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Poker Face Episode 1 to 4: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Poker Face trailer
Poker Face Episode 1 to 4 Release Date,

Poker Face Episodes 1 to 4’s release date is here. If you are super excited to learn about the same after watching the show trailer, you have landed at the right spot. We have compiled every detail you might want to know about this new comedy in this post, so hop on! According to reports, Poker Face, a new dramedy, is about to launch on OTT.

The show’s main character is a lady named Charlie Cale; she deals with various crimes and situations each week and has a flair for spotting liars. Natasha Lyonne portrays Charlie Cale in the show, while several other actors also appear in significant supporting parts. Rian Johnson, a respected filmmaker, directed Poker Face.

The 10-episode “mystery” series “Poker Face” centers on Natasha Lyonne’s character Charlie, who possesses a remarkable capacity for spotting deception. She sets out on the highway in her Plymouth Barracuda, and at each stop, she meets a new group of people and comes across odd crimes that she can’t help but solve.

The Poker Face teaser video looks at the fascinating universe and cast of people in the show. The protagonist states in the trailer’s opening that her ability to identify deception is not “mysterious” when speaking to Adrien Brody’s Casinos Boss.

Viewers may anticipate a unique mystery dramedy that explores a variety of intriguing cases. Those who enjoyed viewing comedies and thrillers in addition to mystery films will undoubtedly enjoy this new series.

Following that, the trailer shows several exciting scenes from the program while not revealing too many significant story points that would ruin the viewing experience for fans. She naturally gravitates toward solving a mystery whenever she goes since she has an unusual ability to, to put it mildly, read people.

Poker Face trailer

A still from the trailer of Poker Face.

The show’s teaser suggests that Charlie doesn’t actively seek out the deaths she witnesses; rather, they just fall into her hands. She refers to herself in the clip as a “death magnet,” and as a result, she is compelled to do her magic.

Unfortunately, it seems that some disturbing folks are drawn to her skills, which will undoubtedly lead to a somewhat t Johnson antics as the season progresses. In a nutshell, it’s a comedy-drama compared to a mystery series with a case of the week.

Who will star in Poker Face Episodes 1 to 4?

Natasha Lyonne plays Poker Face’s, Charlie Cale. Although Lyonne’s career began in late 1986 when she made several appearances on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, she is most recognized for her work in the films American Pie, Orange Is the New Black, But I’m a Cheerleader and Russian Dolls.

Poker Face trailer

Poker Face trailer’s still.

Throughout the ten episodes, our main character is accompanied by an outstanding cast of actors. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cherry Jones, Chloe Sevigny, Ellen Parkin, Hong Chau, Jameela Jamil, and Adrien Brody will be present.

Additionally, important roles will be played by Lil Rel Howery, Luis Guzman, Nick Nolte, Rhea Perlman, Ron Perlman, Simon Helberg, and Stephanie Hsu. The cast is completed by Tim Blake Nelson, Tim Meadows, and numerous other actors.

What to expect from Poker Face Episodes 1 to 4?

The first episode’s title is Dead Man’s Hand. We will discover that Charlie Cale, a cocktail server at a resort with a remarkable flair for spotting lies, is driven to solve these enigmatic events — even if it puts her life in peril. The Night Shift would be the name of the second episode.

Poker Face trailer

Poker Face’s cast.

 Charlie, injured and on the run, is required to quit in remote New Mexico when she works to clear the record of a trucker who has been accused of killing a local. The Stall is the title of the third episode. When Charlie accepts a position at a family-run Texan BBQ restaurant, she is forced to use her perceptive abilities to uncover the truth about a horrific tragedy.

When is the Poker Face episodes 1 to 4 release date?

The Poker Face episode 1 to 4 release date is Thursday, January 26, 2023. Poker Face episodes 1 to 4 will premiere Peacock in the US at approximately 3 am. The first four episodes are set to come out simultaneously on Thursday, but then the series will release a new episode every week on Thursday. Fans from regions other than the US can also stream Poker Face episodes 1 to 4 at 8 am GMT, 1,30 pm IST, 7 pm AEDT, 10 am SAST, and 2 am CST.

Poker Face episodes 1 to 4: Where and how to watch

Poker Face episodes 1 to 4 will stream via Peacock at the times listed above. Viewers from across the world are requested to match their local hours with the specified hours above so that they don’t miss out on Poker Face episodes 1 to 4 when they come out in their regions. Peacock will cost all the viewers around the world around $4.98.

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