Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story Chapter 5: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

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Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story
Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story

Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story is a Japanese isekai manga that centers around Sheina Ren, our main protagonist, who is transmigrated from the actual world to an RPG game called “The Legend Of The Seven Heroes II” that he would play on the weekends. 

Ren is a fourth-year university student who is really into gaming and loves playing video games. One weekend, instead of looking for a job he sat down and binge-played this new game he was really looking forward to and finished playing it all in just half a day and a few hours.

As he finishes playing the game, he thinks of starting over when he gets a message saying, “Do you wish to start the special story with the demon sword summoning skill?” to which he selects yes not knowing the further consequences. 

As he has been transported to this world, everything seems pretty new and confusing but he gets the hang of it in quite some time. Ren realizes that he will have to live in this world, a new life as the character Len. He believes he is in this dimension because his name is similar to that of a character suspected of being the enemy’s mastermind.

After seven years, he learns that he is living in the Leomel Empire, where his days are spent studying in the morning and learning swordsmanship from his father in the evening. Because of all the training, his power level improves day by day.

As his speed and stability improve, he is able to level up his physical abilities and eventually defeat his father. His parents are exceedingly proud of him and want him to serve the capital as a knight. “Len” was aware of what would happen to his character as he grew older, but for the time being, his life seemed practically perfect because all he wanted was to live a peaceful life and serve the village.

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Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story

We are then introduced to the captain of the knights, who are looking for someone who can slay a beast and be a part of the vigilance squad because this beast has already murdered 5 knights who have attempted to kill it. The captain visits Len’s hometown and asks whether his father could be a member of the squad.

His father gladly agrees and decides to increase the amount of prey so the beast does not approach the village. His father often went hunting not only during the day but also in the afternoon until sunset. On the tenth night, he did not return home, and Len with his mother rushed out to search for him, only to discover that he is badly hurt.

When Len and his mother discover Len’s father is injured, they are surprised to see him in such a situation, but they are immediately attacked by wild boars, which Len effortlessly defeats because of all of his training and skill boosts.

They bring him to the village and take care of him. Len returns to the woods where his father was found injured and was about to inspect the boar when the demon stone’s magic power is absorbed into his bracelet. Len decides to take care of the village himself because his father is injured and no one else is capable of taking on the duty of village guardian.

His mother is apprehensive at first but warns him to be cautious. Len travels far into the forest and attempts to use magic from his sword, which works due to the magical power, and he is able to hunt down a large number of boars every day.

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Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story Chapter 4 Recap 

The chapter begins with Len attempting to fight Chief Wolven, a D-rank monster with a unique design. Len recognizes that this beast is exceptionally swift in mobility and its particular attribute is “Wind Magic”. Because of the wind, the beast can make invisible hands, which he utilizes to strike.

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Len discovers that his magical wood blade does not inflict much harm on the beast since it is much stronger. Len realizes he needs to level up his sword in order to obtain the magical sword of metal, which will be crucial in destroying the beast.

Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story Manga

While seeking an opportunity to attack the beast, Len finds that it has a wound on his leg and realizes that his father was the one who managed to harm it and that it is now his responsibility to kill it.
Len was also injured while dodging the beast’s attacks, but he manages to find three other little boars nearby and upgrade his sword to the magical sword of metal, with which he is ultimately successful in slaying the beast in a single attack.

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Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story Chapter 5 Spoilers

As the previous chapter has ended with Len successfully defeating the unique beast, there is a possibility of his sword getting leveled up and the whole village along with his parents celebrating his win as they are equally shocked and surprised amidst this. 

The reinforcements are also set to return in 10 more days which means that once they find out that Len was the one who was successfully able to kill the monster, this news will spread like wildfire in the Baron kingdom and the captain of the knight would want Len to meet with the Lady to practice sword-fighting as they might be of the same caliber?

How does Len go about meeting the lady knowing already beforehand that he should be cautious of her? We have to await until the next chapter to find out if all our questions get answered. 

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Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story Chapter 5 Release Date

There’s no official date release for Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story but Chapter 5 is estimated to be released around February 3, 2023. 

Where To Read Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story?

Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story Chapter 5 will be available to read on Crunchyroll, Viz Manga, or even check it out on Manga Clash. 

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