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Preview: STARZ’s The Luminaries Season 2

The Luminaries Season 2 Release Date

The Luminaries season 2 release date is something the series’ fans have been waiting for more than half a year. This popular television mini-series is a British- New Zealand drama. The Luminaries is an adaptation of Eleanor Catton’s 2013 novel of the same name. The series premiered on 21 June 2020 on BBC One in the UK. Consisting of six episodes, the series quickly became popular for its historical setting and cast. Despite the above-average ratings and a decent reception for the first season, we don’t have any confirmation for the second season as of yet. Here, we will discuss everything we need to know about The Luminaries, including the season 2 release date.

Eleanor Catton’s novel won the 2013 Man Booker Prize, known as the International Booker Prize. However, television is somewhat different from the book. The series splits the narrative into two different timelines. It follows the characters who are important in the novel but are largely obscured. Eleanor Catton spent five years writing the noble and another seven years adapting it for television. Here is everything you need to know about the series.

The Plot:

The Luminaries Anna and Emery

Anna and Emery

The series takes place in the boom years of the 1860s boom Gold Rush in New Zealand. The story follows a young woman Anna Wetherall, who travels to the island of Hokitika in hopes of finding gold during the Gold Rush. She meets Emery Staines on the way there and feels an instant attraction towards him. However, she is tricked into working for the mysterious Lydia Wells. Lydia also tricks her into missing her meeting with Emery. This results in the separation of the pair.

Unfortunately, Anna becomes a prostitute and develops an addiction to opium. After her reunion with Emery, the pair experience a supernatural moment. They are “astral twins”, meaning they are born at the very same moment. They entirely swap their experiences. One example is that because of Anna’s addiction to opium, Emery develops an addiction as well. Another example is when Anna shoots herself in the chest, Emery sustains the bullet wound. Anna was unable to read and write before.

The Luminaries Season 2 Release Date

Lydia Wells

However, after the supernatural phenomenon, she can do so because Emery can read and write. On the other hand, Lydia is in an unhappy marriage with Crosbie Wells. She is having an affair with her former liver, Francis Carver, who was recently released from prison. Now that Francis is a former convict, he is unable to find work. So, Lydia and Francis hatch a plan for Francis to use the name of Crosbie Wells to do business.

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The pair steals from Crosbie after he finds a huge amount of gold and sews it into a series of gowns. Meanwhile, Anna eventually ends up with the gold-laden gowns. But, she is unaware the gowns have gold sewn in it. Quee Long discovers the gold in her gowns and asks Emery Staines to bank it for him. He claims that thee gowns belong to him since it was found on his land.

The Luminaries Crosbie Wells

Emery refuses to bank the gold because he knows that Francis would get half of it. Quee finds all the gold on Emery’s land and smelts it, carving the name “Aurora” on the bars. Again, Emery is reluctant to bank the money and asks Crosbie Wells to hide it. After Francis realizes that his plan has failed, he murders Crosbie. Francis also shoots Crosbie’s friend Te Rau Tauwhare, but the latter survives and kills Francis to avenge Crosbie.

Meanwhile, Emery and Anna are reunited. And Since Emery knows that no one will believe the truth behind their story, he lies in court. Emery claims it was him who stole Anna’s purse. The first season ends with Anna’s exoneration and Emery’s sentence for nine months in prison.

Will The Luminaries Season 2 Happen?

The likelihood of a sequel to the first season is very less. This is because the six-episode series is a complete adaptation of the novel. Also, currently, there are no sequels to the story. Another important fact is that series is a one-off mini-series. Ewen Leslie, who plays the role of Crosbie Wells in the series, also admitted that he doesn’t think that the second season of the series will take place. So, for now, there is no release date for The Luminaries. However, the show will make its debut on Starz on 14 February 2021.

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