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The Shallows Ending Explained: Did Nancy Save Herself From The Great White Shark?

The Shallows ending is full of thrill, and we are here to explain what went down. The film was released in 2016. It shows us the elements of survival and drama. Jaume Collet Serra has directed the project. The story throws light on Blake Lively’s character. She gets stranded in the waters almost 180 meters from the shore. This is when a great white shark starts circling her. To survive the mighty beast, she must use her instincts and wits. Filming for the movie started in waters in Australia. All of the shots have been taken in New South Wales in Queensland. The movie was made on a budget of 17 million dollars. It grosses more than 119 million dollars at the worldwide box office.

The cast includes actress Blake Lively reprising the role of Nancy Adams. She is the lead character. We see the movie starting with the scene where her mother dies. Thus, Nancy decides to travel to a beach in Mexico to take her mind off the tragedy. This is the same beach that her mother visited when she was pregnant with her. Then we see Oscar Jaenada enacting the character of Carlos.

He is a local resident at the place who gives Nancy a ride to the beach. A friend who came along with Nancy to Mexico is staying back at the hotel because she partied a lot the other night. Later, while surfing for hours, Nancy calls her sister Chloe. The two talk for a while. Then we find out that the death of her mother was so tragic for Nancy that she is considering dropping out of medical school because of it.

The Shallows Ending Explained

A still of Blake Lively as Nancy from The Shallows

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The Shallows Ending Explained

While she goes on for one last surf that day, Nancy acknowledges the humpback of a whale nearby. While she is trying to get away with the help of a large wave back to the shore, the great white shark knocks her off the board and bites her leg. When Nancy manages to get to a rock, she sews her torn skin with the help of some metal jewelry she is wearing. In order to hold back the bleeding, Nancy uses the strap of her surfboard to hold it all down.

She spends a night on the rock and the next day sees that a local is stealing all her belongings. In an attempt to steal Nancy’s surfboard as well, the local swims in the water. But fate turns on him when he gets eaten by the shark.

One of the other locals swimming in the water had a blogging GoPro camera attached to his head. When the shark eats him as well, Nancy manages to get the floating camera to her aid. We see that she sends a signal to her father and sister using the device about her location.

Did Nancy Save Herself From The Great White Shark?

After seeing that a high tide is going to approach the shore, which will take the rock down, Nancy uses her intelligence to throw the shark away for a bit. In this bought time, she barely manages to swim to a nearby buoy. She also swims through a bunch of jellyfishes that sting her but also sting the shark. She finds a flare gun on the buoy and tries to attract a ship, but it has already gone so far that they could not notice her.

After noticing Nancy, the shark angrily attacks the buoy. She is pulled down to the ocean floor because of the attack and tries to outswim the shark herself. She pulls out of the dive and gets help from the buoy’s anchor that she throws on the fish.

Later, we see that a boy from the shore finds the GoPro and warns the people on the shore, and brings help. They see Nancy floating on the water and save her. During the process, we see that Nancy is having a hallucination about her mother. The ending scene gives us an insight into the future of Nancy. We see that she has healed from the injuries and has now become a doctor. As Chloe and her go surfing in Texas, her sister says that their mother would be very proud of Nancy. This is where the film ends.

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