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Phantom Of The Idol Episode 3 Release Date: How Asahi Changes Things?

Phantom of the idol
Phantom of the idol

Phantom of the Idol episode 3 is going to be released soon! Its manga was written and published on December 28, 2017, in Japanese magazines and worldwide later on. The manga already has been adapted into five volumes and is now this year as an anime too. An anime adaptation was announced on November 26, 2021, and the first episode premiered on July 2, 2022.

The Phantom of the Idol is a comedy Japanese anime television series that is getting popular very quickly. Only two episodes that have aired so far have killed people laughing, including me. If you are also an Idol fan, then you are going to love this series.

The Phantom of the Idol plot

Yuya Niyodo is an Idol who joined the industry to earn easy money from his looks and appearance alone. Ignoring the feelings of his fans, he always makes a minimal amount of effort in his performances. Basically, he doesn’t adore being an Idol, it is just a job for him as a source of money. Told by his manager to put some extra effort into his performances, he was willing to abandon being an Idol to save his extra efforts.

Phantom of the Idol

Phantom of the Idol

But when he was about to quit, he saw a girl sitting right next to him. The girl was talking to herself about how exciting being an Idol was. The girl was Asahi Mogami, a 17-year-old Idol who died in an accident last year. Yuya was able to see a ghost who wants to be Idol even after her death.

Phantom of the Idol Season 1 Episode 3 release date:

The 3rd episode of Phantom of the Idol is announced to be released on July 16, 2022. The long await now comes to an end, you can enjoy watching the third episode soon enough.

Phantom of the Idol, what happened till now?

Yuya and Kazuki, also known as the boy pop duo ZINGS, are performing in a live concert. The audience is overexcited seeing Yuya’s performance and enthusiasm. Just kidding, what happened was the complete opposite, the performance was as dull as a dumbo. Yuya even makes the audience sing the lines that he forgot in his song, LOL!

Yuya and Asahi

Yuya and Asahi

Yuya would have been overthrown long ago if Kazuki wasn’t afraid of performing solo. Their posters and other products are left unsold every time. At the moment when Yuya was about to leave his career, he met the ghost of Asahi Mogami. He is so dense that he didn’t even flinch even after seeing a moving ghost and said what do I care!

After he came to the knowledge of Asahi, a 17-year-old Idol who died in an accident last year, an ingenious idea came across his mind. He offered his body to Asahi to do concerts for him and enjoy them to the fullest, which also save some effort for our lazy boy. It only took one concert to make all the fans berserk seeing our hopeless Yuya going extra mile for his fans. The sale skyrocketed, and fans were shocked to death. What happened next Watch the 3rd episode to find out!

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What to expect from Phantom Of The Idol episode 3?

There is a war coming! Of course in which, our last boy Yuya Niyodo will be interested to participate in. With Asahi in the picture now, we are going to see what being a real idol is all about. Passion, cooperation, and so much more. It is been said as a cliffhanger that Asahi will not be with him forever, so we can see her encouraging him to become the perfect idol.

Phantom of the Idol

Yuya Niyodo

We will definitely see improvement in Yuya and Asahi’s relationship and understanding. Also, as we can see in the trailer, some new characters are introduced, Idols with more fans than the ZINGS. So we can also expect the bang! boys to aim for new heights, to compete against some well-recognized Idols.

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