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Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date: Ava DuVernay Will Return!

Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date
Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date

Ava DuVernay’s drama series “Queen Sugar” is based on the 2014 publication of Natalie Baszile’s self-titled book. The Louisiana-set program focuses on the Nova, Charley, and Ralph Angel Bordelon siblings. They must make decisions regarding their father’s 800-acre sugarcane farm after his untimely passing. The OWN program debuted for the first time on September 6, 2016.

It has won praise for accurately capturing African Americans’ experiences. The delicate way racial, socioeconomic, gendered, and cultural themes were woven into the story has also been well received. In addition, several reviewers and viewers praised the story’s realistic feel. The sixth season of the show is coming to an end, and fans are eagerly anticipating the seventh. Will there, however, be a season 7? Let’s investigate and find out for ourselves!

Queen Sugar Season 6 Finale Recap

The season finale opens with Hollywood getting ready for what appears to be a significant trip. He received food from Aunt Vi, who also instructed Hollywood to go home. Ralph Angel meets with Charley and Nova in the interim to discuss the remains discovered on the property. Nova informs them that she believes these remains to be those of black victims of the 1880s Thibeadux Massacre. Ralph Angel responds to Charley’s question about the co-op by suggesting that it might not be strong enough just yet to take on Sam Landry over the county’s strip mall land. They all believe that the co-op concept and the farm’s designation as a historic landmark may be too much for Sam and the Landrys. Blue feels motivated by the fact that he is almost a big brother. He explains to Aunt Vi how a new life motivates people to do better.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date

Let’s examine last season!

Dominic’s Strategy Is Successful

Dominic visits Nova’s house later and has some exciting news. The Bordelon farm’s landmark was given state approval. Nova cries as she hears this information. Hollywood arrived at his destination as well. He and a man who is familiar with Theo are playing pool at a bar. He can obtain information from the man regarding Theo’s activities.

Charley and Aunt Vi discuss a plan that might lead to Sam giving up the farm. Aunt Vi agrees to help Charley entice Sam to the diner. In the meantime, Billie gives Prosper flowers as a token of appreciation for turning in his settlement for the co-op. When Billie talks about her partner, the mood darkens. She tells Prosper that they are about to break up. When Isaiah enters Micah’s room, Micah shows him a copy of their joint photo from his photo project and offers an apology for his earlier behavior. He accepts Isaiah’s apology, and Isaiah suggests they talk more about their argument later. They were astounded when Darla and Ralph Angel learned that the farm would soon be designated as a historical landmark. Ralph Angel declares that he will reclaim the farm and is relieved that it occurred.

Darla & Ralph Recruit A Farmer

Later, Ralph Angel and Darla discuss joining the co-op with Cardelle, a significant farmer. They were able to persuade him to join after a contentious discussion. Billie replies that the conversation with her boyfriend didn’t go well when Prosper inquires about it the following morning. According to Prosper, Billie is still in pain due to what transpired between her and Jimmy Dale. He promises to be there to “catch her” if she tries to flee back to her house.

Meanwhile, Hollywood is one step closer to meeting with Theo. He’s now in a bar that Theo frequently visits. He presents the bartender with a photo of Theo and asks when he can arrive. While hanging out in the park, Isaiah and Micah talk. Micah claims he doesn’t feel gay during the conversation. He does, however, feel something for him. Isaiah tells him his only desire is to be his friend and brother. They acknowledge that their relationship is platonic.

Love Manifest

They both declare their love for one another despite the absence of romantic attraction. Nova and Dominic also bond while in the big city. They are strolling down a street while on a date. Dominic uses this opportunity to tell Nova how he feels. Nova is also honest about her emotions and past hurts. Their evening comes to a close with a passionate kiss.

Sam Landry’s Problem

Davis and Charley are on the phone, and Charley is having second thoughts about running for office. When she looks out of a window, Davis is outside with a radio and a blanket for a picnic. He is taking advantage of his lengthy layover between flights. Davis wants to demonstrate his commitment to making their distance relationship work. Charley admits to Davis that she is exhausted during their picnic. She is particularly sick of not prioritizing herself.

Davis is willing to assist her in finding the activities that will make her happy. Charley accepts Davis’ marriage proposal and informs him that she is returning to California. Ralph Angel informs Billie and Prosper of some exciting news the following day. When Cardelle, a farmer, joined the co-op, Prosper found out. Darla’s water has just broken, and she is about to give birth.

The End

Aunt Vi and Charley are at the diner waiting for Sam Landry. They are shocked, though, when his daughter Parker appears. Instead, they meet with her and present the documentation for the historic site. Charley then warns Parker that the black-owned farmers will be reclaiming their town by purchasing the outlet center. At this point, Theo enters, carrying a bruised and bloodied Hollywood. He is prepared to incriminate the Landrys.

Parker then informs them that Ralph Angel may keep the farm if the co-op withdraws its offer for the outlet center. Darla is in labor, and the doula won’t arrive in time to speak of Ralph Angel. Billie and Prosper also lend a hand, and Blue and Ralph Angel offer their support. Ralph Angel is guided through the entire procedure by the doula and finishes it in a bathtub.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date

Who’s coming back to Queen Sugar’s Seventh Season?

Possible Plotlines For Season 7

The Bordelon farm is in trouble, as we all know. The family has several plans to save it, though. Nova hopes the farm will be designated as a historic site while Ralph Angel and Darla discuss the possibility of a farmers’ cooperative. Additionally, there are several changes for which the family members must prepare. While Darla and Ralph Angel prepare to welcome their child, Billie muses over the possibility of permanently relocating to St. Josephine. Micah is attempting to understand how he feels about Isaiah.

Season 7 might provide insight into Ralph Angel and Darla’s experience as second-time parents, assuming there is one. What fate has in store for the Bordelon farm and how that will impact the family is still unknown. We might have the chance to observe Billie’s relationship with her father, Prosper, as it develops if she stays in St. Josephine. Even though the show has produced six successful seasons, several storylines can be explored if it is renewed.


We might see the main characters return to our screens if the series is renewed for a seventh season. Tina Lifford, Kofi Siriboe, Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe as Ralph Angel Bordelon, Bianca Lawson Darla Sutton, Omar Dorsey as Hollingsworth “Hollywood” Desonier, and Tina Lifford as Nova Bordelon (Violet Bordelon). Also, possible returnees include Tammy Townsend (Billie), Ethan Hutchison (Blue Bordelon), Henry G. Sanders (Prosper Denton), Nicholas L. Ashe (Micah West), and Timon Kyle Durrett (Davis West).

Season 6’s cast has received some notable additions, including Paula Jai Parker (Celine), Marquis Rodriguez (Isaiah), McKinley Freeman (Dominic), and Erika Ashley (Liza). Therefore, these cast members may play their parts again. We are sure to see some actors join the cast for the potential seventh season if new characters are introduced.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date

Season 6 of “Queen Sugar” premiered on OWN on September 7, 2021, and concluded on November 16, 2021. The program’s sixth season consists of ten episodes that last between 37 and 65 minutes. Here is how the situation stands concerning the seventh installment. OWN hasn’t made any announcements about the show’s future. Even though a television series can last for six seasons, this drama is still going strong. It consistently performs well on the network, for starters. According to reports, season 6’s ratings and viewership have barely decreased from the fifth season.

In a late October 2021 interview, actress Tammy Townsend (Billie) briefly mentioned the potential season 7. The actress responded that she hoped for the same because she had been told when asked if her character would continue to appear for another round. Given that the pandemic messed with the production and release schedules, it is difficult to say when the seventh season might air, even if it is renewed.

Ava DuVernay Will Return For Season 7

After an absence of 6–10 months, the earlier seasons were once again available to watch. Nevertheless, season 5 didn’t begin airing for another 17 months; a special episode was broadcast just before the fifth season started. But there wasn’t much time between episodes—just four and a half months—before the sixth one debuted. Considering everything, we anticipate “Queen Sugar” season 7 to be released sometime in Q3 2022, assuming the series gets the go-ahead soon and the new installment starts production by early 2022.

Ava DuVernay (Selma, A Wrinkle in Time) is set to helm the series finale of Queen Sugar, returning one of its original voices to the director’s chair. Based on Natalie Baszile’s book of the same name, the OWN series made its debut in 2016. The show’s creator is DuVernay, and Oprah Winfrey serves as an executive producer.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date

Here’s what we know about Queen Sugar Season 7

We Have To Wait For Season 7, A Little Longer!

Over the years, the director has continued to work on Queen Sugar and has written several episodes. Later this year, the project’s eighth and final season will debut, which will make seven overall. With women only being chosen to direct each episode, OWN has made it a point to give the series to first-time female directors. The current showrunner Shaz Bennett will helm an episode for the first time in the upcoming season. Patricia Cardoso, Stacey Muhammad, and Kat Candler will also helm the final episodes.

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