season ended on a cliffhanger with many lingering questions. There has been no official announcement from the production team. Fans are looking for the next season, where the three Wolf sisters must live their desirable lives. Meanwhile, how will Gabriela and Bijan seek revenge on Böcker? What exactly was in Christel’s letter?

Where to watch Our Miracle Years Season 2?

Our Miracle Years Season 1 and Season 2 is only accessible through the official site Das Erste. It is also available on Apple Tv, PBS Video and Prime Video.

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