Adam Carolla Divorce: Why The Radio Personality Split With Wife Lynette After 19 Years?

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Adam Carolla With Ex-Wife Lynette Paradise
Adam Carolla With Ex-Wife Lynette Paradise (Credits: People)

If you are into podcasts, you probably know Adam Carolla. He hosts the most downloaded podcast, The Adam Carolla Show. The American podcaster is known for his impressive comic timing. Be it radio, TV, films, or books, Adam nailed it all.

But, his personal life took an ugly turn in 2021. It was the year Carolla separated from his wife, Lynette Paradise. It was indeed shocking for everyone. They spent more than a decade with each other.

Suddenly, what went wrong between them? What was the reason for their split? Let’s find out everything. 

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Adam Carolla: Bio, Career, and Everything To Know

Before talking about Carolla’s personal life, let’s take a look at his journey in the entertainment world. The radio host was born on 27th May 1964 in California, US. He had a disturbed childhood due to the divorce of his parents. He received his high school diploma in 2005 in an episode of his TV show, The Adam Carolla Project.

Yes, you read it right. He got it late as he did not pay a library fine. Earlier, Carolla found his passion in Football. He played seven years for Pop Warner. In the 1990s, he started learning comedy at The Groundlings and ACME Comedy Theatre. 

Adam Carolla
Adam Carolla (Credits: Housten CityBook)

Adam’s first step in the industry began with his friendship with Jimmy Kimmel in 1994. Jimmy was then working in the comedy program Kevin and Bean. This helped Carolla to get a recurring role in the show. The comedian got his golden opportunity in 1995 with the radio program Loveline.

The show offered sexual and relationship advice to its listeners. Dr. Drew Pinsky co-hosted the show. It was also adapted into a weekly TV program on MTV in 1996. Adam and Pinsky were honored with the SHINE award in 2000.

The show talked about sexual health accurately and honestly. In 1999, Adam Carolla co-created a comedy TV show with Jimmy Kimmel and Daniel Kellison. It was called The Man Show airing on Comedy Central. The trio got back for another comedy series, Crank Yankers.

Its latest episode was released on 3rd August 2022. His most popular morning radio program, The Adam Carolla Show first aired in January 2006. It soon became a part of the controversy when Carolla took a dig at Asian Excellence Awards. However, he soon issued an apology for his racist remarks.

Its last episode aired on 20th February 2009. But, the show wasn’t over yet. Carolla came up with its podcast. On 23rd February 2023, he posted its first episode on his website. The five-day podcast runs to date.

It became popular among the listeners. Carolla’s remarks on the LGBT community, Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao and the Philippines again landed the show in trouble. He apologized again.

The radio presenter never shies away from expressing his opinions. His writings reflect the same. His books, In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks and Not Taco Bell Material are the New York Times bestsellers. The American actor is also a board member of the Marijuana Policy Project.

Adam Carolla Divorce: What Happened Between Carolla And Lynette?


Adam Carolla With His kids And Ex-Wife
Adam Carolla With His kids And Ex-Wife (Credits: Time)

Carolla and Lynette dated for six years before marrying in September 2002. In June 2006, the couple welcomed twins, Natalia and Santino. It sounds like a perfect little family. Things were not good as they seemed.

In May 2021, Carolla announced his divorce on The Adam Carolla Show. It was hard for him and his partner as they both had a turmoiled childhood due to their parent’s divorce. Despite trying, they couldn’t mend the differences. Carolla stated the reason for his divorce was not cheating or COVID.

It was a compatibility issue. Lynnette and Carolla had different opinions, processes, and philosophies. Hence, the couple decided to part ways on friendly terms. For Carolla, divorce was a failure.

He was even embarrassed to talk about it in public. But, he accepted that it made his life better. He also added that the children will always be his priority. 

Crystal Denha
Adam Carolla’s Rumored Girlfriend Cystal Denha (Credits: YouTube)

Who is Adam Carolla Dating Post Divorce?

Adam Carolla is reportedly dating stand-up comedian Crystal Marie Denha. The 38-year-old TV personality was born on February 1984. She has appeared in What The F Facts and The Yo Show. The diva has also worked with ESPN and Fox News.

She was previously linked with Jamie Kennedy and Ronnie Fassist. After 18 months of his divorce, Adam finally found love in Crystal Denha. They have been together for a few months now. We wish them all the very best. 

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