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The Crimson Rivers Season 4 Episode 1 Release Date: Is It Worth A Watch?

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The Crimson Rivers Season 4 Premiere

Another crime series is on its way to releasing a new season. The Crimson Rivers is back again with the fourth season very soon. The Crimson Rivers is also known by its French alternative name Les Rivieres Pourpres. The crime thriller series originated in France, Germany, and Belgium. The creator, Jean-Christophe Grange, is also the writer of the novel Blood Red Rivers. He adapted the story into the series. But this was not its first adaptation. Grange adapted his novel as another series as well, which was screened in December 2015 by the producers EuropaCorp and Maze Pictures. 

The series premiered with its first season on 6th September 2018, but the filming started a year earlier. The shooting began in November 2017 with the cast members Olivier Marchal, who played the role of Pierre Niemans, and Erika Sainte, who played Lieutenant Camille Delaunay. The thriller series is located in a small town called Guernon, which is a completely fictional town created solely for the series. With more mysteries, the series is returning with Pierre and Camille. 

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The Crimson Rivers Season 4 Preview

The series features the duo Pierre Niemans and his former student Camille Delaunay. Commissioner Pierre Niemans is a police detective who likes to solve cases traditionally. Left without a family, Niemans finds his only “family” in Camille as they solve murder mysteries together. Lieutenant Camille Delaunay has been working with Pierre since they both crossed paths. 


The Crimson Rivers Season 4 Premiere

The shooting of the fourth season of The Crimson Rivers began early with 80 people on 16th February 2022 and continued for about 45 days. Erika Sainte, the Belgian actress, found herself in her homeplace as they filmed this season in Belgium. With the amazing cinematography and some of the most bone-chilling murder cases, this season will not fail to cater to all of its mystery-loving fans. 

The Crimson Rivers Season 4 Premiere Date

Season 4 of The Crimson Rivers is set to release on the 19th of September 2022, Monday. The crime series will be aired on All 4. The series has also been broadcasted internationally. It was aired on SBS in Australia from 26th December 2019 onwards. In the UK, the series was aired on the British channel More4 from 11th January 2019 onwards. 

The series is available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is available at a subscription of $14.99 per month and $139 per year. Till now, Amazon Prime only has up to season 3, but it will be updated soon. Netflix is also available with a subscription. Both of these streaming sites allow a free trial for new members as well.

Is The Crimson Rivers Worth A Watch?

The series is well-known among its fans after three seasons. Along with the chemistry between cast members and the tense yet intriguing plot, the series has been able to keep its story together. In terms of awards and nominations, the series has its name on many lists. In 2019, The Crimson Rivers was nominated for the MASA Awards for the title music. In the same year, it won the French language Television Film Grand Prize at the Polar Festival of Cognac. In 2020, it received the UCMF Award for Best Fiction TV music. For both of the music awards and nominations, David Reyes was the proud recipient.

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Season 4

Since there was also a film adapted from Grange’s novel with the same name in 2000, they are always compared together. However, the 2000 version by Mathieu Kassovitz faced much more critics than the television series. Most fans believe that The 2018 TV series is a step up from its film version. There’s not just mystery but also inhumane murder scenes, which take this show very close to being a horror. 

It is to be noted that the series contains many graphic scenes, including nudity and murder scenes showing mutilated bodies. There are a lot of brutal fight scenes as well. There are also some close-up shots of murdered bodies which might be triggering for some.

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