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Is Rachael Price Pregnant? The Jazz Singer Sparks Expecting Rumors

Rachael Price

Is Rachael Price pregnant? These days, American jazz and blues singer has been sparking expecting rumors. People have been speculating this after Rachael appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Before getting into the validity of Rachael Price’s pregnancy rumors, here is a brief look at her prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Rachael Price is majorly known for being the lead vocalist of the band Lake Street Dive. Born on 30 August 1985, Rachael is now 37 years old. She hails from Sydney, Australia.  Some of Rachael Price’s notable music releases are- Bad Self Portraits, Fun Machine, Free Yourself Up, Nick Of Time, I Love The Way You’re Breaking My Heart, You’re Still The One, Call Off Your Dogs, etc. 

Have you not listened to Rachel’s album, The Good Hours? It was released back in 2008. It’s been more than a decade, but still, it’s doing wonders. Her latest song, Automatic, has been on the favorite list of many. Are you one of those many people? 

Coming back to Rachael Price’s pregnancy rumors, the singer appeared with Vilray on the above-mentioned show. Because of that, people started wondering if both were romantically involved. What’s your thought regarding this? If you are looking for whether Rachael Price is pregnant, here is what we know. 

Is Rachael Price Pregnant

Rachael Price

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Rachael Price Pregnant: How True Is That?

Do you think Rachael Price is pregnant? We are unsure about it. Why? This is because the jazz singer has not yet officially announced her pregnancy news. In other words, Rachael has not said anything about the rumors of her expecting a child. 

How did Rachael Price’s pregnancy news take place on the internet? As mentioned earlier, the singer appeared on The Late Show with her duo partner, guitarist, and singer, Vilray. He is from Brooklyn. She appeared a bit healthier than normal, and fans speculated if she was carrying a baby. 

Rachael Price and Vilray performed “Is A Good Man Real” on the show. But, the truth is- they are not seeing each other but are very good friends, moreover a musical duo. They met each other in 2003 after studying together at New England Conservatory. 

Is Rachael Price Pregnant

Rachael Price and Vilray on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Some fans are highly convinced about Rachael Price’s pregnancy. One even ended up commenting, “Can’t get over that adorable baby bump! Major congrats. The voice is magnificent, and the bump is precious.” 

This speculation also calls for the discussion of Rachael Price’s romantic life. Well, the jazz singer is married to the love of her life, Taylor Ashton. Yes, he is a musical artist too. Their wedding ceremony took place back in September 2019. 

Well, neither Rachael nor Taylor has passed any comment regarding her pregnancy. However, her belly appeared to be a bit bulging which fueled it more. Still, it would not be safe to confirm unless she is doing it on social media or during any interview. 

Rachael and Taylor don’t share any child so far. And looking at her, it feels like there is a possibility that the couple has finally made it in real.

In recent years, social media platforms have served as the medium for personal life information exchange. We often see people, even non-celebrating, updating others about what’s happening in their lives. Being pregnant is nothing to hide but very happening news.

The motherhood feeling works more like a blessing. To all the mothers reading this article, don’t you agree with this? Following this, we expect Rachael Price to confirm if she is pregnant. 

Best Wishes to Rachael Price for the upcoming days of her life. You may give Rachael a following on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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