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Who Is Jess Trend’s Partner? The AFLW Sparks Dating Rumors


Want to know about Jess Trend’s partner? The AFLW player is sparking dating rumors, which everyone is addressing as their ‘quiet romance.’ Who has stolen her heart? Before getting into Jess Trend’s current relationship status, let’s briefly learn how much prominent is she on the women’s football field. 

Starting from the basics, Jessica Trend is a versatile Australian rules football. To be more exact about her position, she plays as a football midfielder. Born in 1991, Jess Trend is now 31 years old. How did she get linked with AFLW? Well, she played for North Melbourne in 2019. The match was played against Carlton, at North Hobart Oval. In 2021, she even served for Fremantle but was a bit inactive. Because of that, she left the team. 

Besides Jess Trend’s sports career, she also participated in Big Brother Australia Season 13. It aired in 2021. That helped her in earning much of the media’s attention outside her football ground. 

Coming back to Jess Trend’s partner, she is rumored to be dating a TV personality. Another hint? Well, she is also famous for appearing on Gogglebox Australia. Now, any guesses? Both of them have been spotted getting cozy which fueled the rumors. Who is that lucky person? Is it even true? If you are looking for the details of Jess Trend’s partner and relationship, here is what we know. 

Who Is Jess Trend's Partner?

Jess Trend

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Meet Jess Trend’s Partner: Who Is That TV Star?

Talking about her love interest, Jess Trend’s partner is rumored to be none other than, Angie Kent. Wait. What? Yes! You read it right. Jess Trend and Angie Kent have been recently spotted being cozy with each other. We shall get into their rumored relationship details after some time. 

Before that, to the newbies, who don’t know about Angie Kent, she is a famous television personality. She is originally known as Angela Bernice Kent. Born in 1990, Jess Trend’s partner is now 33 years old, a couple of years older than her. That’s completely perfect! However, age isn’t a matter, when it comes to love. 

Angie Kent also participated in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Season 5, but still failed to make it to the top. How can we not mention, that because of her urge to find someone for herself, she even participated in The Bachelorette Australia Season 5? This year, Angie has been seen hosting the lifestyle television program, Space Invaders.

What about Jess Trend’s relationship with Angie Kent? Well, neither of them has opened up about it. In other words, the duo, still, hasn’t confirmed anything about their romance. But, who waits? All the eagle-eyed fans are clever and fast enough to find out what’s cooking already. 

For the very first time, Jess Trend and Angie Kent were spotted having fun, enjoying in Sydney during the weekend’s Mardi Gras festivities. In a recent post, Jess has been seen touching Angie’s leg and the pose appeared goofy- more like love birds.

Jess Trend's partner

Jess Trend’s partner is rumored to be Angie Kent

A few days back, during an interview, when asked, Angie Kent just hinted that she was seeing someone. Fans feel like that “someone” is none other than the AFLW player, Jess Trend. In addition to that, Angie also hinted that they have been dating since November and everything is going great, in the process of knowing each other. She concluded her statement by saying, “We will see what the future has in store.” This final line confirms that Jess Trend and Angie Kent are just going with the flow. They are still not much serious but want to explore more, together. 

Initially, Jess Trend’s partner was attracted to masculine energy. But, as she is dating a woman now, she feels like it was all vague. Briefly, Jess Trend and Angie Kent look very adorable together. We are hopeful that their dating rumors turn out to be true. 

Best Wishes to Jess Trend for her upcoming play! Also, we are eagerly waiting for Jess and Angie, to make their final official statement, confirming their romance. You may give Jess Trend, a following on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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