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New Games That Truly Helped Us Through 2020

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We all know how tough 2020 has been on us. A variety of people were stuck in their homes because of the spread of the Coronavirus. All this while, there were a lot of them who turned their eyes towards video games to help them through it all. Thus fact actually ended up being a ray of happiness in a bleak year. The impact that all these video games had on the happiness of people was so precious during the pandemic, that is are museums which have started documenting the experience of all these people for their future.

Also, some particular games have helped people pass such a chaotic year. These all helped people to find new ways to spend their time with friends while occupying their minds. These have also continued to do some of the favorite hobbies of the stuck people in such a situation. Thus, we have wrapped up 4 games that have helped all the people pass through such a time.

Among Us

The first one on our list has to be this game. The project rose to instant fame at just the right point in time. This is when every being was stuck inside and was desperate to interact with their friends. The crossplay feature of this game, Among Us, allows all of the people, whether they are playing on a PC via steam or mobile phone, to get together. Us can not be considered as a game for people who played video games. It was a project brought forth for everyone, no matter who. There is also something else that has made Among Us such a perfect game for the year. It was its gameplay. The plot of the game is pretty easy to get used to. It employs basic skills and a social deduction that becomes as complicated as the players want it to get.

However, it can be seen that Among Us has given players something to become a master in and take their minds away from the hectic reality 2020 had to offer. Obviously, staying sane, as in mental health, was equally important as staying safe, as in the physical health of a person. The game featured a variety of maps as well as alternate modes that can be created by fans. Well, the mods are solely responsible for making this game playable again. Till this point in time, Among Us has proved itself to be one of the most popular games to play while being stuck in a pandemic.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Like it is the situation with Among Us, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has dropped off during the pandemic. It served as the perfect time to release this project. It was because the creative and cheery environment is exactly what people needed at this time. Animal Crossing: New Horizons provided all the players to have a horizon of their own to explore as well as decorate. We even have a wide cast of particular villagers that are free to be befriended. Each of these village characters has their own sort of unique qualities. This has helped people to get attached to all of them. The most favorite characters in this game for the players has to be Raymond or even Marshel.

Obviously, it was more than just the cast of Animal Crossing: New Horizons that has made this game very popular, as well as something fundamental during the pandemic. Decorating one’s own house is something that players became fond of very much in their leisure time. They can even take care of their own personal island paradise as well. This created a sense of belonging among the players and was exactly the creative expression in the game that has helped people stay occupied and engaged on the show.

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Persona 4: Golden

All the people who loved Persona were surprised when a port of Persona 4: Golden came out on PC, which is exactly ten years after the game was originally launched in the market. This release of Persona 4: Golden on PC provided all with a chance to play through an incredibly content-rich game. Be it the long time fans of the project or the ones who had recently discovered about the game through the Persona 5 series. Persona 4: Golden has turned itself to be the legit game to pass the time through the pandemic era. It is because all the players like JRPGs can devote long hours to leveling their party and finding out more about the town of Inaba.

This project even served the students because the setting of Golden helped bring a little familiarity back into the lives of people. Not only the fact that this social interaction was significant, but the social link mechanic of this game also proved to be a great source for people who wanted to get out and come across new people. The game provided us literally with hundreds of hours worth of content. Thus, all people need is some really awesome JRPG to sink their extra time into it.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

This game rose to fame even before the pandemic had taken place. Although, it still proved to be one of the most important parts of many people’s routines during the pandemic created by Corona Virus. Obviously, there were a variety of games in the market that filled something which was taken away by the lockdown situation. However, Fall Guys’ contribution to the players during the pandemic was much more about being fun. Well, no one can deny that there are huge amounts of fun with Fall Guys. The game has been as much about losing as its concept is about winning the track.

This game can be considered the perfect amount of hope and enjoyment that the people needed while navigating through such difficult times. The gameplay for this project is pretty simple, but it surely takes the mind of people away from their daily worries and instead enjoys some light gameplay with their friends.

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