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Surface (2022) Episode 8 Release Date: Baden is Gone

Surface (2022) Episode 8
Surface (2022) Episode 8

Veronica West’s miniseries Surface (2022) Episode 8 reaches its conclusion on Apple TV+ this week, and it’s been a great run! The OTT platform has developed several miniseries this year, and this one starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw has major hook potential. We recommend that if you haven’t added it to your viewing list, you do it because it’s a very good one, it has great production value, and the story is very riveting.

This article contains major spoilers on the plot and also tackles topics of mental illness and suicide; reader discretion is advised. The premise is about a woman named Sophie, a suicide attempt survivor with short-term amnesia on the reasons that motivated her attempt on her life. So in a quest to put the pieces together for the attempt on her life, she finds out chilling things.

Surface Episode 7 Recap

After her major success, Sophie is back in therapy. She confronts her past and offers Hannah her apology after concluding definitively that she did indeed jump off the pier. But is that really what happened? After her session, Sophie confides in Baden and discusses the evidence he has against James and her. She hesitates because “innocent people” are about to be caught in the crossfire and wants him to wait a while. Baden promises to give her a whole day.

Surface (2022) Episode 8

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Sophie

Sophie’s issues at home are made worse. The Financial Crimes Unit has requested James to report for duty. They want to learn more about the internal investigation after receiving a tip-off. Sophie keeps pushing James deeper into the rabbit hole by pointing out that Baden has access and is aware of the fraud, despite James’ best efforts to remain composed.

It Was Todd 

In the end, Todd was the one who talked to Baden and revealed everything. On the roof of the office, Harrison and James confront him about it and demand to know everything he told Baden. In the meantime, Sophie attempts to withdraw $3.1 million from an account held in Tess Caldwell’s name. Of course, Sophie goes by this name. She goes to the bank but first must respond to several security queries. Naturally, it appears that she answered the first question incorrectly. When the clerk decides to speak to her supervisor, it doesn’t look good, and Sophie eventually gets shaky.

Without a doubt, the clock is ticking, so Baden gathers his proof and gets ready to post it. Sophie mulls over her options and decides that perhaps telling the truth and confessing would be the best course of action. This will allow Baden to delay if he determines that she will suffer the most significant harm. James is unsure of this. When Sophie shows up to see Baden, she confesses to having stolen the money. Baden wonders why she has so much faith in James. Sophie, who acknowledges that she is now getting her memories back and doesn’t want to live with the guilt, won’t let someone else take responsibility for what she did.

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After all this, Baden begins to doubt his motivations and ultimately decides they should flee together. He begs Sophie to leave everything behind and come with him. Sophie leaves his office before we get a response. But there are more significant problems at play here. Baden isn’t the perfect undercover officer we thought he was, according to a previous call from Harrison (shock horror, right?). Harrison hired him to investigate Sophie. The fact that he began stalking, following, and eventually falling in love with her is the only reason nothing came of it. James decides to “take care” of this after realizing he can’t rely on this dishonest man. He subdues Baden physically and decides not to post this evidence.


After destroying the proof of his stalking, Sophie confronts Baden and asks him about his true identity. If Baden doesn’t destroy the evidence, Sophie threatens to report the blackmail and entrapment to the police. “You cannot do this!” Baden responds, but Sophie says it’s no longer up to him, and she’s just trying to minimize the damage. When Sophie returns to her house, she tells James she noticed a recurring figure on the pier. That black woman from way back in the season reappears, and James starts to believe her. He believes Baden was the one who pushed her during a jealous rage outburst.

Surface (2022) Episode 8

Sophie is finally putting the pieces together

The USB Stick

Baden arrives at the restaurant later that evening with severe facial injuries. Someone exposed his cover, making him a wanted man. Baden hands over a USB stick and assures him that he is not there to cause harm. Naturally, Baden and James get into a physical altercation. Shortly after this.

However, proof indicates Sophie fell off the boat on that USB stick. Although it’s impossible to tell who it might be from the blur, a dark figure rushes to where she is. When Sophie runs to Baden’s apartment, she discovers it has been broken in. He appears to have been found by the drug cartel because he is taken outside in a body bag.

Surface Trailer

Surface Streaming Details

Surface is an Apple TV+ exclusive. Apple TV+ costs US$ 4,99 a month or US$ 49,99 a year. If you buy an Apple device, you will get a complimentary Apple TV+ for three months. If it’s the first time you subscribe to the platform, you will get a seven-day trial period. 

Surface (2022) Episode 8 Release Date

Surface (2022) Episode 8 will release on September 2, 2022, on Apple TV+; the episode’s title is “See You On The Other Side.” Are you following this Apple TV+ original series? Let us know in the comments, and follow us on Facebook. That’s all the time we have now for this topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention, and see you soon!

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