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20 Facts About “The Promised Neverland” You Should Know

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

The Promised Neverland came to our screens in the January of 2019. Quickly it climbed the charts as one of the highest-rated new anime shows. The show was dubbed as a “masterpiece” by the fans in the very first season. The audience applauded it for its dark and brilliant take on the storyline. The plot twists, characters, and soundtrack only left the audience wanting more, which led to the ongoing second season of the show. The Promised Neverland, just in a single season, won many accolades already. These accolades included being the “Best Fantasy” at Crunchyroll Anime Awards. Polygon later listed it as one of the best anime of the 2010s, along with Crunchyroll adding it to their “Top 100 best anime of the 2010s” list. Other big magazines, namely IGN and Variety, have also listed it as one of the best anime to come out of the last decade.

Spoilers Ahead

The Promised Neverland follows the story of Orphans at Grace Field House. The orphans realize that Grace Field is indeed a child farm. Plus, they are being used as meat. They plan a thorough escape from the woman they called their mother and the very place they thought was their home. The show has such a dark and complicated story. A story that may lead you to miss one or another thing about it. Here we are taking a look at some of the concrete facts about “The Promised Neverland”.

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20. Emma Is Mother Figure To The Other Orphans

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

Even though Isabella is the one who clearly serves as the mother for orphans, there are times Emma showcased the same title for the Orphans. Even before the original plans of the Orphanage and Isabella are revealed, we can see Emma filling in the shoes for Isabella when she is not there. You might catch Emma listening closely to the Orphans and their desires, especially of the younger ones. Her enthusiasm about what they have to say and dedication to help them out clearly checks out Emma as a mother figure to them. Apart from this, she genuinely cares for them a lot. When an escape plan was introduced, she went against Ray’s wishes to not rescue the younger ones stating that she will find a way to save each one of them.

19. Ray’s Love Of Reading Helped The Escape Plan

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

We have often seen Ray sitting far back in the shadows reading books and gaining as much knowledge as he can. On the other hand, the other Orphans are always seen playing hide-n-seek and other sportive games. Throughout the show, we learn that ever since Ray was born, he always had this knack for reading books and the stories of Neverland, which excited him the most. It’s been said that reading all these stories is what helped Ray plan the perfect escape strategy from Neverland.

18. Norman Is Considered The Smartest At The Orphanage

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

Yes, the anime and manga of “The Promised Neverland” have portrayed and established Norman as the most intelligent one among the orphans time and time again. You might notice that Norman has always scored the highest in the Grace Field tests, never scoring under 300. Later in the manga, we can see him confronting Demon Queen Legravalima, where he spoke the demonic language very fluently, stating that the character has been studying demons and their origins for years, making him fluent in their language. Another evident example of Norman’s Intelligence was the time he had a heart stroke. He was given a math problem by Emma consecutively, which he solved mentally and answered correctly.

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17. Ray Used “False Betrayal” To Earn Isabella’s trust

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

When Ray got his plan figured out to finally escape the orphanage with Emma and Norman, the trio also let in Don and Gilda for it. The team soon figured out that there was a traitor among them. To figure who it was, Norman planned and told Ray that he had informed Don that he had hidden a rope behind his bed, which they are planning to use somewhere in the plan. Gilda was fed with the information that it is in the bathroom ceiling on the second floor. And all of this was actually only “told” to Ray to see if someone is hearing and is disloyal.

After all the rechecks, it was revealed that the rope behind Norman’s bed was missing, proving Ray was indeed the traitor. Everything summed in the later chapters, where it was revealed that it was all part of Ray’s plan to earn Isabella’s trust.

16. Emma And Her Star Sign Align Perfectly

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

Emma was born on August 24, 2034, which makes her Leo. The Promised Neverland showcased Emma’s traits at a heavier level making sure that they align with her star sign align perfectly. If we take a closer look at Leo’s traits, they include leaders, caring, confidence, and high creativity people, which has been displayed occasionally by Emma’s character and instincts throughout the anime and manga.

15. The Origin Of Norman’s Name

The anime and manga never actually went into deep initially with character names and their origins until a mini-series game revealed some information about them. There was this game on the official site of The Promised Neverland. It was a mini-series game that let the players access two exclusive manga panels upon scoring a high score within the game. These panels revealed the origins of Norman’s name, which revealed that Isabella named him after the American author, artist, and illustrator Norman Rockwell.

On the other hand, it was also revealed that Isabella was looking at Rockwell Painting at the orphanage before she met Norman. It’s also been revealed that the names of the main three characters are based on Emma being a feminine name, Norman being a masculine name, and lastly, Ray, which is a unisex name.

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14. Emma And Her Dream To Ride A Giraffe

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

During the initial episodes of the anime series, it was revealed that Emma had a dream of riding a giraffe once. Although it’s a minor revelation that can be forgotten in minutes, it actually opened up a lot about Emma’s character. Analyzing it, you will realize that riding a giraffe is kind of impossible and unthinkable, but that’s what Emma has been doing throughout the series. You can find her attempting the impossible and making it possible, thus establishing the character’s goal in the series.

13. Ray’s Escape Plan Took Years

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

Yes, even though Ray had learned everything about the place from his books and knack for reading, he still needed much information about the current situation of the place. To do so, he planned a false betrayal, which we mentioned above, along with being a spy for Isabella. This led him to gain as much information as possible about the demons and the farm. Doing so, took him years to plan and execute the perfect plan.

12. Difference Between Norman & Ray’s Intelligence

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

While Emma is the stronger and action-oriented character, Norman and Ray are the ones who rely on their brainpower in the series. They are both very intelligent and smart, but as we mentioned above, Norman is clearly the most intelligent in the Orphanage. Why? Because if we take a closer look at instances, Ray’s intelligence depends heavily on the knowledge. He is definitely the most knowledgeable person dubbed as “The Walking Encyclopedia” in the group, but when it comes to being intelligent, Norman has the upper hand. On the other hand, physically, Ray is stronger than Norman that compensates everything among the trio.

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11. The Three Main Voice Actors Are Popular Among Fans

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

Don’t you think when you hear their voices out loud, it reminds you of someone? Because it will for the die-hard anime fans. If we hear closely, Emma is being voiced by Sumire Morohoshi, known for Nina of Rage of Bahamut, Norman is being voiced by Maaya Uchida as in Hiyori from Norgami, and lastly, Ray is being voiced by Mariya Ise as in Killua from Hunter x Hunter.

10. The Origin Of Emma’s Name

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

Norman wasn’t the only one who got his name origins from the game. The game on the official website of “The Promised Neverland,” which, upon scoring a high score, granted the players access to two exclusive manga panels, also revealed Emma’s name and its origins. These panels revealed that Isabella chose Emma’s name only because she thought it was “cute, likable, cool,  simple”.

9. Emma Can Be A Strategist Too

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

As outgoing and optimistic she is, Emma does have the traits of being a great strategist, which is not far behind from the best, which includes Norman and Ray. If you take a closer look into the series, it’s the trio’s combined efforts that make these strategies successful, making Emma a strategist in her own right.

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8. Emma Is The Athletic Among The Brainiacs

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

I think this is pretty obvious. We already have two protagonists relying on intelligence and knowledge, what the series needed was muscle power. Emma is evidently the muscle power of the series. While Ray and Norman plan everything up, she is the athletic one who strategies to execute them efficiently.

7. Ray’s Device That Removed Tracker

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

When Ray joined forces with Isabella, he was almost gifted with every intelligence about the place he can. So, to make his loyalty towards her believable, Ray asked for things from the outside world that may not raise any suspicion. These objects included things like a camera, which he asked for taking photos. He used all the objects he was gifted with and disassembled them to create a device of his own, which he can use to remove the inherited trackers in every orphan’s year.

6. Emma Is The Most Positive Character Among The Dark Nature Of Show

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

Although it’s clearly evident, it was shown more particularly after the trio is acknowledged with the truth behind their Orphanage. Emma was the one who was able to piece everything together while also maintaining her regular pleasant persona even though they were in a hopeless position. This persona indeed gave hope to the other characters that wanted to escape this place as quickly as possible, which led them to finally plan an escape strategy.

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5. Ray Remembers Everything About His Birth

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

While all the babies have what is called infantile amnesia, which causes them to forget everything they saw as a baby, the same wasn’t with Ray. It’s been revealed that he never lost his memories as a baby and saw through every lie and situation he was fed. Its also been stated that due to this fact, he has been planning an escape long before acknowledging the horrifying truth.

4. Norman & Emma’s Relationship

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

This is probably clearly evident throughout the series that Norman has all hearts for Emma. Despite throwing so many hints, it seems like Emma was more inclined towards being the motherly figure towards the other kids at the orphanage. But that doesn’t mean Emma doesn’t have a heart for Norman. We can see them missing each other when Norman was sent far away. Their love has been portrayed more deeply in the spin-off light novel “A Letter from Norman.” The novel beautifully depicts how Norman always had a heart for Emma right from the time they were toddlers.

3. Ray Was Once Outsmarted By Emma

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

Before Norman’s evident disappearance, it was Emma who was determined to carry out the escape plan successfully. She knew working with Ray wouldn’t be easy because he has a knack for putting everyone above him. This led her to plan an attempt that involved almost every orphan that could help let Ray be part of the successful escape. Ray was pretty much shocked himself to see each and everyone is saved successfully without the sacrifice.

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2. Norman Will Return

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

Yes, we saw Norman go far away from his friends, and there was an instance in season 1’s finale that we might never see him again, but that’s not the case. Spoiler Alert! Indeed the manga reveals that Norman will survive for the show’s finale. He as of now is part of Peter Ratri’s influential Ratri Clan. Peter Ratri is indeed Norman’s new foster father, and they both team up and captures demons to experiment on them and create a poison against them. Through these efforts, they will plan to take down the Queen and the Five Regent Families.

1. Ray Is The Son Of Isabella

20 Facts About "The Promised Neverland" You Should Know

The finale of the very first season of “The Promised Neverland” summed Ray’s origins up. Like we mentioned above, Ray remembers everything about his birth, even the lullaby Isabella sang for him when he was in the womb. This fact was acknowledged by Isabella when she heard Ray singing it and was forced to kill him. Upon asking why she gave birth to Ray, she stated that she did so to live a longer life. In the end, she saw him escaping the very Orphanage she lived in and hopped wherever he goes he stays safe.

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