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Our Dating Sim Episode 5 & 6: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Watch

Our Dating Sim Episode 5 & 6
Our Dating Sim- Episode 5 & 6

Our Dating Sim, a new Korean boy love Drama released on 9th March 2023, brings a cute love story between two friends in high school who later get separated due to misunderstandings before they meet again seven years later. 

The two protagonists – Lee Wan and Ki Tae, were close friends in high school. Lee Wan felt attracted to Ki Tae and formed a crush on him. When a misfortune befell Lee Wan’s family as they went bankrupt, Lee Wan considered confessing his feelings to Ki Tae before having to shift.

Lee Wan received a call from Ki Tae, calling him out to drink. Lee Wan meets up with Ki Tae, standing with two other friends, and asks to speak to him privately. Lee Wan gathers courage and kisses Ki Tae, who is gob-smacked and unable to form a word.

Embarrassed, Lee Wan ran away and cut off all contact with Ki Tae, leaving behind his friendship and past for good. But did he? Cut to seven years later, and we see Lee Wan has become a talented illustrator and gets invited by a start-up gaming company to work for them. Most shocking part- Ki Tae works at this four-employee company as an expert programmer and team leader. 

This short eight episodes drama, the directorial work of Lim Hyun Hee, explores the reasons for the protagonists’ separation, and the emotions which unravel when they reunite, leading to them coming together ultimately, leaving us awing at the loveable chemistry between the actors’ characters.

Our Dating Sim Episode 5&6

Ki Tae (left) & Lee Wan (right)

Our Dating Sim Main Cast 

Lee Seung Gyu is a South-Korean actor, and model who performs his first lead role in Our Dating Sim, opposite Lee Jong Hyuk, with whom he also appeared in the high-school drama, ‘User not found.’

Our Dating Sim ep 5&6

Lee Seung Gyu as Ki Tae

Lee Jong Hyuk has previously performed as the main lead in dramas like Heart Way, and No bother me. He gained recognition for his acting in a supporting role in ‘ User not Found.’ 

Our dating sim ep 5&6

Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Wan

Our Dating Sim: Episodes 3 and 4 Recap

Lee Wan’s first day at Re: Try

 Lee Wan arrives early for his first day at ‘Re: Try’ in business formals and meets Jamie and Tae Oh, who welcome him.  

Tae Oh introduces him to Sunny, a team member with an unkempt appearance but a well-regarded planning pro. Tae Oh is unsettled to see Lee Wan in business attire and kindly reminds him to dress comfortably and asks Lee Wan to think about a nickname he would like to use in the company as his alias.

Ki Tae brings his hoodie to Lee Wan, telling him to take it. Ki Tae tasks Lee Wan to prepare a review for the game they are working on along with the plan he was priorly assigned to submit. 

Lee Wan’s counter-defense and ‘Ian.’

Ki Tae is unsatisfied with Lee Wan’s work and rebukes him, asking him to reflect. Lee Wan tries to explain that he keeps getting game over and has not advanced to the higher levels, to which Ki Tae implies either he is not interested in his work or the game options are uninteresting.

Lee Wan bravely speaks up honestly about the game options not being interactive and relevant enough for the users to obsessively continue playing after failing multiple times.

Ki Tae listens and commends him for sharing his opinion and asks Lee Wan to come up with suggestions for suitable options alongside preparing more character sketches for the meeting. 

 Ki Tae drops his suggestion for the name ‘Ian’ as a nickname for Lee Wan, which is also the name of the protagonist in Lee Wan’s webtoon.

Lee Wan flusters over how Ki Tae was aware of his blog. 

At The Meeting

 Lee Wan presents his review to the team members, suggesting adding more tension and ambiguity between the characters in the game to make the story’s atmosphere more realistic.

He also recommends creating social media for the characters’ an idea that the entire team likes and Ki Tae praises him, making Lee Wan happy. At the end of the meeting, Lee Wan learns from Sunny that ‘Eddie,’ aka Ki Tae, recommended Lee Wan for the job. 

Ki Tae’s Reveal

Lee Wan confronts Ki Tae on the terrace, asking him why he pretended to be oblivious. Angrily Lee Wan draws clear lines between work and personal feelings. Ki Tae reveals he is Game Boy.

‘A flying ball and a sudden confession.’

 Tae Oh asks Ki Tae if he has any problem with Lee Wan and how he is so hard on him. Ki Tae replies negatively and changes the topic. Lee Wan is working with Tae Oh when Ki Tae interrupts the two informing them that it’s lunchtime. Lee Wan stubbornly refuses when Ki Tae asks him to eat. Ki Tae teases Lee Wan, and it looks like he is flirting with him! 

Later when Lee Wan goes to eat, Ki Tae finds him, forcing his presence, and teases Lee Wan again. 

Showing off a corporate card, Ki Tae sees a rice grain on Lee Wan’s lips and removes it for him. This sweet gesture leaves the two flustered. 

Our Dating sim ep 5&6

Our Dating Sim Episode 6

Ki Tae’s Wish ticket and Lee Wan’s misery

Upon returning to the office, Lee Wan finds Ki Tae and Sunny settling to compete at a game and places his bet on Sunny. After winning, Ki Tae asks to work outside with Ian as a reward, not leaving any room for the latter to object. 

Ki Tae takes Lee Wan to their old school, and while Lee Wan is seriously doing his work, Ki Tae plays around. Ki Tae continuously bothers Lee Wan, who is trying to draw as they roam on the school grounds.

 Ki Tae asks Lee Wan why he does not click a picture and then draws from that like he used to do before. 

Lee Wan is troubled, and Ki Tae presses for an answer, asking about the camera Lee Wan used to own. To Lee Wan’s shock, Ki Tae brings out the camera!

 Ki Tae asks Lee Wan why he threw the camera as Lee Wan requests it back. Lee Wan emotionally pleads Ki Tae to stop bullying him. 

As Lee Wan begins to walk away, Ki Tae stops him saying he has left behind again after Lee Wan misunderstands him. He speaks about how he tried so hard to find Lee Wan again after the latter cut off all contact with him.

At last, we see Ki Tae confess his feelings to Lee Wan. A shocked Lee Wan does not see the football coming flying at him, and Ki Tae grabs him to pull him away, and they end up in a close, romantic position.

Our Dating Sim Episodes 4 and 5 Release Date

The new episodes of Our Dating Sim will be out on 23rd March 2023, Thursday at 12 pm KST. The time of release for the following countries is listed below for readers’ ease:

  • For viewers in the US: 11:00 pm EST on Wednesday, March 22nd.
  • For viewers in Canada: 11:00 pm NT on Wednesday, March 22nd.
  • For viewers in India: 8:30 pm IST on Thursday, March 23rd.
  • For viewers in Australia: 2:00 pm AEST on Thursday, March 23rd.
  • For viewers in the Philippines: 11:00 am PHT on Thursday, March 23rd.
  • For viewers in Japan: 12:00 pm JST on Thursday, March 23rd.
  • For viewers in Britain: 3:00 am UTC on Thursday, March 23rd.

Our Dating Sim: Where to Watch

Our Dating Sim is a web drama, making it available only on an online platform like Rakuten Viki, with good quality subtitles for international audiences. Viewers will need to buy a premium subscription to the website for a seamless watching experience.

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